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To the Cancer Patient: Natural Cures vs. Traditional: Part III

by Dr Tim O'Shea(more info)

listed in cancer, originally published in issue 223 - July 2015



Part II in this series was published in Positive Health PH Online Issue 222


What Kind Of Money Are We Talking About Here?

Very difficult to count how many patients are receiving chemotherapy per year. If the real focus were health care, and monitoring the effectiveness of a cure, why wouldn’t there be extensive inter-hospital databases to follow up on successful treatment? That doesn’t exist.

What can be tracked is the amount of cytotoxic drugs sold by the pharmaceutical companies. This amount grew from $3 billion in 1989 to over $13 billion in 1998. (Moss p. 75) [5] By 2008 the figure was $48 billion, projected to reach $80 billion by 2011. (Berkrot) [8]

These figures are chemotherapy drugs sales only, not taking into account professional or hospital fees associated with treatment.

Total spending for cancer treatment just in the US was reported at over $90 billion by 2008, but today is obviously much higher. [Szabo, USA Today] [9]


A funny phrase that doctors use when talking about chemotherapy is “dose-limiting” treatment. All that means is that if the dose is not limited, the patient dies.

It is inexplicable when patients tell me their family’s chemotherapy stories, usually involving a family member, in which they talk about toward the end, where the doctors gave the patient “5 times” or “20 times” the lethal dose! We hear this all the time, and when you really get what they’re saying, the level of barbarity is appalling. The doctors are saying at the end, Well it’s hopeless - so we may as well give him 5 or 20 times the normal dose of an already poisonous drug, what difference will it make? We tried our best. Totally forgetting that the patient even while dying is a human being, and the goal wasn’t to kill the tumour; it was to save the patient.

Or are they saying, quick this guy is dying, the insurance is still running…?

When any chemotherapeutic drug is spilled in the hospital or anywhere en route, it is classified as a major biohazard, requiring the specialists to come and clean it up with their space-suits and all their HazMat protocols. Yet this same agent is going to be put into the human body and is expected to cure it of disease? What’s wrong with this picture?

Metaphors Of War

From its inception, mainstream cancer theory has always used military terms:

  • The war on cancer
  • Killing the tumor cells
  • Killer T cells
  • Stopping the advance
  • Powerful drugs as weapons
  • Fighting the cancer
  • Nuke the tumor

This type of thinking is so pervasive that it’s become second nature for most of us. The very failure of the entire cancer industry to slow the death rate over the past fifty years, despite the cooked figures, may indicate that perhaps it’s time to look for another paradigm.

It’s imponderable that doctors continue to prescribe volatile poisons which they know will not prolong their lives, may well kill the patient, and the only way they can convince the patients is by devious high pressure sales techniques completely misrepresentative of actual expectations…all this simply because it’s their only tool? This can’t be an acceptable excuse. You don’t want to believe that things are really this perverse, but in most cases due diligence will bear it out.

Who Are The Quacks?

The American Cancer Society and the FDA have a list of “Unproven Methods” for cancer, which they attack with their full measure of invective both directly and using their many covers. As you might expect, the criteria for getting on this list are predictable:

  • A natural form
  • Non-toxic
  • Not produced by the Drug Industry
  • Easily available without a prescription
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-patentable

Even though chemotherapy and radiation and palladium implants are completely unproven themselves, and frequently are the cause of death themselves, they are not on the Unproven List. Why not? Because they’re expensive, can be completely controlled, and are patentable. This last deserves some explanation.

In order for a drug to be approved by the FDA, the manufacturer must do years of clinical trials, which may cost anywhere between 100 - 300 million dollars. Now if a company is going to spend that kind of money, they don’t want some other company stealing their formula after they’ve gone to all that trouble developing it. Their guarantee is called a patent - legally it’s their drug and no one can copy it for 17 years.

Do you think after all that trouble, a drug company wants somebody to come along with a totally cheap, available, and natural product which has the same effect as their drug, yet with none of the side effects? Of course not! And do you think they’ll do everything they can both legally and politically to prevent natural products from reaching the market? You better believe it.

