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Explaining the Concept of Cranio Dental & Skeletal Symmetry - How your Jaw Links with your Hip

by M Amir(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 252 - February 2019

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I have been researching the subject of Cranio Dental and Skeletal Symmetry (CDSS) ever since I first managed to help a patient suffering from severe migraines, which had hospitalised her for the previous 6 months, some 35 years ago. I was able to use my common sense and with a fresh university education was able to align her poorly restored amalgam restorations so that she could bite more correctly. She had had all her back teeth, all 20 of them filled under general anaesthesia thus disrupting her bite. Her migraines resolved over one weekend. She never got the migraines again and went on to have a family and is a senior banker in the city of London.

At the time that was the limit of my knowledge. We were taught to drill and fill and restore the patient to the "Centric Occlusion" which means the lower jaw pushed back and the teeth occluded. Dentists still restore patients to this relationship. Unfortunately, over the years I have figured out that this is one of the most terrible concepts which underpins dentistry.

Dr Angle

In orthodontics, we have Dr Edward Hartley Angle (June 1, 1855- August 11, 1930) who was an American dentist, widely regarded as "the father of American orthodontics". He was trained as a dentist, but made orthodontics his specialty and dedicated his life to standardizing the teaching and practice of orthodontics. He founded the Angle School of Orthodontia in St. Louis and schools in other regions of the United States.

The fundamentals of this classification are that tooth arches can be:

  • Normal - Class I;
  • The upper arch can be too far forward - Class II;
  • The lower arch can be too far forward - Class III

Superimposed on these principals is the thought process that there is a "dento-alveolar disproportion" meaning that there are too many teeth and not enough bone to accommodate the teeth justifying the extractions.
Jaws are often crowded and extractions are carried out rampantly to reduce the upper jaw size to meet a retrognathic lower jaw or extractions are carried out in the “overdeveloped” lower jaw for the teeth to meet an underdeveloped upper jaw. The whole world has followed this classification of occlusion and continue to follow it to this day.

Angle’s classification is deeply flawed as it does not take account of the environmental and developmental damage which brings about these malocclusions. It does not look into where in space the dental complex is placed relative to the skull. It does not look into the potential for developing or advancing the retrognathic jaw or both jaws. It does not look into the pharyngeal space which may be compromised by retrognathic jaws. It does not look at the swallowing patterns of patients which often result in the upper jaw being too narrow causing permanent sinus problems.

Over the years I have figured out that this also, is one of the most terrible concepts which underpins orthodontics and has led to a great deal of chronic sickness in society.

The reality is very different when one tries to correlate health with the craniodental form. It appears that complete spatial symmetry of the dental complex is of the utmost importance down to the finest millimetre. In fact, the expression "hanging by the skin of the teeth" is the most potent expression ever invented. It affects each one of us. Minute departures lead to illness. An analogy I often use is that our bodies are as finely tuned as a finely made Swiss clock. If anything goes even slightly wrong with the mechanism it will not give the correct time. Our body is exactly the same. Minute departures lead to illness.

The Basic Cranial Distortion white rule cropped

In the picture above I have shown the basic disturbance in our cranium in terms of rotating cogs. When the lower jaw is pushed back it causes the temporal bone to rotate forwards while the occipital bone lifts upwards causing all kinds of head and neck problems e.g. migraines, neck pain, suboccipital muscle pain, and shoulder pain. These are dental problems and can only be corrected through dental interventions, not medical pills.

When the cerebellum lifts up on one side, a little known fact, it disturbs the symmetry of the cerebellum and the blood flow through the vertebral artery because the Atlas vertebra also rotates forwards on the affected side. This can cause all kinds of movement disorders and may also affect the eyes. Please read my article on Visual snow. "

Our governing bodies might not like it, but the dentist is responsible for the welfare of his patients. If a dentist or a colleagues' treatment of the dental complex has brought about the illness like neck pain the dentist can neither pass it to the medics nor to a chiropractor, who both do not have any chance of fixing such a problem.

As a matter of record, repeated high-velocity adjustments are extremely detrimental to the neck. Only palliative massage of the neck muscles is an acceptable symptomatic alternative treatment.

The primary cause is in the mouth and the secondary lesion is in the neck. The primary needs treatment. The secondary takes care of itself.

A patient reporting that she has completely recovered from her terrible neck pains also adds:

"I have met such a wide range of patients with such a variety of problems in the waiting room, and it is extraordinary that a simple adjustment of the position of the jaw can have such a dramatic effect on the function of the whole body. I am a witness to the efficacy of your programme and have recommended you countless times to friends and acquaintances with chronic problems."

