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Electronic Sputnik Capsule Against Parasites

by Ronnie Turner(more info)

listed in colon health, originally published in issue 60 - January 2001

We have been working with a quite extraordinary device for the past year – an electronic capsule which once ingested into the system can expel parasites and gallstones.

The capsule passes through the system emitting magnetic resonance frequencies, which gives the whole digestive system a jolt and also kills and expels human parasites. It is known as the Sputnik.

The Sputnik capsule … kills and expels parasites
The Sputnik capsule … kills and expels parasites

These parasites were the cause of ME in one of our patients. She had at least 45 in her system
These parasites were the cause of ME in one of our patients. She had at least 45 in her system

These are remnants of a very large worm, which caused a generalized state of allergic sensitivity in the patient
These are remnants of a very large worm, which caused a generalized state of allergic sensitivity in the patient

This patient had multiple parasites, causing Rheumatoid Arthritis
This patient had multiple parasites, causing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Medical Director, Dr Olga Milisavljevic
Medical Director, Dr Olga Milisavljevic

How Parasites Ruin Your Health

Parasites have been blamed for causing cancer, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and many other very unpleasant ailments.

The reality is, parasites release their excrement into your system in the form of nitrites. Your liver has to take the fall-out as it tries to detoxify you. Multiple allergies are the result.

Parasites that get into your organs, such as the liver, are encapsulated by the organ as part of the body’s defence mechanism. With the passage of time, the body starts to manufacture antibodies against these encapsulated foreign bodies. The body ends up making antibodies against the organ itself.

The parasites unfortunately can also multiply in organs and spread through the system, causing terrible destruction, especially if the eyes or brain are attacked.

The Sputnik, although it travels through the alimentary canal, has a general effect throughout the system, regardless of where the parasites may be.

Space-Age Treatment

The capsule evolved as part of the official Russian science of magnetic resonance therapy (MRT), a kind of super-acupuncture without needles, and an offshoot of the space programme in Russia. MRT devices, which treat a wide range of ailments with ultra-high magnetic frequencies, are well established in Russian hospitals and clinics.

Clinical Trials

A number of Russian medical institutes have released their clinical trials, documenting the effectiveness of the device for a wide range of digestive complaints.

Several studies have proven that the device can restore intestinal function after operations – within a day-and-a-half instead of the usual three or four days.

Other good results were proven in diabetic states, irritable bowel etc.

The appearance of dead parasites in the motions was only noticed fortuitously, as a side effect, but we believe it is a major reason why such good results are reported from the capsule.


We are correlating the degree of allergy sensitivity, as measured by the IgE test, with the amount of parasite infestation showing in people’s motions after taking the capsule. Guess what? The ones with the highest allergy sensitivity are the ones who show the biggest evidence of parasite infestation.

Our Russian-trained medical director, Dr Olga Milisavljevic, is doing IgE testing, ELISA allergy testing and both darkfield and lightfield microscopy to check parasite infestation. The patients bring in anything suspicious found in their motions.

Recent Case Histories

Co. Dublin, Ireland

“About 6 hours after taking the Sputnik I felt a light pulsing sensation in my stomach. The feeling inside was like a jumping inside my system. I felt no pain at all during the 24 hours, and passed it after about 30 hours.

“There were small one-inch worms in the stool. It looked like spaghetti. They were uniform in size. I counted around 30, and I had only taken the Sputnik once. Incidentally, my wife caught toxoplasmosis from our cat. And that’s probably where I got the parasites also.”

Dublin, Ireland

“I did a bio-resonance test and found I had a parasite level of 78% and that meant that most of my ailments were caused by parasites. I swallowed the Sputnik with some water on Thursday at midday.

“During the night I got a few stomach cramps, which woke me, but I went back to sleep again. It was like a jerking of my guts, on the right side. The next morning I noticed something greyish white in my stool, but I hadn’t time to investigate.

“During Friday I got several episodes of tingling and spasms of my intestines, occasionally quite severe and radiating down into my groin. On Friday evening I passed a motion in a fine sieve, and hosed it down in the toilet. I was very shocked to see perhaps 30 pieces of worms, some quite large in size and others small. They appeared to be shredded by the Sputnik.

“What I notice since is that I’m not as tired as before, and I think my memory has improved. I feel lighter in myself and I feel as if a fog has lifted off my brain. I was beginning to get afraid that I was getting Alzheimer’s, although my doctor put it down to stress and overwork.”

Dublin, Ireland

“There was no problem swallowing the Sputnik. I used a portable bidet purchased from a medical supply store. A plastic cup and plastic tweezers were supplied by Dr Olga. I also used a small screw-top glass jar with some alcohol in it to clean the Sputnik.