Natural Cures For Cancer

Many of the effective natural cures for cancer which have come along in the past 75 years have faced a tidal wave of opposition from the FDA/AMA/Drug Trust. (Richard Walters’s Options. [11]) Some of these natural cures are still around in the US, though they are under attack. Others can only be obtained in Mexico or Europe. And still others have been crushed out of existence for good – disappeared without a trace, in the Age of Repressed Technology.

You can do the historical research yourself on some of the following products and innovators:

William Kelley, Hoxsey, Gaston Naessens, Max Gerson, Kurt Donsbach, William Koch, Lawrence Burton, Dr. Stan Burzynski, Dr Stan Bynum, enzyme therapy, Patrick Flanagan, 714x, Haelan, antineoplastins, raw foods, live cell therapy, ozone, peroxide, EDTA chelation, Laetrile, Coley vaccines, DCA, Hydrazine sulfate, Hans Nieper, JH Tilden, the Rife machine, the black box, Black Magic, avemar, etc.

This is a partial list. Many names have been lost forever. Separately or in combination, these methods and these healers in all likelihood have resolved cancer in thousands of cases during the past 75 years. Some of the technology is gone - other methods can still be located. What they have in common is that they are non-patentable generally natural methods which have no significant side effects, and work with one common goal: strengthen the immune system.

[I have actually had patients who told me that DCA cured them. Seems logical - 2 years after it began to be sold as a harmless supplement the FDA outlawed it! Might be worth checking out.]

The above names were not people whose first goal was to make personal fortunes and lock their discoveries away from those who wanted to copy them. The pharmaceutical industry has what can only be described as a de facto monopoly on cancer treatment in this country. Their stated goal is not curing cancer or helping people die with dignity, or trying to discover a cure, or relieving pain, or giving Americans a better life. Their stated goal is return on investment for their stockholders. Certainly no secret, and they have proven for the past century that there are no limits they will observe to secure their control of what has become a $100 billion per year industry. If this sounds harsh or paranoid, start perusing the appended reference list and you'll notice how unfamiliar it looks.

Try and find one single treatment on the FDA's "Unproven Methods" list that is patentable as a drug.


A reasonable alternative would focus on wholeness, on health, on only giving the body something that will immediately improve its healing capabilities. Support the immune system and the body's natural healing powers. The body's resistance is already run down; so let's only introduce substances and nutrients which will have a direct healing and immuno-enhancing effect.

Here are four self-evident lines of action, all of which will nourish and support whatever immune system you're still in possession of.

#1 Diet

Simple. Clean it up. You know what's bad by now. Probably that's what got you into this mess. If you're still smoking, stop reading and go back to the drug sites. Sayonara.

Over 3000 studies in mainstream medical journals document successful treatment of cancer with nutritional supplementation. But the medical profession continues to pretend that nutrition is a "feel-good adjunct" to the "real treatment" - chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, even though these procedures have not significantly improved survival rates since the time of our grandparents.

If you're serious, here's your new diet. Got it all worked out. It's been the nucleus of the 60 Day Program for the last 15 years. Nothing extreme, or religious about it: just the common sense traditional natural diet with no refined carbohydrates, no hydrogenated oils, no pasteurized dairy.

The New West Diet [ ]

#2 Stress

Avoid negative people and negative input. Such a constantly degrading social pattern is causative of abnormal changes at the cellular level. Physically remove yourself from negative people, especially if they be family members. Disconnect your cable and your satellite. Getting stupider is not a healing mode. Unplug your phone unless it brings happy news. This step #2 is definitely not optional, as many can tell you from personal experience. Optimum would be to move into as natural an environment as possible. Like a forest, or desert, or ocean, or mountain top. Affording it? Can you afford to be dead?

If you’re going to try a program like this, don’t be disingenuous enough to expect people’s approval. Expect ridicule. Expect threats. Then avoid those people. No matter who they are. Selfish? You bet. Time to be selfish.