A slight deviation from perfect symmetry affects our bodies like a badly balanced car tire which eventually shows wear on one edge needing replacement. This concept of absolute symmetry is hard to fathom when one sees so many variations between individuals.

It is however very easy to demonstrate within a few seconds of a consultation. Patients present with very many symptoms and most can be easily explained in terms of craniodental and skeletal asymmetries both, anatomically and neurologically. Correction of the asymmetries also brings about a very rapid resolution of most symptoms experienced by patients commonly branded into ME, CFS, FM, and MS.

Graph Illustrating Symptoms and Progress

The above graph clearly demonstrates how dental interventions resolved the symptoms of this patient variously described as suffering from ME or perhaps MS by her medical carers. Tens of thousands had previously been spent on medical care with absolutely no resolution.

She was an Angles' Class II and two of her upper premolar teeth had previously been extracted to drag her upper teeth and jaw back to meet a smaller lower jaw! This created a serious imbalance of the head on the neck which started reacting causing pain and numerous spiralling symptoms throughout the body. The patient recovered completely and went on to get a first class maths degree at University. She was bedridden for almost a year before coming for treatment. Again, I must emphasise that these patients can only be cured through dentistry.

Some patients present with some 60 symptoms. Conglomerations of such symptoms eventually are classed as different illnesses e.g. Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis by practitioners who have absolutely no way to cure these patients but instead specialize in classifying patients into the correct pigeonhole after conducting endless investigations repeated every few months. All these illnesses have at their core bodily asymmetries. When corrected the patients show remarkable and often rapid recoveries.

You may be surprised to learn that these illness names have no bearing on reality. Many patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are classified as such until they start getting some head symptoms like Optic Neuritis. This is when the patient is referred for an MRI scan and if some plaques are found in the brain the doctor exclaims that he has at last discovered what is wrong with the patient - It is not CFS it is MS! However, medicine has neither an answer for CFS nor for MS. The patients also very often take a sigh of relief that at last their illness has been recognized not realising that they are in as much of a limbo as they were before and perhaps considerably worse because now they are going to be subjected to some useless killer drugs.

What has really gone on is that no effective treatment was provided for the earlier symptoms and matters have gotten worse akin to the tire of a car eventually wearing out.

In terms of examining such patients a visit to the Chiropractor or an osteopath will nearly always show that one leg is clinically shorter than the other. The patients also have numerous pains around their head and neck muscles especially when the suboccipital muscles and the mastoid insertion of the Sterno-mastoid muscles are palpated.

Careful! You are a dentist. You cannot involve yourself in such matters. says the governing body! You risk being struck off! Here is the dilemma. Either the governing body decides to start working totally altruistically and without compunction or deceit and allows dentists to do what they must for patient care or let loose the patient upon the medical profession who will probably inject steroids and prescribe medications for symptomatic relief for the rest of the lives of the patients? Each year, the neck will continue to deteriorate and your taxes can keep filling the bottomless NHS pit and gluttonous specialists.

The patients often have difficulty turning the neck and the breathing is almost always suboptimal giving rise to fatigue and numerous gastric and gynaecological symptoms.

Bringing about symmetry in the front of the mouth aligns the Atlas vertebra. The Atlas vertebra occupies a very unique place in the recent history of treatments of skeletal asymmetries. AtlasPROfilax is a Swiss technique developed by Monsignor Rene Schumperlii that uses strategic and precisely targeted mechanical vibration and pressure to the short muscles – suboccipital muscles – of the neck. In this way, the atlas is allowed to embed correctly in the condylar facets of the occiput.

A German MRI and 3D CAT Scan investigations have shown that 98 percent of a healthy, modern population sample had atlas malrotation and that the AtlasPROfilax procedure was corrective for this condition.

In another study of 350 patients using an iliac crest, inclinometer indicated that the AtlasPROfilax procedure corrects pelvic misalignment and functional leg length discrepancy. It immediately corrects the short leg phenomenon. This would abate back pain, hip pains, sciatic nerve pains, numbness etc. for a majority of the patients.

If we are talking about MS patients you can just imagine the benefit many would experience from this one PHYSICAL correction. Claiming that the previous hip pains were the consequence of demyelination and "descending pathways damage from brain lesions" becomes very questionable. If such was the case the patients would never experience immediate and dramatic relief.

However, correcting the Atlas does not correct the discrepancy in the mouth which is a counterbalance for the Atlas rotation and vice versa. The Atlas soon goes out of synch again in most cases. Correcting the teeth helps correct the Atlas and correcting the Atlas improves the jaw. The required change in the jaw is often much greater and needs long-term treatment while attempts to correct the atlas alone does not hold in the presence of most dental asymmetries.

