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Imprisoned by Lies – Only the Truth will Set You Free

by Dr Patrick Quanten(more info)

listed in clinical practice, originally published in issue 287 - June 2023

Republished from: Imprisoned by Lies


Editor’s Note: Please note that the publishers of PH Online do not necessarily agree with all the content of the following editorial feature, but publish this as an alternative expression of the official medical narrative.


We are so disconnected from the truth that we are unable to recognize the lies that underpin our society. It is absolutely true that when you repeat a lie often enough that we believe it wholeheartedly and that we stop questioning what we are being told. Everybody knows that … becomes all the proof we need in order to continue. Even what we regard as scientific is based on lies, inaccuracies and on ignoring the truth even when it stares us in the face.

Although science was completely changed about one hundred years ago we are still being taught and told the knowledge that went before, even though our lives have been turned upside down by the new understanding. From a world seen as a machine of material things that bump into each other and connect on a physical level we discovered that life comes from and is governed by energies rather than by matter. All interactions are energetic ones and the results are sometimes seen in the physical world as matter and how that matter changes. But even though we know this to be true, our experts are still being trained to believe and to tell us interactions happen in a physical manner. The world they build around us, in contrast, is all based on knowledge and technology of energy. Things happen without there being a physical contact between bits of matter. Our technological world is energetic but the ordinary person has to continue living in the belief that the natural world operates like a physical machine.

Our view of health and disease is purely physical, even mental and psychiatric conditions are, so we are told, caused by chemical imbalances, not by energetic imbalances. Here are some pertinent examples of obvious lies by any scientific standard. Sadly it is what we all believe to be true. What we should believe, because it is scientifically true, is printed in italics.

  • An inflammation is a disease caused by an irritation of the tissues. There is a direct interaction between a physical event impacting the tissues and the reaction from the tissues. The interaction is chemical and needs to be combatted by chemical means. – An inflammation is a natural healing reaction from the physical body to try and cope with high energetic pressure within the life of the individual.
  • An infection is caused by the infiltration of a germ, a disease causing organism, into the body. This infiltration happens as a result of physical contact between the person and the presence of this germ in our direct environment. – An infection is the next step up from an inflammation that occurs naturally when the inflammation reaction is insufficient to reduce the high pressure field within the life of the individual. Both are natural responses within any living organism to deal with excess energetic pressure on that individual life. The excess pressure is the cause of the disease and the infection is part of the healing response.
  • The immune system protects us from becoming ill by way of producing antibodies, T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes. – Protection against disease is being achieved by balancing the energetic field of the organism. Living a life whereby your personal energies are balanced, not strained, protects you from being out of balance, which is the definition of being ill.
  • Cancer is an uncontrollable proliferation of abnormal cells caused by toxic behaviour of the person, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, a toxic work environment, direct exposure to sunlight, and so on. Bear in mind that medically approved toxic interventions are not considered a cancer risk. They are (meant to be) curing you from diseases. – Cancer is a natural defence mechanism to try and isolate the unrelenting high pressure within the life of the individual. It is the toxic behaviour of the person that results in cancer, not a product that is deemed to be toxic, as the same product used by another person does not result in cancer.
  • Diabetes is caused by the intake of high levels of sugar. – Diabetes is a physical manifestation of being too sweet to others and not nice enough to yourself.
  • Digestive diseases such as Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, chronic gastritis, and allergic reactions, are caused by irritating chemicals in the ingested food. – Digestive diseases are caused by the inability to digest life as it is for that individual, who is unable to cope with the pressure he or she is being presented with.
  • Asthma and emphysema are caused by irritating chemicals we inhale. – Breathing problems are the result of not having enough air, not enough breathing space, in life. The person feels unable to be free within the life the individual is leading. He or she is being smothered to death.
  • Arthritis is caused by too much pressure on the joints. The damage is caused by chemicals and chronic inflammatory reactions. – Arthritis is caused by too much pressure on the life of the individual, who is unable to move freely through his life. The inflammatory processes that occur on a regular basis are natural reactions to try and withstand that pressure.
  • Heart disease and high blood pressure are caused by chemicals such as salt and cholesterol. – High blood pressure is caused by high pressure, which is not being generated within the circulatory system but within the life of that individual as a whole. Heart disease is caused by the inability to lead life at the pace the individual requires.
  • Allergies are caused by toxic substances found in things we ingest, things we inhale, or things we touch. - Allergic reactions are spontaneous warning signals of the system to avert us from certain energies that will disturb the energetic balance of the individual. The substances themselves and the surrounding atmosphere in which they are presented to the individual represent a set of energies that specific system at that specific times deems to be dangerous, too difficult to cope with.
  • Invisible organisms that will make us ill
  • Invisible chemicals that will make us ill
  • The natural world that might kill us
  • Invisible terrorist human beings that might kill us
  • Invisible diseases carried by human beings that might kill us when we come in contact with them
  • Any information that might contradict all of the above, because when you are no longer afraid your system eases up, pressure is reduced and normal function returns

None of these require physical interventions in order to heal. All of them require taking a good look at your own life and making the changes that will ensure that the relevant pressures in life are diminished. Life is an energetic system, not a physical something. The physical part of life is an expression of the reality of life, which is a specific combination of energies.