#3 Exercise

Do something. Assist the lymphatics. Breathe. Walk. Swim. Bicycle. Run. Work out.

Do something.

#4 The 60 Day Program

The 60 Day Program is a very specific, classic regimen of nutrition and detoxification whose purpose is to restore the body to normal equilibrium by removing years of toxic buildup in the tract and in the blood, restoring normal blood oxygen, by providing the body only what is absolutely nourishing to the cells, adding nothing more to the toxic load.

For 60 Days, nothing but best nutrients in, wastes out.

The features of the 60 Day Program:

  • The New West Diet
  • Enzymes
  • Expel
  • Total Florabiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Oral chelation
  • Collagen
  • 2 litres water per day

Supplements are kept to a bare minimum, but sufficient to give the body everything it needs to nourish its cells, clear out the tract and re-balance the blood.

The Program is simple, it has decades of clinical success, and there are few health imbalances which will not show a favourable response.

In today’s world more than 60,000 chemicals have some degree of access to the food, air, and water of every country. Most of us have been vaccinated and have dental amalgams. We have seen the bio-accumulation of mercury described in the vaccine text and in the Dentistry chapters. Most of us have taken in significant amounts of processed foods during our lifetime, much of which remains locked in our tract and in our cells because it is unmetabolizable.

By themselves, these DNA-altering poisons cannot escape the tissues in which they are trapped. Most people die with an enormous toxic load locked within their tissues. In cancer survival we will strive to chelate and detox as many residual carcinogens as possible.

So again, look closely at the New West Diet page. It will mean that for the next 60 days you confine your intake to what you see in Categories I and II. Religiously - no cheating. You must eat a lot, and all the time, so you won’t feel deprived.

The enzymes in the raw food coupled with the natural enzyme supplements are the active components of blood detoxification. See ENZYMES chapter. Remember, the blood goes everywhere - it is the milieu in which all cells of your body are bathed every second of your life, from birth to death. The condition of that blood determines the ability of your cells to perform its 2 main life functions:

  • Taking in oxygen and nutrients
  • Getting rid of wastes

In overcoming cancer, blood oxygen is everything.

This Program approaches the body at the cellular level. No matter how sick you are, no matter how long they say you’ve got, as long as you’re still alive, your cells have to follow the same principles of human physiology as everyone else’s. There is no condition, no matter how terminal, or how extreme that will not respond to the cells being provided with oxygen and nutrients and having wastes cleared away.

The Supplements

Here are the 7 supplements for the 60 Day Program:

WHY: blood oxygenation, clearing the tract
DOSAGE: 3 caps 3x a day

WHY: neutralize free radicals, prevent further DNA alteration
DOSAGE: 2 caps 2-3x per day

Total Complete Chelated Minerals
WHY: optimum immune strength
DOSAGE: 3 caps per day

Colon Cleanse
WHY: Revitalize the immune system, centred in the colon
DOSAGE: EXPEL … 1 – 4 caps per day

Total Florabiotics … 3 caps 3x per day

Hydrolyzed Collagen
WHY: Rebuild damaged cells in the blood, skin, organs
DOSAGE: 2-4 tblsp. per day in juice

Oral Chelation
WHY: chelate carcinogenic heavy metals and arterial plaque out of the system
DOSAGE: 3 caps morning 3 caps night

WHY: O2 transport, cell nutrition, muscle cell fluidity, anti-ageing
DOSAGE: 2 litres water/day

Focus And Exclusivity

This program only, for 60 days; no other supplements, no other diet, no drugs. Versions of the program will result in versions of resolution. The program works very well only if the patient will follow it without modification. (See the stories at FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS)

The only patients who have ever complained about poor success buckled under the simplest questioning about how strictly they had kept to the regimen. It’s the 60 Day program, not the 8 Day Program, or the 28 Day Program.

