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16 Chakra System - Part 1

by Lee-Anne Brandt(more info)

listed in crystal healing, originally published in issue 217 - October 2014

What Are Chakras

Besides our physical body, we have a body of subtle energy. This is made up of ‘nadis’ (meridians) through which flows prana, or life-force. The most important of the nadis is the sushumna, which runs from the top of the head to the navel. Along the sushumna spins seven wheels of energy known as Chakras.  Each Chakra spins at a different frequency and each has a specific colour and a sacred sound.  The Chakras are said to be ‘force centres’ or whorls of energy permeating from a point on the physical body through the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. Different systems posit a varying number of main chakras; the most well-known system in the West is that of seven main chakras.

Chakra Woman
Chakra Woman

When our body, mind, spirit and emotions are in balance, our Chakras spin at the correct frequency allowing a flow of energy. When we are ill, upset, stressed, our energies may become blocked and the Chakras become unbalanced, which in turn creates further symptoms of dis-ease and blocked energies. The articles which follow will explain the functions of 16 of the Chakras (instead of the usual 7 main chakras commonly referred to), symptoms of overt or lack in energy and meditations to correct a Chakra imbalance.

Chakras and Sub-Chakras Chart

Chakras and Sub-Chakras Chart


The Root / Base Chakra (Muladhara)

Root Base Chakra
Root Base Chakra

In this part 1 of the Chakra articles, we will discuss the Base or Root chakra in some detail, as with the 7 chakra spectrum. The sub-chakras will be dealt with in lesser detail.

The base chakra is the foundation. Its colour representation is red. The sacred sound associated with this chakra is ‘Lam’. The chakra is located at the base of the spine with a downward opening between the genitals and the anus.

The base chakra links us to the physical world, solidity and support - especially to the physical body. It is the foundation of energy.  The adrenal glands reflect the survival instincts of this chakra. The base or root chakra manifests strongly in the motivation to ensure personal survival by way of food, rest, and sexual expression. Spiritually, the base chakra has to do with protection of individual integrity. It is an energy centre that provides a solid ground from which to establish our equilibrium in order to ascend to higher awareness.

Some signs that the base chakra is out of balance are:

  • Restlessness;
  • Lack of energy;
  • Loss of interest in the real world or practical survival;
  • Volatile emotions;
  • Obsession with one thing / rigid and materialistic;
  • Selfishness.

Releasing Energies

There may be times when you feel the need to release energies from the root chakra; one way to do this is to involve yourself in routine physical work, gardening, cleaning and washing. Another way is running, drumming or dancing to music with a strong rhythm.

Stones associated with the first chakra:

  • Black Tourmaline: This is a protective stone when you feel threatened at the survival level;
  • Hematite: This stone helps you to set protective boundaries when you feel as if others are intruding into your private space;
  • Black and Snowflake Obsidian help you to see what material things you no longer need for growth;
  • Smoky Quartz helps to blend the energies of the first and seventh chakras;
  • Red Jasper helps to connect us to the flowing energies of the earth;
  • Ruby, the stone of passion, enhances sensory awareness.

Grounding and Balancing

Sit where you will be undisturbed. Close your eyes and breathe deeply so that your out-breath is longer than your in-breath. Visualize roots growing out the soles of your feet and merging into the Earth. Feel the Earth respond with welcoming warmth. With each out-breath visualize the roots from the soles of your feet digging deeper into the Earth.

Visualize the roots flowing ever downward, past soil and tree roots, passing fossils and down past Quartz and Diamond, down to spongy water filled rock, down to the centre of the Earth where you will find a vibrant and warm sphere. Once you have connected with that sphere, begin to focus on your in-breath drawing the heat and energy of the Earth up the roots connected to your soles, up and up into your base Chakra.

As the heat of the Earth begins to warm your base Chakra, visualize a red wheel of light spinning in a clockwise direction.  When you feel energized, slowly recede the roots into the soles of your feet and bring yourself back to waking reality.


  • I take responsibility for my life. Translation: I don’t blame other people or circumstances for my problems;
  • I deserve the best that life has to offer. Translation: I’m da’ shit;
  • I connect to Mother Earth and am one with her. Translation: I hug trees when I can and walk barefoot in the park.


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    It is very interesting to know about additional chakras and their location.Thanking you very much for giving the detailed information

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