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The Astrological Sun Signs Part II: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

by Anastacia Sampson(more info)

listed in astrology, originally published in issue 172 - July 2010


The topic of affiliation of the astrological sun signs with foods may be considered as a health discipline. Food is more than nutrition; indeed foods have unique characteristics. Astrological planets and their aspects contain energies as do foods, especially when they interact with each other and within our bodies. Individuals have characteristics, and to simplify matters we have generalized groupings to decipher idiosyncrasies.


There are twelve zodiacal signs divided into four elements of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Each zodiacal sign is further shelved within the three facets of cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Zodiacal signs are additionally ruled by a planet which may be fiery and aggressive or intrusive such as Mars or cold and stern such as Saturn.

Food likewise, is not completely protein or some main bulk nutrient. A carbohydrate-based food such as oats can be aligned to the Moon, nourishing and calming, yet prone to sluggishness in excess. Many essential vitamins and minerals are contained within food. In addition our plant foods hold powerful anti-ageing phytonutrients (antioxidants). Each food however may be predominately carbohydrate, fat or protein. In addition, foods have individual characteristics besides falling into groups. For instance, broccoli is a vegetable yet it contains a special phytonutrient that places it highly in protecting against cancer cell development. Broccoli seems to want to keep our cells in order (disorganized and uncontrollable growth in cells is a sign usually of cancerous cells). As Virgo is usually affiliated with order and notices the minor details, well perhaps broccoli is a food linked to Virgo!


Leo – olives are ideal representatives for this sign. Leos thrive in the spotlight and attention, as olives thrive in warm climates and need attention to produce their oil. Leos demand to dominate the stage and love the sound of applause, which may stem from a latent desire to be recognized. They may have an ego problem. Leos have ambition and the will to achieve, as they are a fire sign and ruled by the Sun.

The heat of the spot lights and the brightness of flashing cameras will not be shunned. Olive trees thrive in climates with a strong sunshine. An issue with a Leo is his/her pride; this can puncture their armour (mind you they do not have much armour). Leos are represented by the lion. The lion only has his claws and teeth as armour. Other animals have horns and teeth, or even protective shells. The lion becomes the dominant animal through the will to be the dominator. The mighty roar can signal his presence. The Leo with his/her pride and inflated ego can suffer injury, right to the heart. Indeed the heart is ruled by Leo.

When Leos do not receive their desired admirers or grand lifestyles their talent may lay to waste, as their talent is to be grand and perhaps pompous.

Olives can be processed into healthy oil that has known links to healthy cardiovascular function. The talent of olives is to be transformed into this oil. The talent of Leos is to be recognized and rule. They have an aptitude for positions of power. As we know or should be aware, power can be misused. Evil stems from power. Power can feed one's sense of grandness and enlarge an ego. On the other hand, power can give one the means to increase ability to act for the advancement and improvement of others, to act positively, to uplift and ensure a safe and balanced environment.

Leos have the power to be pompous or generous, and sometimes display a mix of both characteristics. Olive oil can be healthy or unhealthy; it can promote a healthy heart or lead to ill health. The processing and storage of olive oil is pivotal. Olives should be cold pressed. Heat and other methods of extraction lead to transforming the fats from the olives to being harmful. There are healthy fats in olives that turn rancid and toxic from exposure to heat, oxygen and light. While covered and secure within the skin of an olive, the fats are stored suitably. Yet when we press the olives to extract the oil, we need to do it with attention.

The storage of olive oil should be in small dark glass bottles, stored away from heat and light. The names and description of olive oils provides information on how they were processed. If it is labelled on the bottle as extra virgin olive oil, then it has been cold pressed and is the healthiest form of olive oil. However when stored it should be away from direct light; this is why dark glass bottles shield it like sunglasses with shades to protect eyes from light. The quick heating of olive oil for cooking is not the end of the world; we can safe guard against dangerous effects.

By supplying antioxidants we protect against formation of 'criminals', those harmful free radicals. Antioxidants are generally found in plant foods and include nutrients such as vitamin C and E. We can rely on supplements to boost antioxidant supplies. Leos need to be vigilantly directed. It does happen that a Leo with a talent can rise to the top and let his/her pride become excessive and turn into the self-absorbed. The Leo needs to be safe-guarded and every now and then be reminded that he/she is not the king of the castle. Then again while he/she lives at home they are sure to be roaring with pride over their home and family life. This is fine, but it can be troublesome for loved ones to meet up to the Leo's need to appear grand and stylish.