Humanity has created a virtual world in which we communicate without any physical contact whatsoever, and yet we still assume that human beings have to exchange physical matter in order to communicate, in order to interact. We assume that we need the use of words in order to make ourselves understood. Although machines can interact with one another while physically being far apart, and yet we assume that human beings need to be in physical proximity in order for us to influence each other. Although we can operate and influence a machine by sending a signal, a wave frequency, we still assume that human beings cannot influence the world around them through the means of frequencies and vibrations. Although we use frequencies to alter our mood, by way of music, sound or colour (all specific frequencies) on the one hand, we still ignore, at the same time, the fact that our mood is influenced by the environment we live in, by the frequencies we are surrounded by.

Ill health is still seen as a physical imbalance. Ill health is still seen as the result of a physical interaction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. An individual’s ill health is being explained by the general concepts of what is good or bad for a human being, for all human beings. A physical substance is determined to be either good or bad for all human beings, even though not all human beings suffer ill effects from exposure to that substance. In essence, if one person is deemed to have ill effects from a specific substance then the substance is said to be bad for all. Even though the medical profession acknowledges that some people have a ‘bad reaction’ to the specific substances, it is the substance they focus on, do research about, not the specific individual who reacts badly to the substance.

Look at this concept from an energetic point of view. If we are told that a specific substance ‘potentially’ is bad for us, can kill us or make us ill, then we become afraid of the substance. We are now ‘on the lookout’ for that substance. An atmosphere of fear creates physical changes within the physical body whereby the tissues are constantly on alert, which means that they are operating under excess pressure. This physical system is, in nature, used for real life danger. It heightens all activity levels whereby a lot more energy is used in order to perform the ordinary tasks, as the organism now still has to eat, walk, use its senses, and at the same time has to be prepared to fight. All the time. There is no rest period anymore. Real danger has been replaced by potential danger, and the system responds as if it was real danger. Why would it do that? Because the feeling of being threatened is what causes the response, not the actual contact with danger. The energetic field has now been penetrated by ‘the thought’ of impending danger, which changes the physical functioning of that system. And when the system, for itself, can no longer evaluate the reality of the sense of danger it has no option but to stay on the alert all the time.

Permanent alertness results in a breakdown of function and in death.

What are we being told to be afraid of?

We can separate the above in two basic categories: the natural world and the human world. The natural world contains all organisms and all chemicals. Human beings have been created by the natural world. We form an inherent part of that world and we have an energetic relationship with that world. It is a world that has existed way longer than human existence. As we are born out of the natural world, the question arises why we need to be so afraid of it.

In nature, very occasionally a mother does not care for her offspring. The mother rejects the specific baby and yet the baby does not seem to be afraid of the mother as it keeps trying to get close to her. When we observe such a situation without interfering we soon will find out why the mother is rejecting the baby. The mother feels that there is something fundamentally wrong. She has an energetic connection with her baby and so she knows that it isn’t worthwhile putting energy and effort into raising this child. The point here is that the child is not afraid of its environment, of the nature that brought him into being, even though he gets rejected by that environment. – So why do we have to be afraid of the natural world that has created us? What makes us believe the natural world is there to destroy our life, to make us ill? We don’t get that idea from nature itself, which provides us with everything we truly need in life. Why would it then, at the same time, try to get rid of us?

The human world and the human beings in it, we also have to be afraid of. Obviously, the human world is divided into various groups as, same in nature, there is strength and thus safety in numbers. People are divided by what they believe to be true. In other words, they are divided by belief, by conviction, by a narrative. One group believes this story to be true, and another believes a different story. As the one group doesn’t understand what the other believes in, they mutually become afraid of each other. Their leaders can keep the group together by emphasising the potential dangers posed by the other group, the outside world if you like. Their leaders promise to protect the group against outside infiltration. In order to feel protected and to be able to carry on living, ‘with a feeling of being safe’, people have to guard their beliefs. Sticking to the one narrative safeguards the basic structure of their human society. Fear keeps the group together and the leaders in power.

Keep the groups with different beliefs apart and peace reigns forever.

