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The Medical Power of Precious Gems

by Jon Whale PhD(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 19 - April 1997

The Sun is our prime source of biological energy or 'Life Force'. If we place a healthy plant in the dark, keep it warm, give it water and nutrients it will soon die. Life is unsustainable without the vital energy of the Sun. Chinese call this vital energy 'Chi', the Japanese call it 'Ki' and in India and Tibet it is referred to as 'Prana' and ascribed various biological qualities.

Figure 1 Kirlian photograph of Muesli Energy (left) and Cornflake Energy (right)

Figure 1 Kirlian photograph of Muesli Energy (left) and Cornflake Energy (right)

Kirlian photography shows clearly the biological energy, or 'Life Force', in human beings, animals, living fruit, vegetables, seeds and so on. The 'Life Energy' can be seen as an Aura extending as lines of force from the object. Kirlian photographs of processed food have demonstrated that they contain little or no biological energy. In the West, we are conditioned to associate health, energy and medicines with chemicals. The law insists that our processed food containers state the chemical contents. Fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, colouring and calories are listed in milligrams – all wholesome and complete, except that there is no mention of the 'Life Force' contents. Kirlian photographs have demonstrated that 'junk food' diets deplete a person's biological energy. One could deduce from this that digesting and assimilating 'junk' foods uses up more Chi energy than the foods themselves provide.

With death, our vital 'Life Force' departs and the organic body becomes overrun with bacteria whilst it decays. It is the 'Life Force' or 'Chi' energy that protects living cells from invasion. If our biological energy reserves become low we are more susceptible to illness. Various bacteria or viruses are likely to invade us. Under these circumstances we are forced to rest and take wholesome foods in order to recover. The 'Life Force' within us is finite, otherwise we would not become ill or die. Young people have an excess of biological energy and find it hard to comprehend these truths. With increasing age, most adults take care to conserve their energy, and adjust their habits and behaviour accordingly.

Eastern Ayurvedic doctors and therapists evaluate their patients' 'Life Force' and its quality. They make adjustments to the patients' 'Chi' energy with acupuncture, herbs and diet. To change the quality and increase their patients' 'Chi' energy they use medicines prepared from precious Gem Stones. Like the Sun, Gem Stones are a powerful source of pure 'Chi' energy and their colour dictates the quality of the 'Chi' energy they emit.

Figure 2 Ruby rays increase circulation and skin temperature

Figure 2 Ruby rays increase circulation and skin temperature

Figure 3 emerald rays reduce circulation and lower skin temperature

Figure 3 emerald rays reduce circulation and lower skin temperature

Wearing the wrong gemstone can lead to illness

Dr A. K. Bhattacharya, President of the 'World Teletherapy Association', runs a clinic and teletherapy centre in Naihati, about 30 miles from Calcutta. He prescribes traditional Indian medicines and includes homoeopathy, magnet therapy and gem therapy amongst his treatments. He obtains extraordinary results using freshly prepared gem medicines. He employs Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis to arrive at his prescriptions. At 72 years of age, he continues to operate a full-time practice at the clinic and despite an incredibly heavy workload, will find time to enjoy conversation and share some of his astounding stories. For example ". . . a certain businessman from Bombay purchased a very large ruby. He had it set in a ring to serve as a charm to promote his business. After three months he began to feel ill, having a constantly high temperature. When he visited his doctor, he was prescribed drugs to reduce his temperature. He eventually collapsed, was admitted to hospital unconscious and was given stimulants which helped him recover consciousness, but his legs were paralysed. For the next two years he followed all kinds of treatments which only resulted in profound depression and apathy. Not only had he lost his health but his business had to be sold. Finally, he consulted a homoeopath who prescribed him a number of remedies. The homoeopath experienced conflicting results, the patient's temperature refused to come down. Then one day, the homoeopath noticed the huge ruby on his finger. . . ." after removing the ring the man gradually began to recover.

Gem Stones emit concentrated rays of strong, pure 'Chi' energy. Ruby emits hot, red rays and is used to treat disease arising from cold and dampness. Tibetan and Indian Doctors employ the heat of Ruby to deal with problems like varicose ulcer, low blood pressure, low libido, constipation and anaemia – these are all cold diseases. Ruby raises the skin and body temperature, increases the metabolic rate and circulation and also increases muscle tension. Ruby is beneficial for patients with a large, heavy body type and a slow and cold physiological disposition. Ruby is not for the agile, quick and hot physiological types.