Patient Testimonial

"Last week when we were there Dr Amir had some 4th stage appliances to fit. As soon as they were fitted my wife could suddenly raise her arms. She could barely lift her hands an inch before that. She was also able to lift both her legs a couple of inches. This was startling. I ran to the waiting room to get my friend to come in and see this miracle.

“During that night I felt my wife pulling me towards her telling me that she is getting feeling back in her body. Her legs started moving. I was flabbergasted and phoned my son at 2.00 AM to come over and see movement in his mothers' arms and legs for the first time in 8 years!"

Moving on from the hips to the head and neck and trying to answer many questions I receive, please visualize the following:

I want you to imagine a perfectly shaped head for example that belonging to one of the great athletes like Usain Bolt or Mark Spitzer (a swimming legend). If such a head was balanced on a spike it would have to sit on a certain place on the spike to balance. If we now go and extract just one small tooth out of the patient's mouth that head is not going to balance anymore and will need to be repositioned on the spike.

Sculpture what happened to the face Dr Weston Price

In life, it is not a spike but our neck vertebrae which support the head. These vertebrae will have to compensate to balance the head. They compensate by realigning as best as they can. In other words, they rotate and distort. Since the damage to the mouth is permanent they have to remain distorted permanently often affecting the nerves that emanate from the spine. The damage to our jaws is forever present in modern societies. Dr Weston Price did a great deal of research some 70 years ago and attributed the poor facial developments to our modern processed foods. I have witnessed this first hand.

The body is built to gain symmetry all the time. The brain and other reflex mechanisms built into our neurology do not like the vertebral misalignment in the neck and contract various muscles to straighten the vertebrae and the head. Since the damage is permanent the messages to the muscles to contract are endless. Fatigue and pain set in. Over a long period the discs bulge, spurs grow and a whole host of problems like chronic neck pain and a frozen shoulder etc. develop.

Damage to the jaws is not from a single tooth extraction. It can be from a number of teeth extracted for various reasons which cause far bigger distortions of the neck. Extracting premolar teeth, conducting constrictive orthodontics, wearing retainers preventing jaw growth, extracting wisdom teeth all contribute to the creation of serious damage to the cranial balance on the neck vertebrae. Poor development of the jaws due to dietary effects and genetically missing teeth also eventually cause serious health issues.

The neck is part of the rest of the spine. The rest of the spine cannot let its top end to rotate in one direction. The lower end distorts in the opposite direction to balance the spine. Its lower end is connected to the hips. The distortion of the lower spine causes the hips to rotate and give rise to what is called a clinical short leg. The consequence is lower back pain, hip pain, and sciatic nerve pain.

In other words, a slight distortion in the mouth caused, developmentally or iatrogenically by the dentist starts damaging the lower back and hips of the patient. Should the patient be sent to the medics, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors or the dentist should be responsible for the calamity visited upon the patient? To establish the hip distortion the dentist has to check the hip level - an anathema for your dental governing body who might strike you off for treating a medical condition, but this is a serious matter. You are the only one who can adequately treat the patient. Your colleague who probably extracted the teeth caused the problem.

Ironically, it does not even occur to the patient or the dentist that the back pain started because of the dental interventions. The patient obviously seeks help from the medical profession and gets condemned to lifelong chronic back pain which no one can fix.

The easiest way to examine would be to check if the hips are level when the teeth are occluded according to the way the patient bites. Then place the jaw in the correct position and you will see the hip levelling out. This should be in your realm of treatment - not the medical doctor or the orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr Mercola says:

"There is evidence that many standard treatments for back pain — surgery, spinal injections, and painkillers — are often ineffective and can even worsen and prolong the problem... Some research suggests that 1 in 5 patients who have surgery for back pain end up having more surgery.

“An estimated 80 percent of Americans will suffer from chronic back pain at some point in life. Some 25-30 percent end up struggling with persistent or chronic back pain, leading many to resort to prescription painkillers, expensive steroid shots, or even multiple surgeries.

“Recent data shows that back pain is increasingly being treated with addictive drugs and diagnostic exams that expose patients to potentially unnecessary and dangerous levels of radiation. These treatments do not cure back pain—they only treat your symptoms."

Ever wondered why we have a few million patients with a backache or why the NHS is going bust

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About M Amir

M Amir BDS MSc (U. London) Dental Surgeon was a dental surgeon practising holistic dentistry in London. He specialized in the treatment of patients with medical problems emanating from the dysfunction of the jaw joint. He took particular interest in the field of body symmetry and its relationship to health He may be contacted on Tel: 0208 780 3433 (secretary);

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