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Case Study Issue 115: The Human Energy Field (HEF) and Chakras

by Dr Gauri Abhijit Oak(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 115 - September 2005


The Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) investigates in all levels of biophysical and human energy field detection systems with a direct focus towards understanding human health. The Human Energy Field (HEF) is the elliptical lattice of vibrational frequencies, which emanates from the human core and permeates the physical body. The chakras are the energy centres or plexii, which were allocated along the vertical spinal axis by yogic meditators several thousand years before anatomic dissection discovered endocrine glands that lie in the same spots. They are spinning vortices, which open to absorb required solar and cosmic vibrations and also to eliminate etheric toxins. All seven major centres correspond rather precisely in location to the seven primary endocrine glands namely, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, gonads and adrenals. Also, the chakra sites govern the expression of particular emotions. There are specific pathways (which may be either functional or electrophysiological in nature) through which the life energy circulates within the human body. Consciousness or the life energy exists as several discrete levels or sheaths surrounding the physical body. The so-called ¡¥etheric body¡¦ mirrors the physical body in complexity and lies one inch beyond the surface of the skin. It serves as the ideal template for the physical body. The larger astral body or the layer of emotions is the next layer or sheath. This is followed by the mental layer of thought forms, and finally lies the all-encompassing halo of the soul.

Understanding the Subtle Energy Model

All the esoteric traditions say that the Absolute cannot be seen or described. There is a dimension where our religions cannot go and where science cannot go. According to the energy field model of consciousness, we are each enveloped by several layers of progressively subtle energy fields, which are also intertwined with the seven major energy centres or chakras of differing vibrational frequencies. There are remarkable correlations between the psychospiritual function of each chakra and the endocrine function of each corresponding gland. Hypothetically, we are surrounded by a universal spiritual energy, which is converted by each energy centre into an appropriate energetic frequency. This energy is then transduced into a corresponding hormonal messenger to bring about physiological changes. The truly holistic philosophies of India and China describe all living organisms as surrounded by a sea of life energy called the prana in India and qi in China. When there is a smooth flow of this energy, health is spontaneously created, but when external forces like trauma or internal forces like negative emotions block the flow of this free-flowing lifeforce, the result is in the form of physiological or psychological symptoms.

Polycontrast Interference Photography

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) is a new scanning system that is already internationally recognized as an effective ¡¥Energy Field Imaging System¡¦. It reveals the interference of light patterns at and beyond the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. The theory is based on the fact that our eyes see in two principal ways: amplitude changes and frequency changes. Amplitude changes are denoted by low light, which gives small amplitude changes, whereas bright light gives larger ones. Frequency changes are denoted by colour, that is, the red colour has a longer wavelength and slower oscillations per second, whereas violet has a shorter wavelength and faster oscillations per second. PIP is used in many ways at CBS, from medical and clinical research to energy field assessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights areas of wellbeing and disease with clear patterns and colours. The system shows energy patterns within the body and the extent of the energy fields and comes with different filters.

Standard Set Conditions for PIP Scanning

A clean matt white wall serves as the background against which the patient is made to stand for the scan. This provides a monochromatic background against which the PIP colours are most clearly highlighted. The scanning is carried out under a full spectrum fluorescent light (FSFL), which is closest to reproducing standard daylight wavelengths of visible, ultra violet, and infrared energy. The subject stands centrally under the FSFL with a video camera placed at a distance of 1.5m from the subject. The client should be de-robed with all jewellery removed.


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About Dr Gauri Abhijit Oak

Dr Gauri Abhijit Oak is employed as an Integrated Medical Practitioner and Research Fellow at the Centre for Biofield Sciences, which incorporates the Centre for Human Energy Field Research in Pune, India, founded by Dr Thornton Streeter DSc. She is an allopathic private general practitioner with a keen interest in the holistic health model and complementary treatment modalities and is formally trained in PIP and the energy field assessment under Dr Streeter. She can be contacted at


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