In contrast, Emerald emits cold green rays and is used to treat disease arising from too much heat. Burns, contusions, anorexia, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, cystitis and eczema are some examples. The green rays of Emerald lower skin and body temperature, reduce libido, slow the metabolic rate and circulation and relax muscle tension.

Anyone can confirm these effects by monitoring the patient's pulse or using thermometers or a blood pressure meter, before and after treatment with Gem medicines.

Wealthy Indians and Arabs often wear medicine rings set with large, expensive Gem stones. The rings are open behind the gem so that the light passing through shines onto the skin. The rings are changed periodically according to the advice and instructions of their astrologer or doctor. Most Ayurvedic doctors work in conjunction with an astrologer and take into account the effects of the planets on health. They prescribe the Gems to be worn for prevention and treatment of disease. Each planet reflects a different coloured light from the sun, which has an influence on biological organisms on Earth. Specific Gem stones are assigned to each of the planets and are used to amplify their beneficial effects and counteract the harmful effects of particular planetary configurations. In other words Gem stones are worn to balance the background cosmic 'Chi' energy radiated to Earth. This energy changes with the seasons and the ever changing positions of the planets. Medicine rings take time to be effective and decorative jewellery, which usually contains only small gems will have little effect.

Gem Colour Energy and Healing Properties
Ruby Red Hot, heating, drying, energising, expanding
Pearl Orange Cooling, moist and harmonising, anti-allergenic
Coral Yellow Warm, enlivening, cleansing
Emerald Green Cold, unifying and solidifying, analgesic
Topaz Blue Cool, soft, satisfying, antiseptic
Diamond Indigo Stimulating, invigorating and clarifying, antiseptic, antidepressant
Sapphire Violet Cool, tranquillising, soothing, analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic
Chrysoberyl Infra-red Soft, deep penetrating heat, drying, energising
Zircon Ultra violet Coldest ray of all, used in cases of excess heat


Gem medicines of Tibet

Tibetan and Indian Gem medicines are prepared by crushing the gems into a fine paste or burning them to ash. These are mixed with selected herbs and oils, which are then made up into pills and balms. For some diseases precious metals such as gold and silver are included. These medical preparations are exceptionally strong and effective.



Jewel pills have rejuvenating powers and are the most expensive of the medicines in the Tibetan pharmacopoeia. They are wrapped in silk and cost about $1.50 each – a day's pay in Dharamsala. Using crushed gemstones is rather wasteful and Gem stone pills are too expensive to be widely available. Dr Bhattacharya prepares medicines from Gem Stones without destroying them in the process. Gem stones are placed inside a bottle of 95% ethanol alcohol. Nine bottles are used, each with a different gem stone and each bottle contains 4 or 5 cut and polished gems. The nine bottles are then placed in a box and the box is stored in a dark place for 3 months. The remedies are made by spraying blank homoeopathic tablets with the alcohol from the bottles as required. Unlike pills made from Gem powder, these types of preparations are completely safe, even if mis-prescribed. Gem energy medicine preparations do not have a good shelf life because their energy is continually dissipating. They must be prepared fresh for the patient and used immediately.

The types of gems used by Dr Bhattacharya are those used traditionally in medicine throughout India, Tibet, the Middle East and Europe. Their uses are backed up by an impressive number of case studies, recorded in medical and astrological books. In the 11th Century, King Alfonso the Great translated an Arabic medical text into Spanish and this translation describes hundreds of medical and esoteric prescriptions prepared from Gems.

Figure 5 An 11th century book containing Arabic Gem prescriptions

Figure 5 An 11th century book containing Arabic Gem prescriptions

Gems are reservoirs of pure radiating energy

The white light from the Sun has a broad spectrum, made up of seven bands of frequencies. These colour bands can be seen in a rainbow. Gem Stones emit concentrated rays of pure colour. The light of the Sun or colour therapy lamps only just penetrate the skin, their beneficial effect has to be carried deeper by the blood.

