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Increasing our Power to Heal and Cure Cancer

by Dr Mark Sircus(more info)

listed in cancer, originally published in issue 237 - April 2017

Reprinted with permission from

Increasing our Power to Heal and Cure Cancer

Through the last ten years, as I have developed Natural Allopathic Medicine, I have introduced new principles and practices to treat cancer and other diseases. I have constantly sought to increase the healing power of doctors and other health care practitioners as well as give power to the patients themselves. It has been a challenge to lay down new tracks through the mountain passes of confusion, lies, deception and even perceptual blindness that arise from medical paradigms that cannot glean wisdom from other competing paradigms. 

Cover Mark Sircus Natural Allopathic Medicine

I am now currently in the process of reorganizing the protocol onto levels of increasing complexity and cost. As I do that, I want to bring myself and my readers back to the simplicity, especially when it comes to dealing with cancer and its treatment. One would be amazed at what one can put together to treat oneself at low cost if one has the courage and wisdom to understand that some of the best things patients can do not cost anything but the will necessary to do it.

My medical revolution is simple. Replace dangerous, ineffective, expensive pharmaceuticals with more effective, safe and inexpensive basic medicinals. However, the mainstream world of medicine is stubborn and profit driven choosing to remain with the dangerous, expensive and ineffective medicines - no matter how many people die from these hazardous medications.

Self-Confrontation Helps

We all have a healthy and unhealthy self, a light and a dark side. A part that is not perfect. A part that is a bit lazy. A part of us resists change and clings to the status quo of comfortable habits. There is, in most of us, a natural resistance to making the effort to grow and heal. Most of us would rather take the easy way out and hope for the best. That is what we have doctors for. Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to take all the responsibility and do all the healing and medical work?

Bottom line principle to healing and recovering from cancer: The lazier we are the more it will cost and the longer it will take to recover. The real power to heal and cure lies within each one of us and for a cancer patient application of that power starts with water, then the breath. In fact, the best and most important cancer cures cost little to no money and we should use them no matter how much money we have to throw at our problems.

Disease is not a mistake; it is a natural consequence of many factors coming together, not all of which we have control over. Disease is often a consequence of mistakes we have made in the past that we have to rectify in the present and in the future. Disease is also a matter of ignorance, for most of us are not even aware of what we are doing wrong so we can start doing things right. Moreover, even when our life depends on it we are fed misinformation, which just maintains our ignorance and uncertainty of will.

Fastest Way to Winning the War against Cancer-– Water Fast

Few of us are into fasting and even fewer of us appreciate the healing power of water. However, it behoves us to understand to have a reference point to what is possible if we really bring our will into play when attempting to heal ourselves from cancer.

To wrap one’s mind around a simple medical healing process like a water fast and how devastating that can be to cancer cells one has first confront one’s laziness with even the idea of not eating. When one goes on a water fast one slams a fist right into the gut of cancer by starving them of glucose so we have to be tough and apply our strength of will to our fasting. Will by the way is something of the heart. Whatever we love to do, we have plenty of will for.

Cancer cells differ from healthy cells in the way they create energy. In cancer cells, damaged mitochondria and low oxygen conditions force cells to use fermentation to get their energy meaning they are completely hooked on high levels of glucose. This glucose comes mainly from carbohydrates. If you starve your body of glucose, you effectively starve cancer cells to death.

Dr Philipp Mergenthaler and Dr Andreas Meisel showed that depriving a cell of glucose, while giving it plenty of oxygen at the same time, blocks glycolysis and therefore forces the cell to revive its mitochondria and use the Krebs cycle for energy or just die.

In 2008 a group led by Dr Valter Longo, a biologist at the University of Southern California (USC), published a paper suggesting that a short, sharp course of fasting - not eating at all for a few days, as opposed to months of eating much less than normal - could make ordinary, non-cancerous cells more resistant to the side-effects of chemotherapy, at least in yeast and mice. He also asserts that fasting will strengthen the immune system and help unleash its wrath on cancer cells.

Dr Longo asserts that fasting can actually make cancerous cells more susceptible to chemotherapy than they otherwise might be. Cancerous mice treated with a combination of chemotherapy and fasting had better survival chances and smaller tumours, for several different types of cancer, than those treated with either fasting or chemotherapy alone. In some cases, the combination treatment eradicated even metastasized cancers completely.

