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Case Study Issue 103: Bi-Aura Therapy for Osteoarthritis

by Lesley Gibson(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 103 - September 2004

When I first met Anne, 68, a retired shopkeeper, she was housebound, lonely and depressed – a prisoner of debilitating osteoarthritis. She'd stopped driving five months before because it was too painful for her, and soon afterwards she'd also given up gardening, which she loved.

She said sadly: "I used to have a busy social life, but now I'm in too much pain to go out."

After four one-hour sessions of Bi-Aura therapy, her pain had reduced and her mobility had increased to such an extent that she was able to walk freely, garden and drive again and cut her painkillers by half.

When I began treating Anne, she'd been suffering from osteoarthritis for two years. It had started in her back, but had gradually progressed until several joints were affected – she had pain in her feet, ankles, hands, wrists, shoulders and neck, as well as her back.

She was taking eight co-proxamol painkillers a day.

We booked three sessions of Bi-Aura therapy, for an hour each week, with a follow-up session a month later. This is normal practice, though some clients need more sessions.

The aim was to reduce her pain and increase her mobility enough to enable her to walk freely, garden, and drive again.

At the beginning of the first session, I asked Anne to grade the level of her pain from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst pain imaginable. She said her wrists and ankles were at level 10, while the other affected joints were all at least at level 5. Her ankles were extremely swollen.

A Bi-Aura therapist works by scanning a person's bio-energy field for blockages in the major energy centres, or chakras, using their hands, then drawing blocked energy out of any centres which are not functioning properly, before balancing and energizing the field.

I found blockages in Anne's root and sacral chakras and, to a lesser extent, in the heart and throat. Blockages in the root and sacral are common in arthritis patients.

I showed Anne some simple Chi Kung and relaxation techniques to help her relax, then worked on releasing the blocked energy from the root and sacral chakra. Once the energy was clearing from these, I worked on the heart and throat, then I focused on the arms and legs, clearing energy down the limbs and out of the hands and feet.

While I was clearing the heart, I sensed Anne was grieving. She explained she had recently lost her dog, who was 16. He had been a great companion to her as she was widowed several years ago, and her son had grown up and flown the nest.

As we worked on her heart, a lot of emotional energy released. This was mainly grief and was not only for her dog, but also for her husband, whom she still missed very much.

By the end of the first session, the pain in her joints had disappeared, with the exception of her ankles, where it had reduced by half. She reported that her hands and feet had tingled during the session, and she'd felt a little light-headed, but now felt relaxed and optimistic.

I warned some pain might return over the course of the week. I explained she might experience a temporary worsening of symptoms, known as a healing crisis, as the energy continued to clear after the session. To counteract this I advised her to drink plenty of water, abstain from alcohol for at least a day or two and then drink only in moderation. Then I gave her a simple daily Chi Kung and relaxation regime to enhance the therapy.

I also advised her to take advantage of the reduction in her pain by gradually building up her walking. Similarly, I urged her to visualize herself healthy. I explained that positive thinking is a powerful healing tool, and that I was just a catalyst to help activate her own healing process. Finally, I advised her to consult her GP before reducing her medication.

When I arrived a week later for Anne's second session, I was thrilled to find that just hours after the first session, she'd driven again for the first time in months. She'd also bought some plants, though she hadn't yet planted them.

Although her joints had been painful on some days, on others they had been virtually pain-free.

She'd booked outings with friends and was looking forward to going to the theatre and on a mystery tour.

At the start of the second session, the swelling in her ankles had gone down, she had greater joint mobility, and her feet, ankles and wrists were pain-free but her neck and shoulders were at level 4.

Her root and sacral chakras still weren't functioning properly, but they had improved and energy was still releasing.

By the end of the session, she was totally pain-free, relaxed and extremely optimistic. She said: "I would not have believed I could come so far in a week. I thought my life was over".

By the third session, the chakras were functioning much better, so I focused on balancing and energizing her system.

I arranged to see her for her follow-up session a month later.

By then, the difference in Anne was amazing. She was wearing make-up and nail varnish, and although she still had pain in her ankles and wrists on some days, when it was at its worst, it had still reduced by more than half. She'd also reduced her painkillers by half.

She said: "I feel marvellous. I'm astonished. I've sorted out the garden after thinking I'd never garden again, and I'm driving regularly. This week my son said: "Mum, it's great to have you back." I'm delighted."

Anne led me to her garden, which, like her, had undergone a total turnaround – it was immaculately tended and full of flowers.

I shall never forget the image of Anne, smiling happily as she proudly showed me her beautiful garden. To see someone get their life back to such an extent after just four therapy sessions is rewarding beyond measure.

It's now a year since I treated Anne, and she's gone from strength to strength. She still drives, socializes and gardens regularly; she's leading an active and fulfilling life.

Further Information

The Bi-Aura Foundation, which has therapists throughout the UK, can be contacted on Tel: 01661 844899;


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About Lesley Gibson

Lesley Gibson, BA(Hons), BETD, BAFreg, is a registered Bi-Aura therapist and assistant trainer for the Bi-Aura Foundation. She lives and works in Lingfield, Surrey, and treats adults, children and animals, including horses. She can be contacted on


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