When we stand in front of a coal fire, invisible, low frequency infra-red rays pass through the body. Infra-red creates the feeling of heat in the body by speeding up the electron activity inside the atoms of tissue and bone marrow as the rays pass through. All warm-blooded animals enjoy the input of energy from infra-red rays. Cold weather slows our vibrational rate, our muscles go tense, we shiver, burning calories in order to generate heat. Infra-red rays raise our atomic vibrational rate and relax our endocrine system.

The concentrated rays of Gems influence cellular activity at an atomic level where gross chemical drugs cannot penetrate.

The beam of a hospital's Ruby laser is several times hotter than the surface of the Sun. It vaporises molecules on contact and can cut through almost any substance. Many crystalline materials can transmute energy from one level to another. Lasers are a dramatic example of the power of Gem stones. Gems rays can pass through the body and influence cellular behaviour in a similar way to infra-red rays. The colour of the gem stone determines its effect on the living cells.

Natural crystals or gem stones?

Most people confuse crystal therapy and gem therapy, thinking them to be the same. Quartz crystals do not have much colour and their energy is non-specific. The energy of large crystals can be pleasant or irritating depending on who is using the crystal and what it is being used for. For this reason crystals have to be continually cleansed and purified. Quartz crystals are not ascribed any specific medical properties in the textbooks of traditional Indian medicine, although they are mentioned. Quartz crystals act as amplifiers and are dependent on the of the integrity of the therapist using them. For this reason it is best to use the Gems recommended by Dr Bhattacharya and other doctors and to make use of their store of expert knowledge. Gem stones have stable, inherent medical properties that anyone can use. These properties are independent of the person applying them. Therefore their use is consistent and repeatable. Faceted and polished Gems give superior results over natural crystals or geological samples. The more lustre and 'fire' emitted by the Gem, the more effective they are as medicines. Coloured glass and fake or paste Gems have no power or medical use whatsoever.

Natural healing frequencies

A mother knows that rocking her crying child backwards and forwards once or twice each second encourages sleep. In fact, this rhythm is encouraging Delta brain waves. Massaging parts of the body can induce Alpha, Theta and Delta brain frequencies, together with their corresponding moods. The most important frequencies for promoting healing and their related states of consciousness are listed on page 18:- (NOTE: HZ = cycles or pulses per second.)

So far as promoting healing is concerned, sluggish cells, organs and glands that are vibrating too slowly will benefit from any method that will increase and unify their rhythm. Conversely, cells, organs and glands that are excited or stressed will benefit from any method that will reduce and unify their vibrational activity.

Brain Rhythm Frequency Healing State of Consciousness
Delta 0.1 - 3.2 Hz Pain Deep sleep, no external attention
Theta 3.2 - 7.8 Hz Trauma Dreaming, trance, attention internal, hypnotic
Alpha 7.8–14 Hz Balancing Relazed, attention divided internal & external
Beta 14–30 Hz Invigorating Attention focused onexternal affairs
High Beta 25 plus Hz Do Not Use Anxiety, panic, psychosis etc


It is a scientific fact that the frequency of the brain's electrical activity is directly connected with health. In the case of anxiety and panic, the frequency of the electrical activity of the patient's brain will be in high Beta, that is above 25 HZ. These frequencies are reflected in excess adrenalin, muscular tension and stress. Simply encouraging the patient's brain activity towards Alpha, or 8.5 HZ will relieve the symptoms. Meditation or controlling one's internal dialogue has the effect of lowering brain frequencies and producing endorphins, which act like morphine to reduce pain and increase pleasure.

Ayurvedic prescriptions

Listed below are some of the commonly used Ayurvedic Gem stone prescriptions


is for amenorrhoea, anaemia, constipation, debility, low blood pressure, hemiplegia, intermittent heart, infantile paralysis, palpitations, paralysis, syncope. Ruby 'Chi' is hot, heating, drying, energising, expanding and is used for disorders arising from cold and dampness.


is used for acidity, anger, asthma, bronchitis, chickenpox, conjunctivitis, delusions, dreams, fear, fever, haematuria, hay fever, high blood pressure, hysteria, influenza, menorrhagia, oedema, pneumonia, rhinitis, tonsillitis, whooping cough. Pearl 'Chi' is cooling, anti-allergic, harmonising, and moist. (Note: Carnelian is often substituted for pearl.)