“First Time: 23 June 2000. I took Sputnik first time at 5.00 p.m. It stayed in my body for 48 hours (2 days) and was recovered at 5.00 p.m. on 25 June 2000. I experienced slight shocks in left leg and stomach and stronger shocks in right leg. I was unsure what to look for and discarded most of the stool, which looked normal to me.

“Second Time: 27 June 2000. I took Sputnik for the second time at 1.00 p.m. On 30 June 2000 I recovered the Sputnik. It stayed in my body 59 hours (2 1/2 days). This time almost immediately I experienced stronger spasms, which lasted almost 20 minutes at times. From each stool I recovered some opaque feathery objects almost like pieces of cut celery with legs. Some had pink spines and the pieces were half an inch long. There were lots of smaller pieces there and one small hard gallstone, (I had an X-ray in February 2000 for gallstones in the Mater Private Hospital, and was told there were none visible at that time.) This stone was the size of a large pea. I had some pain in the gall bladder area at this time.

“Third Time: 1 July 2000. I took Sputnik for the third time at 8.00 a.m. I recovered it on 7 July 2000 (153 hours) over 6 days. The spasms this time were the most severe and one spasm almost knocked me off balance as I walked through my hall.

“I got lots of parasites of all sizes this time. I was by now familiar with what to look for and used the tweezers supplied to retrieve each one. I felt tired and quite emotional at the fact that these creatures were possibly contributing to my fatigue for many years and now they were out. I am aware that I may need to repeat this procedure a number of times a year and feel the care needed to complete this procedure is worth it.”

Co. Dublin, Ireland

“The Sputnik cured my head. I have been suffering for over a year now with a tumour on my pituitary gland. I kept the capsule in my mouth for an hour before swallowing it. I felt a slight tingling and almost immediately I felt a clearing in my head. My slight headache, which I always seem to have, lifted. I couldn’t find any sign of parasites in my motions but I noticed a definite improvement in my digestive system. I felt terrific after it.”

Dublin, Ireland

(27-year-old transatlantic stewardess)

“What came out were 2.5 inches long. They were white and not moving. I saw them for three days after taking the Sputnik once. I felt some quite strong shocks down my leg. I felt quite tired during the time I was passing them. I now feel a lot more energetic. I was a bit shocked to actually see them but I am very glad not to have them inside me sapping my strength any longer.”

The Protocol

At the Clinic we check for the parasite level initially with the bio-resonance machine, an electronic dowsing machine. However our research is mainly medical. We also do an IgE test, which shows the overall degree of allergy involved.

Dr Hulda Clark, as our testing shows, is correct in that we are finding positive parasite infection in 60% of our patients. The degree of infestation of course varies.

Most of the parasites in the human being are small or microscopic and will not be apparent in the motions. But in fact we have been finding identifiable fragments of bigger worms in some 34% of patients.

Many Applications

Russian researchers have reported good results with the Sputnik in the following areas:†

•    In proctology, it can be used as a suppository, with proven good effect on the gastro-intestinal trace, and it also treats the prostate and genital organs. It definitely increases sexual performance.
•    It can be used in the vagina, for gynaecological problems, erosion of the cervix, candidiasis etc.
•    It can be used in the mouth, under the tongue or behind the teeth, for serious gum diseases and general dental toxicity.
•    Its first big success was in restoring normal intestinal action following abdominal operations. Instead of four days or more, the bowel was back in action in a day and a half.
•    It’s very effective in the treatment of chronic constipation.

The Capsule

The capsule weighs 5.5 grams and its dimensions are 11 x 22.5mm. The material is non-toxic and resistant to the environment of the intestinal tract. Some discolouration may be noticed after passage through the bowel. This is quite harmless. We have found that the average passage through the body is 24 to 36 hours. In a minority of constipated people, the capsule may not re-emerge without help for a week or so; this is not a problem.

The strength of the pulse current emitted from the capsule is 10mA, the amplitude 4.5V, the frequency 50hz. It consists of two hemispheres, which serve as electrodes, and it activates itself as soon as it finds itself in a fluid environment, such as the stomach or the intestine, or the fluids of orifices. It then emits the electric pulses, of a definite shape, range and frequency.


The peristaltic waves caused by the pulses cause the capsule to be impelled through the digestive system. It consecutively stimulates all the parts of the gastro-intestinal tract. When passed, the capsule can be cleaned, washed with detergent, and then sterilized with alcohol. Then it can be re-ingested. This is an accepted procedure in Russian usage.

It will remain active for approximately three passages through the system. The capsule cannot be left immersed in any fluids once the cleaning process has been finished.

It should not be interfered with in any way before being taken, and it should not be taken if damaged in transit.


If the patient produces strong evidence in the stool of parasite infection, the capsule should be sent through a total of three times to ensure complete eradication of parasites and their eggs. Additional herbal or medical treatment may be applied in the case of really severe infestations.