An increasing number of medical scientists know that the most logical, effective, safe, necessary and inexpensive way to treat cancer is to cut off the supply of food to tumours and cancer cells, starving them with a lack of glucose. The therapeutic strategy for selective starvation of tumours by dietary modification is one of the principle forms of therapy that is necessary for cancer patients to win their war on cancer.

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah were one of the first to discover that sugar “feeds” tumours. The research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said, “It’s been known since 1923 that tumour cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells. Our research helps show how this process takes place, and how it might be stopped to control tumour growth,” says Don Ayer, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah.

Dr Thomas Graeber, a professor of molecular and medical pharmacology, has investigated how the metabolism of glucose affects the biochemical signals present in cancer cells. In research published June 26, 2012 in the journal Molecular Systems Biology, Graeber and his colleagues demonstrate that glucose starvation—that is, depriving cancer cells of glucose—activates a metabolic and signalling amplification loop that leads to cancer cell death as a result of the toxic accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).[1]

Depriving your body of calories effectively treats cancer and nothing will do that better than a water fast. Normal cells respond to fasting by going into survival mode. They slow down, conserve resources and go into healing and regeneration mode.

Cancer cells on the other hand plough full steam ahead and this leaves them vulnerable. When denied food, they do not have the ability to slow down their metabolism until food becomes available again. They need a constant flood of glucose – i.e. blood sugar, which is the product of metabolizing carbohydrates. Without their favourite growth food, tumour growth slows and cancer cells die.

The ketogenic (no-carb) diet, the Gerson diet, and the macrobiotic diet all work because they practically starve you of carbohydrates. Many decades ago The American Cancer Society said, "Cancer is not caused or cured by any known diet." Nothing has changed in all these years meaning oncologists are working with their patients with blinders on. The American Diabetes Association maintains a similar position with diabetes yet what we eat and refrain from eating is incredibly important to life and health.

Many studies on diet and cancer prove the connection between a no-carbohydrate diet and dramatically reduced cancer growth rates. Add fasting to whatever else you are doing, and you starve cancer cells even faster.

Fasting can heal many common diseases, because it allows the body to rest, detoxify, and concentrate all its energy on healing instead of digestion. Fasting can be as recharging for the organism as sleeping. During a longer fast, the body reaches out for all degenerative and foreign tissues in the body like fibroid tumours, moles, bacteria, viruses and any other sick and unnecessary tissues.

Precautions: I am not making a universal prescription for water fasts for all cancer patients at all stages of the cancer process. Generally, up to 3 day fasting should be safe for most people, but I recommend to start slowly – first skipping just one meal, then one day of fasting per week and only then go to 3 day fasting. If you have any doubts about fasting or wish to fast longer, please consult with your health practitioner. If your doctor is totally against fasting, you can find naturopathic doctors or other alternative practitioners.

Choose the type of fast that works best for you. If you are going through chemotherapy, remember that fasting not only makes your chemotherapy more effective, it can also reduce your side effects. Better yet, choose a natural form of chemotherapy like hemp oil and blast your healthy cells and the cancer cells both with waves of oxygen, voltage and alkalinity. There is not a cancer cell alive that will enjoy increases in oxygen, voltage and alkalinity while healthy cells will rejoice.

If you are eating a Western Diet/Standard American Diet, rich in meat, dairy, refined sugar, salt, oils, and processed junk food, you are putting toxins in your body faster than it can eliminate them. Over time, these toxins accumulate inside you until there is a tipping point at which your body is so overloaded that essential systems and functions begin to break down. This accumulation of toxins from an unhealthy diet and our environment are major contributors to chronic disease including cancer.

Fasting on water is not generally recommended for late stage cancer when a patient is already suffering from glucose deficiency. Cancer eventually eats it all leaving a person to starve.

Make Sure Your Water is Clean

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) each year lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children and 560,000 cases of hypertension in adult males. In 1994 and 1995, 45 million Americans drank water from water systems that fell short of SDWA standards.[2]

We should know that pure water is one of the most basic medicines we have and if one is going to do a water fast it better be done with high quality drinking water. Successful treatment of any disease today depends on adequate intake of good water. Water is our body‘s only means of flushing out toxins.