is recommended for biliary colic, gall stones, haemorrhoids, hepatitis, jaundice, liver affections, warts. The yellow 'Chi' of Coral is warm, enlivening and cleansing. (Note: Citrine is often substituted for red coral.)


is prescribed for anorexia, burns, cystitis, colitis, diarrhoea, eczema, heartburn, indigestion, inflammation, gastritis, shingles, stomach ulcers, vomiting. Emerald 'Chi' energy is cold, analgesic unifying and solidifying. It is used for disorders arising from too much heat.


is Yellow Sapphire, it is employed for abscess, adenoids, cough, swollen glands, goitre, mumps, obesity, pancreas affections, mouth ulcers. Yellow Sapphire emits blue rays and its 'Chi' is cool, soft, satisfying and antiseptic.


is prescribed for convulsions, depression, diabetes, eclampsia, epilepsy, leucorrhea, menopause, nephritis, spermatorrhoea, sterility. Diamond 'Chi' is stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, antiseptic and antidepressant.


is prescribed for alopecia, backache, dandruff, dysmenorrhoea, earache, eczema, gout, headache, inflammation, laryngitis, lumbago, neuralgia, neuritis, orchitis, otorrhoea, Parkinson symptoms, pericarditis, pharyngitis, psoriasis, vertigo. Blue Sapphire 'Chi' is cool, tranquillising, soothing, analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic.


In practice remedies are prepared mixing Gems to combine their properties in one medication.

Figure 6 Gem stones used in Electronic Gem Therapy

Figure 6 Gem stones used in Electronic Gem Therapy

POWER = Gems + Colour + Frequencies

Dr R. Polderman M.D. is 73 years old, and runs a large medical centre in Holland, he is an expert on Oriental medicines. His treatment rooms are equipped with expensive electronic therapy instruments, including Electronic Gem Therapy. Preventive medicine clinics and doctors in Europe now provide Colour Therapy, Gem Therapy, Electro-Laser Acupuncture, TENS therapy, and Chakra Therapy for their patients. Integrating frequencies, Gems, Colour and electronic amplification in one instrument produces a therapy that is many times more versatile and effective than other systems. Changing the colour and frequency of our 'Chi' energy affects the way our nervous system operates and our state of health. Over the last 15 years, the Author has designed a number of electronic gem therapy instruments. Ten years ago a number of small 6 volt battery-powered therapy instruments were produced. These instruments had an output power of only 0.1 watt, nevertheless they proved most useful and effective for simple complaints. In practice, however, treatment times were too lengthy, being typically 30 minutes or more.

Today, clinics, surgeries and doctors are able to use Electronic Gem Therapy instruments 2500 times stronger. They can target up to four different parts of the body at the same time. The special low-voltage lamps contain three lenses that focus the light beam. The Gems are placed inside the lamp, together with a coloured filter. The Gem's Lamps are connected to a precision electronic instrument. The instrument's digital monitors display the 'Treatment Intensity' and 'Vibrational Rate', control knobs allow for accurate adjustment of these.

Combining natural healing frequencies with colour and Gem stones can influence the cohesion and vibrational rate of cells, organs or glands. The levels and the quality of the 'Chi' energy in them can be increased and its quality adjusted and controlled by the therapist.

A voluntary worker in the Manchester area purchased Electronic Gem Therapy Equipment for her own use and to treat her family. News of the treatment spread and very soon she was asked to visit elderly patients in their homes and give them treatment. Her patients also included a local Priest and the staff and children of a nearby Catholic Orphanage. After 2 months she had so much success that she was asked to treat patients at a nearby hospital. She and her partner were interviewed by consultants and asked to give a demonstration to the nursing staff. This story illustrates the simplicity, effectiveness, and reliability of Electronic Gem Therapy.

Simple, safe, targeted energy medication is producing reliable and repeatable results and therefore it is only a question of time before the National Health Service begins to make use of Electronic Gem Therapy.

