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Case Study Issue 123: Colonic Hydrotherapy for Intestinal Cleansing

by Emma Lear(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 123 - May 2006

Colon Hydrotherapy, colonics, or colon irrigation, is an alternative health practice that gradually and gently cleanses the colon by flushing the large intestines with warm filtered water.

The colon is the last five feet of the digestive tract. It is a hollow tube-like organ made up of muscle structure that moves digestive food and waste along by a wavelike motion known as peristalsis. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes and vitamins, as well as preparing and storing faecal waste prior to elimination.

The colon, along with the skin, kidneys and lungs, is an organ of elimination. If bowel movements are not regular, our health can be compromised. Good health is as much a function of our elimination status as the quality of the food we eat.

One of my clients, Marie, a 51 year old-lady, had been suffering from a number of ailments including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, IBS, Raynards, migraines, lactose and wheat intolerance, lethargy and shooting pains in her right leg and abdomen, as well as a constant heavy pain in her lower back for over ten years.

She had been taking Meloxicam to help the pain, swelling and tenderness caused by osteoarthritis, Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis, and several courses of antibiotics, including a host of pain relievers.

Not surprisingly, Marie was unable to pass stool without the aid of laxatives. One of the problems was that the laxatives worked fine in the beginning, as they helped her to pass motion, but after a while her colon became reliant on them; she found she was having to take more and more in order to go to the toilet.

Fed up with not being able to pass motion, and told by her doctor to just eat more fibre (something she was already doing in large amounts), and carry on taking the fibrogel, Marie came to me.

After questioning her for a while I established that I could definitely help her to go to the toilet more regularly, but also there was a possibility that the pains in her legs, lower back and abdomen could be helped by a course of treatments.

The reason I thought Colon Hydrotherapy could help is because Marie noticed that one day when she was a bit constipated and used laxative she was able to pass stool. So she took to thinking it would help and didn't see it as a long-term thing. Laxatives are a method of colon cleansing most popularly used today. They are considered an irritant and stimulant for the body. They simply draw water from the body and produce a thin watery substance that clears only the most recently digested waste from the colon, leaving behind bad eating habits and accumulated toxins and mucus in the small intestines, stomach, and colon. They certainly don't promote bowel health. Because of this, the waste that is not getting eliminated further along stays in the colon and hardens. This will then cover the muscles in the wall of the colon responsible for peristalsis. As a result, the muscles don't work properly and everything just sits in the colon, hardens even more and releases toxins.

This will not only make you constipated, but the toxins being released into your colon become too much for your colon to bear and so the colon will look for other places to store the toxins. Some people then start to get headaches, some lower back pain, some bad skin or depression… the list goes on.

Colon Hydrotherapy will gradually, over time, remove the backlog of waste and clear the hardened matter from the colon wall. Eventually, the muscles will be free and clean and, as colonics also exercise the muscles in your colon, you will no longer be reliant on laxatives and your colon will be able to function by itself.

Marie had her sixth and final treatment recently, and she is overwhelmed with how much her whole life has changed. She is eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. She is passing motion every day and she no longer has any backache or pain in legs. Her abdominal pain has stopped and she feels healthy and clean. She has even noticed an improvement in her arthritis. She will now come back to me as and when she needs to.

Scientific studies today show that over 50% of our immune system is in our colon. If this is true, a clean, well-functioning colon must be imperative to good health. It is my understanding that our diets have evolved in ways that our digestive tracks have not. And then, there are all the toxins that we are exposed to.

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure used to assist the body with the reversal of a wide variety of health conditions known to stem from improper diet and elimination habits. Colon cleansing is preventative healthcare and something everyone should consider.


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About Emma Lear

Emma Lear (IACT) is 28 years-old. She trained in Kings Cross London with the International Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists. She is the founder of The Clifton Experience Colonic Hydrotherapy centre in Bristol and may be contacted on;

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