The more water we drink, and the purer and more alkaline that water is, the more we allow our body to purify itself. Money is well spent on filtering our water. Bottled water, in most instances, is a poor and insecure substitute for the care we must individually put into our own water supplies.

Water Additives

The first and most important thing, especially for a cancer patient, to add to the water is sodium bicarbonate. Below is a list of basic substances that can be added to the water you are drinking whether you are on a fast or not. At least five of these items are emergency room intensive care class medicines that can be mixed with water and used transdermally to increase the efficacy of treatments.

To keep things simple and organized level one of the Natural Allopathic protocol are healing substances that can easily be added to water.

Part A

  1. Hydrogen
  2. Sodium Bicarbonate
  3. Potassium Bicarbonate
  4. Magnesium Chloride
  5. Selenium
  6. Iodine
  7. Eating Clay
  8. Real Salt
  9. Vitamin C & D

Part B

Breathing Retraining - Part B of the first level of the protocol begins and ends with an all-out effort to get control over one’s breathing. Just think of it this way, the faster you breathe the sooner you are going to die and the faster you breathe the less oxygen you are getting. Health dawns on us and intensifies the slower we breathe because we are getting more oxygen. If one has cancer one is usually breathing too fast and too shallow. For the grand total of 50 dollars one can buy a Breathslim device that brings breathing retraining down into the realm of can do.

Slow breathing increases CO2 retention and thus blood vessel dilation and increases in oxygen transport. Sodium bicarbonate gives patients instant access to the same because it too increases CO2 retention and thus blood vessel dilation and increases in oxygen transport.


Before we even begin to get sophisticated with multilevel treatments, we have already the nuclear core of an exceptionally powerful anticancer protocol that would probably cost about 1000 dollars for two to three months’ worth of treatment. With people in the third world in mind this cost could be cut further with the most basic and powerful therapies staying in the virtually no cost area.

Learn more about my recommended treatments.


[1]. Nicholas A Graham, Martik Tahmasian, Bitika Kohli, Evangelia Komisopoulou, Maggie Zhu, Igor Vivanco, Michael A Teitell, Hong Wu, Antoni Ribas, Roger S Lo, Ingo K Mellinghoff, Paul S Mischel, Thomas G Graeber. Glucose deprivation activates a metabolic and signaling amplification loop leading to cell death. Molecular Systems Biology. 8 DOI: 10.1038/msb.2012.20. 2012.

[2]. Cohen, B. et al., Just Add Water: Violations of Federal Health Standards in Tap Water 1994-1995, Environmental Working Group, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Information Center, May 1996.

Reprinted with permission from

Increasing our Power to Heal and Cure Cancer


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About Dr Mark Sircus

Dr Mark Sircus Ac OMD DM(P), prolific writer and author of medical and health-related books, has distilled many divergent medical systems into a new form of medicine that he has coined Natural Allopathic Medicine, representing a new therapeutic principle revolutionizing both allopathic and naturopathic medicine. Dr Sircus’s protocol addresses foundational physiology and focuses on pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine medicine, cannabinoid medicine, carbon dioxide medicine, re-mineralization of the body, increasing oxygen transport and oxygenation of the tissues, opening up of blood vessels, saturation and healing of cells with concentrated nutrition via superfoods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing, detoxification and removal of heavy metals and radioactive particles.

With cancer, Dr Sircus pays attention to the terrain, surrounding cells and the surrounding extracellular matrix, which interacts and shapes cancer cell growth.  Cancer cells cannot turn into a lethal tumour without the cooperation of other cells nearby. It is not just the friendly healthier cells but also the interstitial environment (pH, oxygen and CO2 levels) that plays a role in determining what will happen to a person when they have cancer. It’s a long road to win the war on cancer for some people, especially if they have been devastated by mainstream oncology. Others, especially if they have caught their cancer in its early stages can cut through to a cure quite quickly if they are willing to follow the discipline of doing the full protocol. For cancer there is a suite of books by Dr Sircus that cover the full territory patients need to travel which can all be accessed at

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