Every administration of the capsule will not produce visual evidence of parasites. The smaller ones will have disintegrated, and will not be in evidence.

In the case of large parasites, i.e. tapeworms, there will be evidence aplenty. The parasites have been known to emerge ‘shredded’ into sections, killed by peristalsis of the intestinal tract brought about by the capsule and forcibly expelled, as it were, ‘shaken’ out by the strong peristaltic waves induced.

Some patients report seeing no parasites after their first administration, then finding plenty of remnants after the second, including days after the second ingestion.

Gallstones Expelled

Another benefit that has emerged from our research is that the Sputnik expels gallstones. On its way through the digestive tract the device causes the gallbladder to contract convulsively. Patients have reported up to 30 gallstones in their motions, as they searched for parasites.

The Russian medical research confirms the gallbladder stimulatory effect of the device.†

Russian Research

The Russian research material says: “The stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract enhances the peristalsis of the intestines and also the regional blood circulation.

There is a positive effect on the metabolism, including lipid metabolism (cholesterol). The entire complex of metabolic and trophic processes is influenced.

“The recovery of intestinal motility reduces the extent of endotoxaemia, enhances the neuro-psychological status and reduces the manifestations of the astheno-neurotic syndrome (ME, post-viral syndrome etc.)

The electric stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract, and particularly of the duodenum, restores the pancreas function. The improvement of the pancreas functional status positively affects the course of type 1 diabetes mellitus.”


•    atony and paresis of the intestine from various causes;
•    post-operative intestine pareses upon ‘clean’ abdominal operations;
•    dynamic ileus of the intestine;
•    pareses and paralysis of the intestine due to a brain or vertebral column trauma;
•    post-operative pareses of the intestine against a background of peritonitis (of course accompanying deep antiseptics and antibiotic therapy);
•    chronic constipation;
•    duodeno-stasis and dyskinesia of the biliary tracts; functional duodeno-stasis and post-cholecystectomic syndrome.

Study Findings


One study showed: “Three days after taking the capsule, 24 patients suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 patients showed a considerable improvement in the clinical state. The blood pressure lowered, headaches and dizziness disappeared, a number of metabolic parameters normalized, in particular the rate of atherogenesis.”

The effects in this study on diabetics did not last more than 7 days without repeating the treatment.


Another study found: “In the case of chronic hyperacidity gastritis, the capsule normalizes the activity of the secretory system and reduces the acidity of the gastric juice.” Another study said that gastro-duodenal ulcer patients showed a decline of gastric juice acidity from 3.15 to 5.87 (as had gastritis patients.)

Severe Constipation

“Ingestion of the capsule in 50% of the patients with chronic constipation (chronic large intestine stasis), caused an independent defecation as early as the first two days, and in the rest three to five days. Subsequently, 75% of the patients remained regular. The usual treatment is at least two capsules (separately) with an interval of 15 to 20 days between, but more than that may be required.”

The research says it is well indicated in haemorrhoids without haemorrhage, ischaemic colitis and sphincter insufficiency. Good results are seen in constipated women after childbirth.

Regulatory Systems

Another highly technical study designed to assess the effect of the capsule on the system generally concluded that it “activates the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system, which controls all the regulatory systems of the body”. This particular study involved a large number of healthy submarine sailors. The assessment was done by highly quantitative analysis of all the waves of the cardiac rhythms, and of the general regulatory systems of the body.


We advise our patients to check their stools for evidence, because if the infestation is severe, follow-up treatment is required.

We instruct our patients to pass the motion in a fine sieve and hose it out into the toilet. We provide them with plastic forceps and a small glass container of alcohol to gather the samples. In general terms, the patients are highly gratified to see the result of the cleanse.

We recommend the Dr Hulda Clarke formula: walnut tincture, and wormwood/ cloves capsules. Also the patient should take lightly roasted pumpkin seed, 100g a day, for one week, as an adjuvant treatment.


People with the following should not take the Sputnik: Anyone with pacemakers, epilepsy, bowel cancer, internal lesions, organic lesions of the central nervous system with intra-cranial hypertension, epilepsy, nephrolithiasis, feverish conditions, active tuberculosis, grave ischaemic heart disease, desired pregnancy, acute thrombo-phlebitis, mechanical ileus, cicatricial stenoses, internal haemorrhages, mechanical jaundice, cholelithiasis, urolithiasis.

References †   

The following Russian research papers have been supplied from the author’s clinic.   
1.    Gusev EI. On the Permission of Using in Medical Practice of the Autonomous Electric Stimulant of the Gastrointestinal and mucosae (AESGTM).
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Further Information

The capsule is distributed in Europe and the USA through an Irish firm, Meridian Remedies Ltd, ‘Cluain Ard’, Old Dublin Road, Stillorgan, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Tel: 353-12783806 or 353-12832208.


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