Advantages of electronic gem therapy

The low-voltage, low-heat lamps are completely safe to use. The Gems themselves never wear out or depreciate in value. Once acquired there are no further expenses. Nothing is ingested, so there are no side effects. Specialised training or knowledge is not required and treatments can be safely delegated to junior staff. The focused energy output can be felt on the skin as well as at deep tissue and organ levels. Patients find the coloured light and gentle energy given off by the Gem Lamps relaxing and pleasurable. The practitioner can observe results as he proceeds with the therapy. Ninety percent of the patients can feel the energy almost instantaneously and give feedback to the practitioner. The patient can judge immediately if the therapy is effective and correct because symptoms will reduce rapidly. The 'get worse before it gets better' reaction does not apply in the case of Gem therapy. If the patient's symptoms become aggravated during treatment, then the wrong Gems are being used, in which case they should be changed immediately. Contact with the patient's body or removal of clothes or dressings is not necessary, but it can be helpful. Gem energy can pass through clothing but the colour-filtered light cannot. Applying the gem lamp close to the unclothed skin will permit shorter treatment times. Gem therapy improves a patient's complexion, energy levels and mood and these changes should be visible after 20 minutes of treatment.

Electronic Gem Therapy can be usefully employed in conjunction with surgery, allopathy, psychiatry, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, geriatrics and other complementary therapies. The following examples demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of treatment procedures for various conditions.

Figure 7 Relaxing 'Samadhi' or 'Bliss' therapy using Sapphire at Theta brain waves

Figure 7 Relaxing 'Samadhi' or 'Bliss' therapy using Sapphire at Theta brain waves

Figure 8 Cartilage injury being treated with Diamond and Carnelian

Figure 8 Cartilage injury being treated with Diamond and Carnelian

Chronic pain

When we are asleep, or in a trance we do not experience pain. The frequency of the brain waves is Delta for sleep and Theta for trance. Every part of our body is connected to the brain via the nerves. Nerves carry the electrical signals back and forth between the brain and the body. As we fall asleep, the body experiences slow Delta brain waves in the nervous system. Our organs relax, heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, muscles relax and our aches and pains disappear. Usually when we awake, the pains of the previous day are gone, therefore we can conclude that the vibrational rates associated with sleep heal the body.

Common sense suggests that applying Delta brain wave frequencies to the site of the injury will reduce pain. In fact, these frequencies are used in Electronic Acupuncture and Tens Therapy for exactly that purpose. The Gem to use in every case of pain is Blue Sapphire. Sapphire emits a calming analgesic 'Chi' energy. It also seems to increase endorphin production. Unlike analgesic and tranquillising drugs, Sapphire does not deplete the patient's energy reserves or cause side effects. On the contrary, the violet 'Chi' energy emitted by Sapphire fills the person with tranquil energy.
In the case of sciatica, violet-filtered light and Blue Sapphires are pulsed once or twice a second. The site of the injury is located by moving the Gem Transducer Lamp up and down the patient's spine. The patient will experience a decrease in pain as the Gem Lamp is passed over the injury. It is also helpful to treat the back and sides of the knee joint of the affected leg with a second lamp. The patient will experience profound relief. A single treatment is often sufficient to clear up the condition.

For example, a local shopkeeper who telephoned one evening in urgent need of help. He was suffering from sciatica and the pain was severe. As he was self-employed he felt unable to take time off from his business. He arrived at the door in obvious discomfort and hardly able to walk. Thirty minutes later, after treatment with blue sapphire and violet light pulsed at Delta, he was pacing the surgery to test the treatment. He was amazed at the level of pain relief and was able to continue working. In the long-term, he was also advised to consult a specialist because his pelvis was misaligned, causing his spine to twist and putting pressure on his spinal nerve. His case was followed up over a period of one year and he had no recurrence of the pain.

This treatment was also effective for a cancer patient presenting with chronic pain from nerve damage as a result of surgery. She found that Sapphire treatment was more impressive than her morphine tablets.

Pain associated with new injuries such as surgery, burns, cuts, abrasions, fractures, sprains or bruises should be treated with a mixture of Blue Sapphire and Emerald with green filtered light. The cool rays of Emerald rapidly introduce cold 'Chi' energy into the hot injured cells. The redness will subside and swelling be reduced and circulation restricted.