When people get a feeling of being well protected, of being safe within their everyday life, they relax. They have time and energy to observe the natural world and the world they have created and within this homogenous group various differences will begin to surface. When we no longer all focus on an outside potential threat we have time and energy to look at our own lives and that of our direct neighbours in a bit more detail. Every individual has a different, a separate, life because they are not all the same and they do not experience life in the same way. But when they allow each other ‘to believe’ what they want or need to believe in, peace continues to reign amongst the population. However, no longer having one narrative, one enemy, that fully unites the group, weakens the power of the leaders. There are dissidents, individuals with different opinions, amongst their people. – Their people? Are individuals the possession of the leaders? –

When people are at ease within their daily existence they do not care much for authority. There are hardly any significant conflicts and no need for authority to intervene. But when you manage to make people afraid of the differences within the group itself, when you emphasize the fact that such differences are going to destroy life as you know it, conflict arises and with it the need for ‘guidance’ and control. Take note of the fact that somebody implants the new idea that differences amongst the individuals within the group is going to destroy your individual life. It is a prediction, not a reality. It is a danger created in a future that has no roots in today’s reality. Once again, it is an invisible enemy. The danger is a belief that something possibly might be bad for me.

Bring out the differences between the individual specimens that are inherent to the natural world and you will have the power to shatter peace and harmony amongst people forever.

The natural world exists and evolves as a result of differences. And here is another important truth about the natural world. It is full of energies. One characteristic of energies is that it has no location. It doesn’t take up any space, excluding other energies from the same space. All energies, frequencies, exist within the same space, but not all energies interact, have an influence on all other energies at all times. Energies interact. This means that there is ‘an action’ on both sides and it is this action on both sides that creates an inter-action, an interference within the energies that interact. After the interaction, they are both different from what they were before the interaction. That is scientific knowledge from the past one hundred years. What does this mean in relation to health and disease?

It means that an individual who becomes ill can no longer be regarded as the unfortunate victim of an assault or of ‘bad luck’ circumstances. An individual is an energetic entity and his surroundings form an energetic entity, and together they interact. An individual is only affected by his environment if and when he or she ‘allows an interaction to take place’. The individual becomes a participant and therefore is co-responsible for the effect the environment has on his or her life. In plain terms, if you don’t allow something to affect you, you won’t be affected by it. But remember, the interaction happens in your energy field, not in your head. It is not about what you think you don’t care about. This is about what you truly do not connect with, what you truly don’t give a monkey’s about. So, if you don’t allow an authority to tell you what is good or bad for you as an individual you are not affected by what they think or believe to be true. In that instance you live your own truth.

Now put the two things together. As individual in charge of your own life you will care about things that you experience to be vital to your life. Your own experience determines your interactions and your fears. When someone else controls your fears and interactions – tells you what is good for you and what is bad for you – your system will be forced into two modes, which are no longer connected to the natural reality of your life.

  1. You will open yourself up to things you don’t need (because they are ‘good’ for you) and you will close yourself off from things that are essential to you (because they are ‘bad’ for you).
  2. You will live on permanent high alert for invisible dangers that might attack you at some future junction in your life.

The first denies you your personal balance with your living environment and the reality of your life.

The second ensures you live constantly in a high pressure zone, draining away your life energy quickly.

Within the human world there can be no absolute truth. Every belief represents a truth, confined to the limits of that belief. In other words, everybody is right, viewed from within their own belief system. But nobody holds any truth about another person, about another belief system. So, internally one can agree to have a truth, but this ‘truth’ cannot be exported to another community, to another belief system.

In contrast, the natural world only has one truth. The entire creation follows one set of rules for their energetic exchanges. Always the same. Never any different. In other words, the natural world lives by its absolute truth, which creates a great diversity within that world, helping it to grow and evolve. And there does not exist any lies within that world. Every physical expression is the absolute reality. There is no doubt about the truth of what we observe within the natural world. We can rely on the fact that everything is true, and beginning from within that concept we can start to learn to comprehend and to understand the truth about life and about nature. Nature is the only source for truth we have. Humans are still residing in a land where the blind lead the blind. We are still waiting for the one-eyed to become king in the land of the blind.

No general statement from any human being with regard to life can be considered truthful. Not about the state the planet is in. Not about the climate. Not about the energy sources. Not about the cosmos. Not about the need for artificial intelligence.

It is perfectly possible for human beings to live in harmony with the world that produced us. The two key changes we need to make in order for this possibility to fully emerge is on the one hand, no longer to be afraid of the natural world and on the other, to take full responsibility of the choices we make, conscious choices as well as unconscious ones. We can be part of the natural world without having ‘to protect’ ourselves against it.

Nature is the mother that created us. We need to be good little children and learn from mother nature, instead of trying to change her. In spite of all our efforts nature will always prevail. It won’t allow us to tell it what it should be and how it should function.

Humanity can do with a large dose of humility to replace arrogance.

Be quiet. Sit still. Learn your lesson in the Nature’s Truth Class.

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Republished from: Imprisoned by Lies



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