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Crystal Therapy: Black Tourmaline - King Of Crystals

by Lettie Vantol(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 157 - April 2009

Time was when crystal healing was viewed with suspicion, but as time has gone on, people have become more and more open to consider it as a possibility. Today many people know for a fact that 'it works', particularly those active in the healing professions.

Having practised this particular therapy for more than 18 years, and having trained and watched many budding crystal healers at work, I consider it to be one of the major healing modalities in the 21st century. As the saying goes: 'proof is in the pudding' and one of the best ways to share this proof is by presenting a personal case study:



Adrian Green

Age 37, IT Technician
Adrian is a very intelligent, ambitious man with a young family, anxious to make his mark in the world and ensure his family will be well provided for. He works hard and long, well in excess of the hours God sends him, spending further hours at home in front of his computer after a demanding day at the office. Although around in the house he does not have much time to spend with his children, or partner, he considers this to be a temporary sacrifice for all to reap the benefit in a few years from now.

It must have been approximately 5 years ago when Adrian started suffering from headaches which became worse as time went on and recurred more and more often. Initially, he started taking over-the-counter drugs, which gave temporary relief, but soon had to increase the dosage. This worked to begin with, but after a while this did not give him the relief he expected.  All the while, he continued his demanding work at the office and overtime at home.  Unfortunately, these attacks started to interfere with his work and studies, and he became irritable and difficult to live with. Eventually it was not only his head hurting, but a feeling of being generally unwell which made him suspect he had more than just a headache.

His partner sent him to his GP, who could not find any definite signs of illness and put it down to stress of work, suggested him to ease off and Adrian went home with a prescription including relaxants and stronger pain killers.  To his relief, the headaches eased somewhat, but it did not take long for Adrian to resume the same pattern of living, with the result that the headaches, stomach upsets and all other niggly pains returned.

Back at the surgery, he had another medical, blood tests were taken, but with no solution. Different medication was given, but there was no improvement. For a while Adrian soldiered on despite his aches, while his long suffering family suffered with him.

At this time his partner, being one of my second year students, suggested he might be benefit from a crystal therapy session. This is a suggestion she would not have dared put to him before this trauma started; after all in Adrian's opinion, this 'working' with stones was nothing but rubbish – or was it? Being at the end of his tether, he reluctantly agreed to go along; after all he had nothing to lose......

When Adrian came in the first time, he did not look well, nor happy. On taking his case history, a clear pattern emerged; here was an ambitious man spending 12 to 14 hours a day before a computer, without adequate rest. This intensive long workload alone would have a detrimental effect on anyone, but the main culprit to blame in this case was an invisible one! Computers, like all electronic apparatus, produce certain energy, similar to that of microwaves, television, mobile phones and other electronic devices, all of which can affect us detrimentally. Spending the greater part of 24 hours at the 'receiving end' of these invisible energies was taking its toll and the cause of Adrian's health problems.

On checking Adrian, it did not take long to establish that the energy balance of his body was well out of sync. Therefore one of my first jobs was restoring balance to his chakras using a Quartz crystal, followed by an aura cleanse. This had an immediate relaxing effect on his entire body. Using specific acupoints helped clear his head, and some further work was done with Lavender Quartz. The result was that at the end of the treatment, Adrian said he felt a lot lighter, and he was delighted the pain was gone.

I gave him a Black Tourmaline to place between him and his computer from now on, and suggested he go home and rest for the day to allow his body to give his restored healthy energy pattern the opportunity to integrate and thus continue the healing process of his body.

Adrian came back for a further treatment a fortnight later and was quickly his old self again. He obtained a second Black Tourmaline for his home computer and is delighted to have found the answer to this debilitating condition. Today, about a year later, Adrian is fine and cannot help telling people about this little miraculous crystal, and would not work without it.

To date, the most effective protection against these energies is supplied by the crystal called Black Tourmaline. Some people use clear Quartz, Rosequartz and even Blue Lace Agate as 'protection'.  Admittedly, they do work for a day or two, but after having absorbed the harmful energies they can take 'no more' which means they are no longer of any use and would need daily cleansing to be effective. Black Tourmaline, however, is a very sturdy and effective fellow and should literally stay between you and the computer, doing an effective protective job for weeks on end. However, you can extend its life by cleansing it once in 3 months or so. The simplest way is to place it overnight in plain tap water (if available add a couple of drops of Crab Apple Bach Flower remedy), and you can use the Black Tourmaline again until due for the its next cleanse in another 3 months.

Most of us are unaware of the harmful effects of our wonderful technology, but hopefully, with Adrian's experience in mind you can prevent this happening to you by placing a piece of Tourmaline between you and the equipment.


  1. MILIND said..

    How and on what to wear it?

  2. lucy said..

    i just bought a piece of black tourmaline schrol and what i would like to know is can i make water taste better when i put the tourmaline for a night in a bottle of water ?

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