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Annexe 3: List of ingredients

by Mike Abrahams Ph.D.(more info)

listed in brexit and eu directives, originally published in issue 74 - March 2002

Annexe 3: List of ingredients (283 in total) not on the draft VMS Directive positive lists
(Compiled by the NAHS, September 2001)

Sources of vitamin A

Natural carotenoids1
Retinol palmitate2

Sources of vitamin B

Octothiamine (B1)
Thiamin-5-phosphate (B1)
Thiamin co-carboxylase (B1)
Thiamin pyrophosphate (B1)
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (B3)
Inositol hexaniacinate (B3)
Magnesium pantothenate (B5)
Pantethine (B5)
Pantethine octahydrate (B5)
Panthenol (B5)
Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (B6)3
Pyridoxine alpha-Ketoglutarate (B6)
Dibencozide (B12)
Methylcobalamin (B12)
Adenosylcobalamin (B12)

Sources of boron

Boron amino acid chelate4
Boron Ascorbate
Boron Aspartate
Boron citrate
Boron citrate aspartate
Boron fumarate
Boron gluconate
Boron glycinate
Boron lysinate
Boron picolinate
Boron proteinate
Sodium borate
Sodium tetraborate decahydrate

Sources of vitamin C

Ascorbyl glycerate
Ascorbyl palmitate
Calcium ascorbate
Ester C ingredients
Magnesium ascorbate
Manganese ascorbate
Potassium ascorbate

Sources of calcium

Calcium amino acid chelate
Calcium arginate
Calcium aspartate
Calcium bisglycinate
Calcium borogluconate
Calcium butryrate
Calcium caprylate
Calcium citrate malate
Calcium citrate malate glycinate
Calcium cysteinate
Calcium ethanolamine phosphate
Calcium folinate
Calcium fumarate
Calcium glycinate
Calcium glytamate
Calcium hydroxyapatite
Calcium ketoglutarate
Calcium lysinate
Calcium malate
Calcium methionate
Calcium orotate
Calcium phosphoserine
Calcium pidolate
Calcium pyruvate
Calcium silicate
Calcium succinate
Calcium sulphate
Calcium tartrate
Calcium taurate
Calcium undecyclenate

Sources of chromium

Chromium amino acid chelate
Chromium arginate
Chromium ascorbate
Chromium aspartate
Chromium citrate
Chromium ethanolamine phosphate Chromium fumarate
Chromium glutamate
Chromium glycinate
Chromium ketoglutarate
Chromium malate
Chromium niacinate
Chromium nicotinoglycinate
Chromium orotate
Chromium picolinate
Chromium polynicotinate
Chromium succinate
Chromium trioxide
Chromium (GTF) yeast

Sources of cobalt

Cobalt gluconate

Sources of copper

Copper amino acid chelate
Copper aminoate
Copper ascorbate
Copper aspartate
Copper carbonate
Copper citrate
Copper ethanolamine phosphate
Copper gluconate
Copper glutamate
Copper glycinate
Copper histidinate
Copper ketoglutarate
Copper lysinate
Copper malate
Copper orotate
Copper oxide
Copper picolinate
Copper salicylate
Copper sebacate
Copper succinate
Copper tyrosinate
Copper yeast

Sources of vitamin E


Sources of fluorine

Calcium fluoride

Sources of folic acid

Calcium folinate

Sources of iron

Ferric orthophosphate
Iron amino acid chelate
Iron arginate
Iron ascorbate
Iron aspartate
Iron barley chelate
Iron bisglycinate
Iron ethanolamine phosphate
Iron glycinate sulphate
Iron histidinate
Iron ketoglutarate
Iron malate
Iron orotate
Iron pantothenate
Iron peptonate
Iron phosphate
Iron picolinate
Iron succinate
Iron yeast

Sources of vitamin K


Sources of magnesium

Magnesium amino acid chelate
Magnesium arginate
Magnesium ascorbate
Magnesium aspartate
Magnesium butyrate
Magnesium caprylate
Magnesium chloride-fumarate
Magnesium citrate
Magnesium citrate-malate
Magnesium cysteinate
Magnesium ethanolamine phosphate
Magnesium fumarate
Magnesium gallate
Magnesium glutamate
Magnesium glycinate
Magnesium ketoglutarate
Magnesium lactate
Magnesium lysinate
Magnesium malate
Magnesium methionate
Magnesium niacinate
Magnesium orotate
Magnesium pantothenate
Magnesium phosphate
Magnesium phosphoserine
Magnesium pyruvate
Magnesium salicylate
Magnesium succinate
Magnesium tartrate
Magnesium taurate
Magnesium yeast

Sources of manganese

Manganese amino acid chelate
Manganese arginate
Manganese ascorbate
Manganese aspartate
Manganese bisglycinate
Manganese cysteinatee
Manganese ethanolamine phosphate
Manganese fumarate
Manganese gluconate
Manganese glycinate
Manganese histidinate
Manganese ketoglutarate
Manganese lactate
Manganese malate
Manganese methionate
Manganese orotate
Manganese picolinate
Manganese yeast

Sources of molybdenum

Molybdenum amino acid chelate
Molybdenum arginate
Molybdenum ascorbate
Molybdenum aspartate
Molybdenum citrate
Molybdenum ethanolamine phosphate
Molybdenum fumarate
Molybdenum malate
Molybdenum methionate
Molybdenum picolinate
Molybdenum trioxide
Molybdenum yeast
Potassium molybdate
Sodium molybdate

Sources of nickel

Nickel sulphate hexhydrate

Sources of vitamin P


Sources of phosphorus

Phosphorus amino acid chelate
Phosphorus aspartate
Phosphorus proteinate
Phosphorus yeast

Sources of potassium

Potassium amino acid chelate
Potassium arginate
Potassium ascorbate
Potassium aspartate
Potassium barley chelate
Potassium caprylate
Potassium citrate-malate
Potassium ethanolamine phosphate
Potassium fumarate
Potassium glutamate
Potassium ketoglutarate
Potassium malate
Potassium orotate
Potassium phosphate
Potassium pyruvate
Potassium salicylate
Potassium succinate
Potassium sulphate
Potassium tartrate
Potassium yeast

Sources of selenium

Selenium amino acid chelate
Selenium ascorbate
Selenium citrate
Selenium ethanolamine phosphate
Selenium fumarate
Selenium glycinate
Selenium lysinate
Selenium malate
Selenium picolinate
Selenium succinate
Selenium yeast
Selenous acid

Sources of silicon

Colloidal silicic acid
Silica monomethylsilane triol
Silicon aspartate
Silicon dioxide
Silicon ethanolamine phosphate
Sodium metasilicate

Source of sodium

Sodium caseinate

Source of sulphur


Source of tin

Tin chloride

Sources of vanadium

Bis-glycinato oxo vanadium
Sodium metavandate
Vanadium amino acid chelate
Vanadium ascorbate
Vanadium aspartate
Vanadium citrate
Vanadium glycinate
Vanadium picolinate
Vanadium yeast
Vanadyl sulphate

Sources of zinc

Zinc amino acid chelate
Zinc arginate
Zinc ascorbate
Zinc aspartate
Zinc caprylate
Zinc cysteinate
Zinc ethanolamine phosphate
Zinc fumarate
Zinc glutamate
Zinc glycinate
Zinc histidinate
Zinc ketoglutarate
Zinc lysinate
Zinc malate
Zinc methionate
Zinc orotate
Zinc picolinate
Zinc pidolate
Zinc proteinate
Zinc succinate
Zinc tartrate
Zinc taurate
Zinc undecyclinate


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