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Case Study: Silver Toxins: the Acne Connection

by Dr Khush Mark(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 129 - November 2006

In April 2005, I had my first session with Peter who was 27 years-old and working as an Accountant. His goal for seeking my expertise was to improve his health (as he had very poor digestion and generally felt fatigued all day), and especially his facial acne.

As usual, during the first session we went through the health profile questionnaire (which he had already returned completed before this session). It was quite obvious that his nutrient intake was ‘poor’, and that his general stress levels and work environment were possible contributing factors to his ‘below par’ health. He was working long hours, sometimes skipping meals and having to travel a lot with his work on a weekly basis, staying in hotels and B&Bs.

He had been on various medications for his skin, namely numerous antibiotics and several lotions and anti-bacterial facial soaps. These only ‘controlled’ the acne whilst he was taking them, because as soon as he stopped the medication, the acne would come back with a ‘vengeance’. During the first session we discussed his nutritional habits, and I made various recommendations where necessary, including putting him on a ‘healing gut’ programme. Over the years his gut had taken quite a ‘beating’ from the antibiotic medications. His nutritional programme included eliminating dairy and wheat to take some ‘stress’ off his digestive system, and implementing more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking filtered water. His supplement protocol was more focused around healing the gut, which included a therapeutic probiotic, zinc, aloe vera, some amino acids in the form of a protein shake and digestive enzymes, as well as some essential fatty acids.

Six weeks later, at his follow up session, some of his symptoms had improved quite dramatically. His digestion was no longer an issue (bloating, indigestion, etc., had all cleared up) and his energy had improved from three out of ten to nine out of ten. His skin was less oily, but the acne had not improved. I then did a body scan (basically testing various organs energetically using the Dr Voll Electro-Acupuncture system). The body scan allows a practitioner to access information about the client’s health that would otherwise be rather impossible to access, and also more quickly than standard ‘trouble shooting’ detective type of work that I was used to doing in my earlier years.

The Dental Acne Connection

During the body scan, it appeared that something was not quite right with Peter’s jaw area, and when I questioned him further, it turned out that his front four teeth (top two and bottom two) had major work done on them when he was nine years-old. (He had a football accident that resulted in major teeth surgery.) Interestingly enough, his acne also started at that time. I then focused on energetically testing the front four teeth, and sure enough they showed a weak energetic response. At this point, I tested Peter for a few remedies to see what would bring his jaw area back into balance, one for viral infections and the other for metal toxicity. He was pretty surprised, but also relieved, at these findings, as he then continued to mention that he had recently had some major surgery on one of his front teeth, and where he had a root canal the gum had started to go black and became very painful. At this point, I referred him to a dentist, as I felt that his front four teeth were responsible for the CAUSE of his acne. Although this was rather a bold ‘conclusion’ to reach, the results of the body scan, along with Peter’s teeth history, seemed to confirm that the teeth were a priority that needed to be addressed before we could move forward. The teeth, after all, are ‘organs’ in themselves, and any issue with the teeth can create havoc in other parts of the body.

The results from the dentist indicated that Peter had an intolerance to the silver which was apparently present in his front four teeth since the age of nine, and that he also had an abscess in one of his top teeth (which explained why the antiviral and heavy metal remedies energetically balanced the jaw area). Over the next few months Peter had some major work done on his four front teeth, including removing the silver (and other metals) and treating the abscess. During these months he continued to see me for some support with his heavy metal detoxification, as well as any other imbalances that showed up on the body scan. Again, during these months of surgery, the body scan indicated the requirement for heavy metal clearing, especially silver and cadmium, and later a treatment for a parasitic infection on completion of his teeth work.

Detox Results

Whilst Peter was having the surgery, and following the metal detox protocol, his acne began to clear, and by November 2005 it was completely gone! When I last saw Peter for a body scan, in January 2006, the teeth area was energetically balanced and his skin was completely clear of any acne. He also pointed out that he was now having three bowel movements a day rather than the one originally, triggered during the parasite cleanse. The acne had cleared before the parasite cleanse was carried out in December, so the causal link to the acne were the toxic metals in the mouth.

I have to say as a Nutritionist and Homeopath in training, I learned quite a lot from this case study, not only about the importance of teeth in relation to the rest of the body but, more so, also about approaching a case ‘holistically’. Five years ago, my approach would have been to target the acne, for example with probiotics, vitamin A, zinc, selenium, essential fats, etc., and not address the cause. Using the body scan technique I have not only learned more about the ‘workings’ of the amazing human body and mind, but also getting to the root cause of a health issue, which has made my work so much more rewarding and interesting.


  1. Arwyn Rogers said..

    I have to share my story, this is the first time I've read anything that confirmed a link between acne and dental health. I'm 27 years old and am still "battling" acne. I never had an issue with it in high school, even though I played soccer 8 days a week, and was quite lax about washing and caring for my face. Nor did I ever have dental issues, not a single cavity throughout my younger years.

    My acne started right around my eighteenth birthday, right around the time I graduated high school, May of 2004 (I should mention, because I feel it may have a connection, that in Feb of 2004 I was involved in quite a bad car accident that involved me hitting my head against the dashboard, bruising my frontal lobe and breaking my nose.) The acne started, and boy did it make up for lost time! I went on Acutane for the maximum time allowed, it cleared while I was on and came back when I went off it. I've tried a plethora of different solutions, combinations, diet changes, birth controls, Proactiv, etc. After about 3 years it started to ease up but was by no means "clearing up." To cut to the chase, in 2011, I went to the dentist (after about 6 years of not going to the dentist) and found out that I had 12 cavities!!! I was able to get the worst 6 of them taken care of about 8 months later and the difference in my skin was astounding. The difference was so apparent that there was no question what had caused it. I was sure to sit down and rack my brain, to make sure I hadn't made any other changes in that time period. I thought I was finally done with acne! But eventually it came back, not nearly as bad as before, and I was able to get the rest of my cavities taken care of, and made absolutely sure to change nothing else. The same thing happened. Again the acne came back after a while, but again it was less than before. I've since had my wisdom teeth removed (again causing an improvement with my acne), and am planning on getting a suspect filling looked at in the near future. All of my dental issues have stemmed from not flossing (if I could punch my younger self, I would), and since that first visit and the discovery of 12 cavities, have become a saint of dental health. I'm hoping that once all of my dental issues are solved, that my skin will become clear. I do have doubts though, considering that every time the acne has always come back however lesser. I'm intrigued by this body scan and wonder if it may do me any good. Thank you for sharing, and I hope that my results are as complete as they were for your patient.

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