A Leo has great talent and will to perform. Yet a Leo should ensure knowing that too much light can be blinding. As we know the excess of sunlight exposure can lead to skin cancer as it forms toxic free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for advancing disease development and ageing. A wrinkled skin with spots can often signal an excessive sun exposure or exposure to other forms of free radicals. As we age, we naturally accumulate the effects of numerous accounts of free radical exposures. Diseases such as heart disease (the organ ruled by the Leo) can often be helped by eating more foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains to supply nutrients and antioxidants. Leos need the healthy fats to have a healthy heart, but they also need healthy plant foods to support a healthy heart; this implicates a recommendation for everyone.

Leos are known to generally prefer rich and tasty flavoured foods. Olives and olive oil can add that richness and tend to carry the ambient grandness. Olive oil is a golden colour, tinged with yellow. These and the colour orange are used to symbolize Leo and the Sun. If you need a friend or family member to make a speech or host an event get hold of a Leo and if you need an oil to be the 'host' of a quick stir fry or to be the dribbling 'smooth talking' moisture for your salad or other dish, rely on the olive oil. Olives look grand even on pizza.


Virgo – broccoli is the vegetable that represents this sign. The green colour of broccoli is an earth colour, and Virgo is an earth sign while even the planet Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is aligned to the green gemstones. Virgos seem to thrive on details, and broccoli has many branches stemming from a core base stem. They end in flower heads (green pods or nobs). Virgos are often touted as the healthy types and broccoli is one of the well known and recognized healthy foods.

To eat it will not produce a heavy sluggish feeling; it is light and keeps us agile to keep up with quick reflexes to fit Mercury's need for communication. Yet Virgos are prone to anxiety. They may become depressed and develop digestive problems. Their tendency to psychosomatic disorders reflects how worry and an over-working mind can be leading to ill health. They need broccoli with its protective healthy phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have a wide capability of ensuring our health. They supply the tools to build weapons to fight and defend health from viruses, toxins and free radicals.

A tendency to worry is a mental drain and distress that does age our bodies. Phytonutrients reduce the process, to a degree, of disease development and ageing. A Virgo seems to be the type that has to dwell on the details and not see the whole picture. A healthy activity for a Virgo may be to go on hiking trails or spending time in a garden or other natural park. The scenery should be peaceful and earthly to support their nerves. This sign, as do Geminis and Aquarians, tend to succumb to nervous energy. They waste healthy energy and scatter it, yet this is unproductive and to their detriment in carrying out a task. Mercury helps rule the nervous system.

Broccoli supplies useful levels of calcium and vitamin C. The calcium ensures strong bones and teeth. Calcium also has a major role in the transmission of electrical impulses between nerves and from nerves to muscle. Calcium has a role in the contraction of muscle, including the heart to ensure a healthy ability to act. In cases of calcium imbalance one can develop spasms. Calcium is generally seen as the calming mineral, yet so is magnesium. Vitamin C is pivotal for strong cartilage and cardiovascular health. Vitamin C protects us against toxic nitrosamine formation. Nitrities and nitrates are able to convert to harmful potentially cancer causing nitrosamines. Broccoli is high in fibre and this is essential for health. Although we can not absorb fibre we require it for colon health; it ensures we do not develop gall stones, cholesterol excess and cancers. Raw broccoli is best for the way to deliver nutrients.

Broccoli is recognized as being initially farmed in Italy. Italian families are well known for their closeness and self-expressive communication. Virgos prefer a quiet close home life and they are ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. Virgos are able to penetrate the drawing plans for any project and locate the unforeseen forgotten detail. They can ensure there are no sides unturned; they peer into every corner and crevice. They are useful researchers and can be irksome when they tend to spot the black point in otherwise full proof projects. Virgos need to calm down their mental anguish. They need to be around nature and to relax.

Virgos need time to work as they double check everything. They prefer to be busy and are efficient craftsmen/women with woodwork and gardening being suitable. The woodwork is an earthly occupation and allows the Virgo to work on the details of measurement which they love. Gardening connects them to the earth and the ambience supports a relaxing attitude yet still permits ample room for them to think of the garden design. Virgos can pay specialized attention to a single thing and forget about all things around.

They are so keen to develop the details they may miss the whole picture. They rely on support to pull them up from their squinting position. A Virgo tends to adore nature and animals, as they know that these living things are part and parcel of a healthy environment. Do not be fooled though; an over anxious Virgo can easily need an escape and become reliant on substances to relax. The anxiety and stress they build up is a factor they need to deal with in a positive way.