If you’re new to the natural approach, here is the essential distinction between the allopathic / mainstream medical approach and the holistic approach. Drugs may cover up symptoms, and while the problem still remains, the patient may get some immediate temporary relief. That’s the whole allure of medicine, isn’t it - abdicate responsibility for your own health to us - consult your doctor; we’ll take care of everything. But the only thing they usually end up taking care of is your prescription drugs and eventually your surgical calendar. Health - well let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Holistic cures are under no such compulsion to delude. Rooting out the actual cause of the problem is not easy, is not quick, and may not be wholly pleasant. That is because we are working with what’s left of the functioning systems of the body, and forcing them back into the trenches - get back to work! Kidneys, colon, digestive tract, circulatory system, muscles - do your job!!

So, if you’re going to do the program, just do it. We know why you’re doing it; because you’re dying and you finally figured it out, and you realize no medicine can save you. If you’re going to quit a week into it, just quit now. If you’re going to ‘give it a try’, just quit now. Losers try, winners finish. Spare us these bogus spineless whinings about why. We know why you’re quitting, no matter what silly excuse you might give to yourself.


There is one part of the 60 Day Program that has special relevance for the cancer patient. Muscle wasting (cachexia) is very common: muscles turn into loose string. Bone degeneration. Shrivelling skin. Caused by the treatment usually more than the cancer. All these are made of collagen. Even for non-cancer people, collagen production diminishes as we age. With cancer, the depletion is more obvious because the body is digesting itself to feed the cancer. Chemotherapy immediately attacks the digestive system, which is why the patient loses his appetite. Without being able to eat, little nutrition is taken in and the patient goes quickly downhill. We’ve all seen it.

To learn more about the regenerative effects of collagen on tissues, please see the chapter on collagen.

Some Natural Cures

After studying this field for over 15 years, my one certainty is that I don’t know everything. I know the basics of restoring the patient to health, and I know that the immune system should be supported, not suppressed. The simple program outlined above will support the immune system as well as anything available at this time.

I am not saying that other supportive methods listed above do not work. It’s just that the tendency people have when in dire straits is to look for a quick and cheap Magic Bullet that will cure them, irrespective of the last 20 years of their self-annihilating lifestyle. Some claim to have found such a cure. And I must admit that I have seen amazing results in individual cases.

One such remedy is DCA. I have had several patients recover from serious metastasized lymphoma situations by taking this very inexpensive and simple powder. To learn more about it, Google “DCA cancer” and find their main site. There is an enormous study being carried out today in Canada using tens of millions of dollars to prove the effectiveness of DCA. In the US, sale has been forbidden since 2009, in keeping with our policy of protecting the drug trade before the health of the patient.

I imagine that several of the other remedies have been successful with natural treatment of cancer as well, but I seriously doubt that any long term health benefit can result without a complete overhaul of the lifestyle: diet, water, detox, mental outlook. The 60 Day Program.

There are many clinics in Mexico and other offshore locales, plus a host of low profile alternative therapies used in Europe as well as here in the U.S. Proven superiority to conventional treatment? Who knows? Who would fund a study like that? The quality of life, however, is generally better with the alternative route, that seems logical. In addition, the incidence of real recoveries seems probable with the alternative approach, since holistic methods try to boost the immune system instead of killing it. Moreover, the holistically-inclined patient may be more self-reliant and more willing to take personal responsibility and initiative for healing, rather than just to sit back and expect the “magic of modern technology” to do all the work.

A famous healer once remarked that there’s a big difference between being afraid to die and wanting to live.

A Lonely Road

Perhaps the greatest difficulty in embarking on a holistic program for cancer is not the discipline required by the program itself. Neither is it the time it required, the money involved, or the newness of the lifestyle. The biggest obstacle is the solitude of it all - you’ll be swimming upstream, by yourself. Chances are you will not get support from your family doctor, any medical professionals, or your family. Chances are you will be attacked and ridiculed by any of the above for not following mainstream slash-and-burn protocols.

