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Dispelling the Myths and Hysteria of 2012 - Channeling Archangel Michael through Susan Stothard

by Robina Hearle(more info)

listed in angelic healing, originally published in issue 195 - June 2012

Today I am going to talk to you about the untruths and myths surrounding the year 2012, which keep being circulated and constantly brought to the attention of mankind by those with an investment in creating disharmony, disorder and panic.

Crystal Diamond

The stories become embellished as time goes on and are used to frighten people which lowers their frequency as they panic. The myth about the world ending in 2012, long held to be the truth and purporting to be an ancient prophesy, is a fabrication from long ago. It is important to realize this and not join in the thoughts which reinforce the fears in the morphogenic resonance, and which become like a dark cloud surrounding the earth when constantly reinforced by lots of people on a daily basis.

2012 is just one year amongst many that have heralded the rise in frequency of planet earth and her peoples, which has been happening gradually over a period of years. There is no magic moment when a switch will be switched and everything stops, changes, disappears or ascends.

The ascension of planet earth and her peoples is something long awaited and for which much work has already been done on unseen levels by our Angelic Friends and helpers on this plane. There is no end product, for it is all an ongoing process of development, rising frequency and increased conscious awareness that is a result of energetic work behind the scenes as well as work that people with awareness have been doing for themselves. We are well ahead with the work that has been planned and no great cataclysms are part of our plans.

Moving from 3D to 4D to 5D and beyond necessarily involves some changes and disappearance of some of the old order which is not of integrity or honesty to allow in the higher frequency energy and thought forms which will allow planet earth and her peoples to move on.

Many of you will point out the areas of disquiet and unrest in the world and hold these up as an example of things not going smoothly; however the emotions in those places in the world are of low energetic frequency and dark energy. This owes much to karmic debts and negative energies held within the earth itself. Work is ongoing through our instruments here to clear these energies and emotions from the earth, as well as the people to enable all to move on. Much has already been done, and there is much work on-going. Problems are identified by our instruments here so that healing and help can be put in place where it is needed.

Do not feel that you are alone with any positive thoughts that you may create. All positive thoughts and light reinforce the positive in the morphogenic resonance, help raise the frequency and create a positive environment for more changes to occur. The healing and removal of negative thought forms makes way for the new.

So my friends do not be disheartened or dismayed by what is created in the media, do not allow yourselves to be pulled into the stories. Try to keep your minds and thoughts on what you wish to create, focus on the positive and do not allow yourselves to be dragged down into the murk.

You do not have to take on board the negativity which surrounds you in any area of your life. Create for yourselves a space that is free from such things, and allow your mind to roam free and dream of things that make your heart sing - the beach on a sunny day, the sunlight on water, sunlight through the trees in a forest as you walk along; the sound of birdsong; beautiful vistas in nature and gentle music. Try to connect with people of like mind, instead of people who try to damage you with their negativity. All will help you to attain a state of peace and harmony for short periods which will free your mind.


On this note of positive thoughts I will leave you.

Love and blessings to you all,



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About Robina Hearle

Robina Hearle MCSP Member  BFVEA and BFEP is a chartered Physiotherapist working in private practice. She also is a flower essence therapist and producer and co-founder of a new therapy and spiritual journey called  Unfolding Enlightenment. She has worked for ten years in the field of vibrational energy , firstly being a Reiki Master now a Practitioner and Teacher of the White Light of Christ.

Robina  is a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers, British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, The Organization of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice and may be contacted at Rose Cottage Flower Essences on Tel: 01473 738905;

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