They should avoid stressful situations and refrain from unhealthy lifestyles. Physical activity supports health and helps reduce stress. Virgo really could do with weekly hiking trails. The fresh air should do their lungs a service and their lungs need care (being ruled by Mercury that also rules Gemini affiliated with the lungs). Laughing often clears the chest and promotes clearing up of mucous; yet Virgos do not laugh enough and they need fresh clean air. As we know when we are stressed and anxious we are less aware of insufficient breathing.


Libra – cranberries are representative of this sign. Cranberries are similar in appearance to cherries; they are the decorators and aesthetic pieces. Libras are known to generally have a sense of aesthetic style and balance in fashion and life. Yet Libras are quick to not make a loud and noticeable appearance. Cranberries are often there for appearances; they give a lovely red-pink hue to cakes and other foods. In stores we hardly see them in fresh whole form, they are more likely to be in cans or other preserved packages.

Libras disfavour the spotlight; they prefer to see the spot light and admire the appearances, even their own brief one. They enjoy the limelight but it must be under their conditions and when all is beautiful. As Libras are ruled by the planet Venus (as are the Taurus), they usually look appealing. Cranberries certainly look appealing. Libras are light as they are an air sign and cranberries are a light fruit. Libras tend to take ages to make decisions and then when they do they are concerned about what others see and how they look to others. This may be why Libras like a more introverted quite life. Yet the ultimate reason is their inherent sense of balance.

They know the value of 'me time' and sleep. This preserves their health and beauty. It is during sleep that the body rejuvenates and heals while we rest. Libra rules the kidneys and the acid/alkaline balance. This acid/alkaline balance is part of what is known as the pH values. We need an acid (low pH) for stomach acid/juice but in other areas more of an alkaline environment (higher pH) such as in the environment of cells. The perfect pH balance of water is 7, yet although 7 is the balance of equal acidity and alkalinity, in our bodies each pH value has its role. It is imperative to regulate and maintain the pH of various sections to sustain balance. By maintaining balance we have health.

Ill health is derived from imbalance, whether it is biochemical with mineral excess or deficiency, emotional with mental stress or various other ways. We create imbalance via x-rays, our lifestyles and relationships. As we are aware, an individual that is excessively giving is more prone to be ill sometimes from cancer development. The shortage of not prioritizing oneself and not caring about oneself can be negative. Libras are able to prioritize 'me time' and this may be another reason why they are reluctant to become involved. They often need time to weigh the situation, yet this is problematic when it takes longer and in the end delays a precisely needed firm answer to settle a situation. Cranberries are ideal fruits for kidney health.

There are numerous studies showing the effective nature of cranberries (and blueberries) being able to prevent some types of kidney stones forming. Anyone with kidney stones or a susceptibility to kidney stones may benefit from taking cranberries. Indeed, cranberries are so well known for treating urinary tract infections therapeutically; there are various medications that include cranberries for that problem.

Cranberries can help balance the acid/alkaline balance of urine and that is not all they do. Cranberries protect us from harmful bacteria by impeding the harmful bacteria from hatching onto our inner linings, such as the urethra. Cranberries may seem like only decorative fruit yet they are highly powerful therapeutically. Libras may seem like the quite judges but they are highly essential in providing justice. Libras have an eye for decorations, and although they may not be apt to implement the actual decorating work, they will be there to pass judgement.

As Libras are an air sign they are not concerned about doing/acting but more with communicating. There is always the judgement of Libras. Cranberries have often been ignored; they are sometimes used in muffins or cakes instead of raisins. We hardly think of the law enforcers of society and Libras have an aptitude to be law enforcers. The will not love chasing the law-breakers, that would lead to a hair being blown out of place. Worse is they may fall or trip accidentally in the pursuit and gain a bruise, how horrid. They need to look their most appealing. The Libra would rather state where and how the law-breaker acted and pass a fair and justifiable sentence to right the injustice.

Cranberries can right the injustice of harmful bacteria from causing infections and they do it peacefully. If you need a friend or family member for a peaceful discussion and opinion (expect to have patience for their opinion) depend on a Libra, and if you need to serenely serve an appealing cake or desert or meal rely on the quiet cranberry appearance.