Emotional pain and exhaustion

The pain and emotional shock experienced through bereavement or serious accident is very disruptive to the nervous and endocrine systems. It can ruin appetite and sleep. If the situation persists for any length of time, the patient will become exhausted. When this occurs, infections can take hold causing further biological energy depletion. This situation can be extremely dangerous as the Assemblage Point may drop (see Positive Health, Issues 15, 16 & 17).

We know from sleep studies that the body heals itself during sleep (Delta brain frequencies) and the mind heals itself through dreams (Theta brain frequencies). Directing Blue Sapphire rays and violet-filtered light, at each side of a patient's head induces calming 'Chi' energy directly into the brain hemispheres. The experience is very pleasurable as the energy travels down, via the nerves, to every part of the body. Enhancing the gem and colour treatment with the Theta (dreaming) frequencies will induce a profound state of relaxation. This is accompanied by waves of pleasure which permeate the whole body. These 'pleasure' waves smooth out emotional disturbances. This therapeutic procedure is named 'Samadhi', or 'Bliss' therapy. Sometimes a small quantity of Diamonds are added to the Sapphire to bring greater clarity and colour to the experience. With eyes closed, many patients report seeing colours. As the treatment progresses the colours and sometimes visions or images become more vivid.

This is an extremely beneficial therapy, approximately 70% of all patients attending for Gem therapy will receive 20 minutes of this treatment regardless of their complaints or what other treatment they may require. Working with a fully-relaxed patient saves the clinician or therapist time and energy and allows the patient to be more receptive.

Nervous disorders

The Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia recommends Sapphire for conditions like anxiety, panic, psoriasis, alopecia, migraine and insomnia. Research has already shown that many nervous disorders are accompanied by high Beta brain frequencies.

Most nervous disorders and diseases respond positively to blue Sapphire. Slow, calming frequencies should be used and violet-filtered light. A fast heart and pulse rate can be slowed down with this sort of treatment. Emerald is also important in the treatment of some nervous conditions. Emerald stops diarrhoea and, in a healthy person, may cause temporary constipation. To treat irritable bowel syndrome a mixture of Sapphire and Emerald is used. The Samadhi therapy, mentioned above, is used and in addition the patient's abdomen is treated with a third Gem Lamp containing an Emerald and Sapphire mixture. The slow frequencies of Delta are employed to induce slower and smoother peristalsis and to cool intestinal inflammation. At the same time, the practitioner may calm the pancreas and adrenal glands with Emerald and Sapphire.

Skin problems

Psoriasis responds well to treatment with Sapphire, violet filtered light and slow relaxing Delta frequencies. One patient developed psoriasis two weeks after she learned that her husband, a long distance lorry driver, had cataracts and was likely to lose his job. She presented for treatment with both hands so painful that she constantly had to wear cotton gloves as protection. Conventional medical treatment had done nothing to alleviate her condition. A single 20 minute treatment began to reverse her condition and new healthy skin was visible after 3 days.

Psoriasis is erratic behaviour of skin cells, which multiply and die too quickly. The skin drops off in flakes leaving sore, red patches. The affected skin can be treated directly with lamps, using Sapphire to calm the Pineal gland, on the crown of the head, is much more effective. This treatment stops itching in a few minutes.

In another case, a 16 year-old girl developed psoriasis after her parents' divorce. She had been prescribed several different steroid creams but the condition continued to spread. She was frightened and upset, and had been told that she may suffer with psoriasis intermittently for the rest of her life. With a single treatment of Sapphire to her head she made a dramatic recovery.

Eczema and dermatitis are treated with Emerald and green-filtered light. Treating the affected skin will reduce redness in minutes. Sapphire should be included if irritation is present. The number of babies suffering from eczema is on the increase. Five years ago the figure was one in ten. Today it is one in seven. Energising the liver with Emerald and Sapphire has proved effective for babies. (Case studies and photographs of this treatment are in Positive Health issue 15, page 11 & issue 17, pages 15 & 16.)

