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The Liver / Gall Bladder Flush

by Araura Berkeley(more info)

listed in colon health, originally published in issue 182 - May 2011

The liver is truly an amazing organ of our body and as such is able to completely regenerate itself, given the chance. It [the liver]has even been known, with some people that have had their gall bladder removed, to create a new pocket off the bile duct to act as a gall bladder.  

How do we best help a liver to do this regenerative process? ( It is usually not necessary to have a gall bladder removed as it is possible to reverse any damage by doing the Liver / Gall Bladder Flush.) This flush will need to be done quite a few times, in fairly close succession, in order to remove the toxic deposits that have, over time, accrued in the liver and gall bladder.

When a person does this flush they will notice that their body eliminates literally hundreds of 'stones' of varying sizes and shapes. The most common sizes are about lentil or pea size, but can be as big as large marbles or as small as crumbs. It is often said that the liver does not have any 'stones' and only the gall bladder. This is not true - over the past fourteen years I have supervised these Liver / Gall Bladder Flushes with hundreds of the people; many have had their gall bladder removed BUT it does not seem to effect the quantity of matter eliminated from the liver when flushing.

The Liver /Gall Bladder Flush is in three stages as follows:
The First Stage is to drink, throughout the day, at least 1.litre of good quality (not concentrated) apple juice. Great if you can juice your own apples. This apple juice needs to be taken for at least six days. It is the pectin and malic acid in the apples that has the effect of softening the liver and gall bladder - both the matter accrued and the tough sinewy ducts in the organs. Some people have difficulty taking this quantity of apple juice so it is recommended that they take Malic Acid and Pectin instead.

The Second Stage is the actual flush that is done overnight in order to go with the body's natural bio-rhythm of the liver, which from about 6.30pm till same time approx in the next morning, changes its function to that of elimination of 'toxins' that it has filtered throughout the day. (This is why it is strongly recommended that people do not eat later than around 7pm in order not to cut short the liver's elimination processing. If they eat late the liver has to go back into digestive mode! This may be one of the reasons that our livers begin to suffer, together with excess alcohol and too much fatty/fried and sugary foods, so prevalent in our diets today.)  

The actual flush starts at 6.00pm and goes on through the night into the next day and the liver will go on expelling matter till about 1 -2pm that afternoon.

The Third Stage is to have a colonic (colon hydrotherapy session) sometime after 1.30pm in order to eliminate the last of the matter / 'stones' and excess cholesterol from out of the intestines. Some of the stones can easily get caught up behind pockets of wind and they would linger in the body and some of the toxicity would be re-absorbed. The colonic needs to be done that day and not wait till the next day. This whole process is quite a cathartic one and people can feel a bit dehydrated and a bit weak for up to 18 hours, but it is such a beneficial process that any slight dis-comfort is so well worth coping with for the results. I have worked with people that feel that by their doing the Liver / Gall Bladder Flushes has literally saved their lives.


  1. Susie Heavens said..

    I did a liver and gallbladder flush a couple of years' ago and found it a most distressing and unpleasant experience and felt no benefit and if anything experienced worsening of symptoms. I know some people do have positive experiences, but I would be very loathe to attempt another. I am a sensitive individual and I feel the process was just to harsh for me.

  2. June Spencer said..

    I have completed three Liver and Gallbladder flushes and believe they have helped ease my condition considerably. I continue with the process when I feel necessary. I also combine the use of spirulina, E3AFA and Royal Jelly as part of my health regime and use Reiki, EFT and Inner RePatterning to maintain a mind/body balance. I am grateful to Dr Hulda.

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