Scorpio – red beets/beetroot is the representative for this sign. Scorpios can sting and when you hurt them; you will be stung with a fiery passion! Having a relationship with a Scorpio will always be noticeable and memorable. However, even consuming beetroot can be noticeable. If you begin to see your urine and faeces are red you may exclaim, "I'm turning red but all I ate was beets". The effect of excessive intakes of beetroot is a colouring-in of our waste or excretions. Beetroot is usually a reddish-purple hue.

There are different types of beet. Primary the white beets are the source of sugar. Cane and beet are foods that are processed into refined sugar. Whether sugar is derived from cane or beet it has the same taste. Beet is high in sugar and nothing beats the natural whole foods. For sugar boosts we rely on sugar in refined form, yet to metabolize it we need other nutrients. Although we can manufacture energy from protein and fat in our bodies, we tend to rely mostly on carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a broad term that includes fibre and various types of sugars. We can not make energy from protein, fat or sugar unless we have oxygen and various other nutrients to help the enzymes (types of protein) to carry out the process. Refined sugar lacks the other nutrients, yet whole foods of fruits and vegetables, amongst others supply numerous nutrients. Scorpios live in a passionate manner with instinct, and to live they need to have ample energy.

Beets are ideal as they are high in sugar but also supply other nutrients to help convert the sugar into energy. The Scorpio can channel his/her energy into creative pursuits or passionate pursuits. Creation is passion and Scorpios have resources of passion. They are a water sign and this imparts imagination for their creative work. As water reflects emotions, a Scorpio once hurt emotionally will wait to sting back in retaliation. It can take years to implement the plan, but a Scorpio will wait. The Scorpion represents the sign of Scorpio and as we are aware that creature has a fatal sting. Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars (fiery and passionate) and Pluto (creative and secret). Scorpios have the ability to work creatively with passion and enthusiasm while still keeping the task hidden. They are capable of living hidden lives and not letting others know everything about them. Most people would fall under the strain of hidden lives and secrets!

The colour of passion is red and Pluto can also be aligned to darkness. Pluto rules birth and rebirth; these are times of darkness (blood is often at the sight) or the unknown. That beetroot can have the power to colour urine and faeces, which shows how strong its pigment can be. It is not harmful but shows its presence. A Scorpio shows a presence through a passionate manner. Scorpios love seduction and having a relationship or partnership with Scorpios is never easily forgotten. Try not to step on Scorpio and you will be safe! The reason why Scorpios are so adamant on stinging anyone who hurts them may be due to their excessive passion. Being a water sign as well they may feel jealousy more than others in relationships; they do not like to feel betrayed, and instinctively sting the threat in self-protection. That is another aspect of a Scorpio; he/she tends to be self-centred. They may not realize that their jealousy has a tendency to appear when it is uncalled for. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and rectum. Beets provide the energy with fibre which can protect against colon cancer developing. Although we do not absorb fibre it is pivotal for colon health. Fibre helps secrete wastes, including excess oestrogen (a hormone from the sexual organs in males and females). By doing this we protect ourselves from other forms of cancer and disease development. We are dependent on fibre to rid us of toxins and wastes. To have only refined foods to supply bulk nutrients of protein, fat and sugar is liable to lead to disease.

The passionate and creative instincts in a Scorpio can be destructive. Their energy needs to be harnessed into productive work and they have the ability to know where and how with the antenna of their instincts. Beet, if left in whole form is an ideal sweet food. Beets add colour to meals, even our wastes. Scorpios add colour to any relationship or project. Scorpios also like their quiet time at home and beets have become a regular presence in homes (unfortunately in refined form). To reiterate, Scorpios can be self centred and beets can be; through refined sugar, by only serving one purpose – immediate personal gratification and interest. We can think refined sugar gives us energy but it acts selfishly (immediate energy high without concern for anything) and we develop poor health by regular reliance on it.

If you need to set an energetic, yet well planned event while keeping it secret until the date of occurrence, rely on a Scorpio family member or friend; while if you need to have a sugar boost without fanfare of refined foods, rely on the colourful beetroot.


  1. ThePaganSun said..

    Leos are more than just attention seeking spotlight hogs or generous people. They can be every bit as powerful, determined and fierce as their symbol. And need I remind you that Leos definitely have armor since Leo was the near invulnerable Nemean Lion who could only be skinned by its own claws! You don't want to piss off a Leo since it's the only sign classified as both "bestial" (aggressive) and "feral" (savage and destructive). Unlike Aries or Sagittarius, Leo is a triple fire: a fire sign, ruled by the Sun and ruling the hottest and stormiest part of summer! Beware provoking a Leo!

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