Varicose ulcers are a real problem for old people in cold damp climates, they can result in amputation. The ulcer can penetrate so deeply that the bone becomes infected and this can make patients seriously ill. One 90 year-old lady recovered from a leg ulcer that she had suffered with for 16 years. Specialists had told her that she would have it for the rest of her life. Her ulcer was treated with Ruby and Diamond and the whole leg with a mixture of Carnelian and Diamond. After treatment she reported that her leg was pleasantly tingling with energy. Within 2 months the ulcer had completely disappeared. These Gem mixtures were pulsed at invigorating Beta frequencies. Chilblains have responded to a single 20 minute treatment of Ruby and Diamond.


New injuries such as cuts, burns, bruises, fractures or sprains require a cool analgesic 'Chi' energy, in which case Emerald and Sapphire are used with green light. When pain is present, inducing the sleep frequency of Delta to the injured area can substantially reduce the pain and accelerate healing. Old injuries that are cold or numb require a stimulating energy and frequency to invigorate cells. A Ruby and Diamond mixture with red-filtered light, pulsed at Beta frequencies is used to invigorate the area with hot 'Chi' energy and improve the circulation. Infected injuries should be treated with Yellow Sapphire with blue-filtered light. To prevent the infection spreading, adjacent tissue should be invigorated with Diamond and Carnelian. (Case studies and photographs of an infected leg injury are in Positive Health issue 17, pages 15 & 16.)

Infections and allergies

Early last year, Dr Trossel, Director of the Preventive Medical Centre in Rotterdam, said "Next year is a year of increased Sun Spot activity. We can expect an upsurge of all types of strange bacteria and infections. This happens every eleventh year." The news this winter has been full of reported outbreaks of infection. Influenza and chest infections have reached epidemic proportions and been sufficiently serious to fill hospital beds. In autumn and winter the 'Chi' energy falls as the sun weakens and we become more susceptible to infection. Virus infections like the common cold and influenza take hold by infiltrating the cell's membrane. Once inside, the virus multiplies and spreads to other cells throughout the body.

Conserving and maintaining high levels of 'Chi' is the best way to avoid infections. Carnelian lowers temperature and Diamond invigorates the system, dramatically increasing the patient's energy levels. Influenza and colds respond quickly to a Carnelian and Diamond mixture with orange-filtered light at low Beta frequencies. The sinus, nose, throat and chest should be energised. Carnelian and Diamond can also be used for prevention of infections, they increases cellular coherence and membrane resilience. Asthma and bronchitis also respond well to this treatment. Where an infection involves bacteria, Yellow Sapphire is more effective. This gem is frequently used of clear bacteria infected tissue in injuries.

Muscular and skeletal problems

Disabled patients suffering with spastic, athetoid, dystonic and choreiform muscular problems can be helped with Sapphire and violet-filtered light. By pulsing the Gem Lamps at relaxing Delta brain frequencies, the brain signals that cause these conditions can be intercepted. The Gem Lamps are applied at appropriate nerve junctions on the spine or limbs. Acupuncture and acupressure points can also be used. This treatment can relax tense muscles within minutes. Physiotherapists can treat more patients and be more effective by utilising these techniques. Rheumatism and arthritis respond positively to Diamond and Carnelian energy. In addition, Blue Sapphire is frequently used because it is very effective in dispelling the pain associated with these conditions.

Painful 'clicking' cartilage problems in joints respond to Diamond and Carnelian. One patient had developed this problem as a result of a sports injury to his knee. After ten minutes of this treatment, he said that his 'bad' knee felt better that his 'good' knee. The pain and swelling which accompany sprains, joint injuries or bone fractures should be treated with Emerald and
Sapphire mixtures.

Acupuncture and chakras

Gem lamps can induce additional 'Chi' energy into the acupuncture points or meridians. Many patients who could benefit from acupuncture are discouraged because of their fear of needles. Acupuncture needles are used to adjust and balance the Chi Energy, but in themselves do not introduce additional Chi Energy. Acupuncture practitioners have the background knowledge to use the Gem lamps in place of needles and by doing so many more patients can benefit from their expertise.

The chakras can be energised by using the appropriate Gems. For details of the Gems and frequencies used in chakra therapy refer to Positive Health, issue 17, page 14. The patient's vibrational rate can be balanced and their biological energy levels can be increased via the chakras. Kundalini can be stimulated using Diamond. Opening the chakras accelerates personal, physical and spiritual development. Higher states of consciousness are obtainable as the seven chakras become 'open' or 'active'. Each chakra is associated with special psychic powers that are gained by opening it (increasing its activity). These therapies are very pleasant and beneficial, however, they depend on the skill of the practitioner in evaluating the patient's energy levels. Until there is a simple and reliable method of measuring or seeing the patient's Aura or energy field, they are unlikely to be used by general practitioners.