I have seen many patients who were initially open to the holistic approach buckle under pressure from the family to be “sensible” and follow the tried and true. Invariably, they died on schedule, because they didn’t want to “upset anybody.” This is one time in your life that it’s OK to upset people, the one time that it’s fine to be completely selfish. You have a right to your own life, no matter how politically incorrect that notion becomes. If you actually do the research beginning with the appended references, it is virtually impossible not to arrive at a similar conclusion: that mainstream cancer treatment is rarely effective and exists primarily for the benefit of the cancer industry itself, not you. If you go along with their program, it is likely that at some point you will learn the truth of this reality. For most, that point comes too late.

If you suspect there may be some validity to what I’m saying, you owe it to yourself to investigate it thoroughly on your own before you submit to even the mildest of chemotherapies. I promise, you will be no match for the masterful stairstepping of procedures and testing that awaits you, dangling little improvements with enticements to try this or that drug because “It’s really not that toxic” or the standard “now this won’t cure your cancer, but it will slow it down,” or the Oscar-winning “it’s OK to take some of your herbs or natural products along with the chemotherapy / radiation / surgery. They won’t interfere.” Like they would know.

Oncologists are getting increasingly sophisticated at tricking the frightened, uninformed patient and his family into accepting the standard worthless drugs and surgical procedures. One of the newest ploys is telling the patient that “we have something special for your type of case, an experimental drug, just developed.” This one is used with patients who are beginning to question the toxicity of chemo and need a little extra hope. Then they find out later that the drug was not new at all, but was one of the standard poisons, like methotrexate, that has been around for the past 25 years. By then it’s too late, because the patient is so debilitated he’ll do anything the doctor says.

If the reader agrees with nothing I have said so far, but has less than 100% confidence in the hospital’s ability to cure your cancer, get behind this: follow none of my recommendations. Do nothing: no doctors, no treatment, mainstream or holistic. Go home and live your life. For the majority of cancers, no one can tell you with any authority that you are doing anything ‘high risk’. There are simply too few statistics on cancer people who don’t get some form of chemotherapy and radiation.

Last Chance

You just found out you got cancer and want to go holistic? Fine. You’ve got one chance. Go for it 100% – diet, detox, supplements, major cardio exercise, eliminate all negative input. Starting this minute.

You can’t have one foot in each world. It’s either holistic or mainstream - no middle ground.

Conventional therapies are so damaging and powerful that to pretend like their monstrous side effects can be easily repaired by holistic methods - that’s idiotic. The body is not a car. So if you want to go holistic do it. But if you want to go mainstream, which is what usually happens, then just do it, but don’t pretend everything is going to be fine when you come out of surgery or chemo or radiation if you just take a few MegaHydrate, etc. This is big business, big money for them - they’re not going to let a couple hundred thousand dollars just waltz out the door. So stop wasting energy thinking you have to learn enough to convince these geniuses that they may be wrong, and there may be another way. It’s not in their professional DNA to even consider alternatives, and definitely they have spent zero time researching alternative treatment. People who choose the holistic path seriously inform themselves, make up their minds, then they unplug their phones and just do it… That’s the real choice here.

Too much work to learn all this? Fine. Forget the whole thing - just write your will and party out, like ol’ Warren. Because if you got cancer in the first place, it’s likely you’ve been overdrawn in the self indulgence department for a long time. Your only chance is to sprint from morning to night, doing every single thing possible to detox your blood, bring more oxygen to the cells, boost your immune system, and generally try and make up for all those years of abuse. Don’t have the energy? No problema – my regards to Elvis.

In his master work, Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra[23] says that remissions of cancer in ‘terminal’ patients have one thing in common: a major shift in mental attitude or spiritual consciousness.

The internet is overwhelming with promises of holistic cures for cancer. Trying to do all of them together would probably be enough to kill a horse, even though they’re natural approaches. Choose the program that make the most sense to you, that you have access to, and whose representatives give you a feeling of confidence and trust. Then really try the method - do it the exact way the experts tell you, with consistency, focus, and follow-through. Since you’re a patient, be patient.

Don’t just give it your best shot; do whatever it takes - 150%. And daily visualize wholeness and completeness of your entire body. Do the deed.

The time is going to go by anyway.



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