Tomorrow's medicine

Many long suffering patients who have been treated with Electronic Gem therapy and experienced a rapid recovery, consider it to be 'miraculous'. Electronic Gem Therapy is not a miracle, it is based on sound, scientific principles. These have been drawn from the experience of medical practitioners, spanning several thousand years. Contemporary electronics is precision science. Marrying this with the ancient knowledge of Gem medicines has produced miraculous surprises in only 15 years. Electronic Gem Therapy is still in its infancy. As more medical professionals use it in conjunction with their particular field of work, we can expect further developments in preventive medicine and effective treatment procedures for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and other disabling and life-threatening illnesses.
Special Thanks to Harry Oldfield for providing the Kirlian Photograph.

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  3. Liane said..

    Do you know the frequency of all of our organs and which gems heal which organ?


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    Hi.. this is great!.. I have a question.. I hold my obsidian apache tears alot. its always on me. what effect would this crystal have..

  5. Nirmoha said..

    I am working with the frequencies of the gems directly from the gems simply by applying my attention to them. I feel each gem has a unique frequency yet do not understand how this works in relationship to Hz. Are the frequencies they emit measurable? My research finds frequencies below 7Hz create states of relaxation and anything higher than 11 Hz already creates feelings of disturbance and agitation. How does this apply to the brain frequencies you mention here in your article? Please help me gain clarity on this so I can understand more about how the actual gem frequencies affect us. I understand Hz measures electrical frequencies and gem frequencies must not be electrical but more consciousness related. Thank you very much. Nirmoha

  6. Vanisree Ramanathan said..

    inform about general weakness am Aquarius by sunsign & Taurus by Moonsign;Moon is in 12 th from Lsgana Gemini; inform hwo to over come depression and meloncholoy ? is there any remedy for it??

  7. Dr. Yojana Yatin Patil said..

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please, send me an e-mailid & contact no. (Latest) of Dr. A. K. Bhattacharyaji? I need it urgently.
    Warm Regards!

  8. Rajan said..

    Very nice and Helpful Article on Gems and Gem Therapy. I found another great one on Planetary Gem Therapy at the link:

  9. alpana said..

    naya subject nahi hai par kafi kuch hai sikhne ko

  10. Revati Narang said..

    for stroke recevery to walk again

  11. Yvonne Munsterberg said..

    Dear Jon Whale

    I like to really thank you VERY much for this amazing and detailed highly informative article. This article truly changes my life as it is scientifically presented, very accurately explained and very eye opening. Thank you again. I am very interested to get academic study reading material for my self as I might like to work in this field. Could you possibly kindly suggest to me key reading materials/ Books and also Schools that teach this? Finally can you possibly please also suggest where I can find info regarding Gem- light therapy equipment including costs for the equipments available?
    With immense gratitude & kindest regards,
    from Yvonne Munsterberg (London)

  12. Mr. Abhimanyu Jena said..

    Dear Sir,
    I found the article very informative one on Gems and Gem Therapy. I will be highly grateful if you can send me the e-mail address and present contact no. of Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya. I need it urgently.

    Thanks a lot.

    With regards,

    Abhimanyu Jena

    Dr A. K. Bhattacharya, President of the 'World Teletherapy Association'

  13. Payel Sur Chowdhury said..

    Can you please, send me an e-mailid & contact no. of Dr. A. K. Bhattacharyya? I need it urgently.


  14. Marina said..

    Good day,

    Your article most certainly speaks the truth, I have had similar "unexplainable" encounter due to wearing my wedding set years back (comprising of mostly diamonds and ruby) old lady advised me to rather have the stones changed and it was due to my very sensitive nature..I took her advice and been using gem practice since and it heals and helps as you have stated and more.
    I have learned how to harness the "essence" of a stone in water without harming or breaking the stone and using the Crystal Alchemy too, for just about anything I set my mind to.

    Keep up the great work.
    Kind regards

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