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Case Study - Spirit Release benefits Asperger's Syndrome

by Barbara Toovey & Sue Hulme(more info)

listed in angelic healing, originally published in issue 154 - January 2009

Spirit release is not a new concept. Culturally throughout the world there are references to 'spirits' who return to this world to cause problems for the living. In traditional cultures, shamans continue to intercede on behalf of those affected by 'evil spirits'; there are many biblical references to 'casting out devils' and, albeit infrequently, Christian churches still carry out exorcism.

A Brief History

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, investigation into 'possession' continued through the works of people such as Wickland[1] and Fiore.[2]  In the 1990s the use of spirit release was brought to the attention of orthodox medicine through the work of psychiatrists like Dr Alan Sanderson.[3] Having discovered that in some cases there was no rational reason for symptoms displayed by his patients, Dr Sanderson (and others) worked directly with patients using hypnosis to identify and release 'spirit attachments'. This work continues under the banner of the Spirit Release Foundation, a body of (mainly) health professionals.

Spirit release as we use it, originated from the work of the late Dr Irene Hickman.[4] The work of the Hickman Academy has been further developed from that begun by Dr Hickman in the 1950s. Trained as a doctor in Osteopathy, Dr Hickman spent several years working with patients, medical colleagues and others using hypnosis after discovery that, in a hypnotic state, patients were able to identify and communicate with many different types of energy attachment.

How We Work

Trained with the Hickman Academy UK we work remotely, one of us facilitating taking the other into a hypnotic state from where we are able to scan the energy field of the client. We always ask permission of the Highest Consciousness of the client before work begins, and acknowledge the assistance of our Angelic helpers and other guides in this process. Scanning the energy field, we are able to identify areas of imbalance and directly communicate with individual energies to either assist them to a more appropriate place in the universe, or to transmute them into positive, supportive energy. Scientific understanding of  how this works is beyond us, although Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton[5] puts forward a theory of a quantum vacuum which would seem to offer a suitable explanation.


Energies encountered are various from the Earthbound spirit who has not been able to leave this dimension, through different unsupportive energies including self-created thoughtforms and the results of emotional stress and trauma. This method of working allows us to help most people clear their energy fields, so that the process of deeper healing may begin. We also clear premises and surrounding land using the same technique.

Case Study – Edward*

We were asked to help in Edward's case by his mother who was extremely concerned about his state of mind and well being. Having no idea of what 'the work' involved she simply asked whether there was anything we could do to help at a spiritual level. Edward has a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome that comes under the umbrella term autism spectrum disorders. Asperger's is characterized by lack of imagination, impaired social interaction and difficulty in communication. These are often evidenced by apparent lack of sensitivity to others feelings, poor understanding of others body language and non-verbal communication, and there is often a marked precision in their own speech. Depression is also seen frequently within this syndrome.

Edward – His Mother's Story

My son Edward was born with Asperger's Syndrome although this was not diagnosed until he was 11 years old. Edward was 'different', restless continuously as a baby, he would not be pacified, appearing frustrated. Growing up, Edward appeared tormented, his character fragile, he developed no imagination, had no interest in play or toys and developed a number of allergies. Misunderstood at school, Edward was bullied; at home he would keep his blinds closed because he disliked the light; he described himself as 'being in a fog'. Despite the difficulties, Edward progressed into employment; again there were problems resulting from his poor social and communication skills. There were always 'bad times', but early in 2006 Edward was going through a particularly bad period. I was fearful for him, he appeared even more tormented and I seriously believed he might not survive this episode.

Willing to try anything, but having no real understanding of how she and Barbara worked, I asked Sue (whom I had known for some time) if they could help. Sue knew little about Edward other than his Asperger's diagnosis and said all they needed was a name.

The Scan

Linking with Edward one day in July 2006 and receiving permission to scan, there were 4 areas identified as requiring attention: 1) the head, seen as 'in a fog'; 2) the heart chakra; 3) left hip; 4) left foot.

Facilitating, Barbara communicated firstly with the 'fog' at the head; this energy gave that it was 'restriction', further providing that it was connected to an energy memory that Edward had brought with him into this lifetime. The energy of restriction was based on fear. Enquiring further, Barbara found that 'restriction' had been created by someone called Nathaniel who had been Edward's uncle in a previous incarnation. In the year 1823, he had sold Edward to "work under the earth". Asking for advice from our Angelic helpers, we were guided to transmute this energy memory, anchoring in its place the supportive energy of 'clarity'.

The heart chakra provided an energy of 'sadness' that told us on questioning that it had been in place 17 years. 'Sadness' told us that it was a protection against the fear of being hurt. The issues had originated in a previous lifetime when Edward had been betrayed by "those who would have care of him". We were also given that some of these issues remained necessary to his current lifetime, and to transmute them completely would cause Edward problems. After consultation with Edward's Higher Self, some of these energy links were transmuted; others (we were told) needed to remain because Edward had come into this lifetime agreeing to live with certain difficulties.

The left hip provided a straightforward thoughtform energy that gave its name as 'impeded'. It had been in place 6 years and we were told had been created from a "feeling that I was living within myself rather than being someone I felt I wanted to be". After checking that it was appropriate, the energy of impeded was transmuted to 'progress' and this energy anchored into Edward's energy field. Moving lastly to the left foot, we were specifically linked to the big toe where we were told that there was a physical problem and pain. We asked the Healing angels to give healing to the area.

A final scan of the energy field indicated nothing further at this time, though the heart chakra was now seen as a golden white ball of light that we took to be the work of the Angelic beings.

Mother's Story Continued

Spirit release was carried out in July 2006 and from that point on Edward's life has changed tremendously. Within 2-3 weeks he became motivated to do things, things that previously he had shown no inclination toward; he began to open his blinds and to let daylight in. The torment in his eyes has gone – yes, there are still 'bad times' but these now last only a few days and then he picks up again. Edward's communication skills have improved, he has a good job and now appears to have some quality in a life he wants to live – evidenced by the recent announcement of his engagement. I believe these changes came about through the spirit release work and cannot thank Barbara and Sue enough.


Spirit release work continues to develop; there is a recognition that it may be helpful to clients with certain types of mental health problems, emotional issues, in some cases of traumatic stress, behavioural problems, and some issues of addiction /dependency. It is not a 'miracle answer', but as in all forms of healing it can clear the path so that deeper healing may begin.

* The name has been changed to protect identity


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  1. cathy said..

    Yes, I see that you have helped with this Edward and wondered if there is a way to just "tell" if someone has been interfered with by a disincarnate spirit or are we all being hitched upon at one time or another...?

    Also please let me know, if it is believed that some people cannot be "hypnotized" like people who have adhd, can you still help them?


  2. Barbara Toovey said..

    Sincere apologies, this reply is years too late, but it may help other people. To briefly comment on a multi-level, complex subject, remote scanning can perceive any attaching problem or unsupportive influences. The key is to know that energetically 'like attracts like' this is the main deciding factor in whether a person is troubled in this way or not. If the person's energy field is compromised, due to one or more of several possible reasons, then it may be vulnerable to energy difficulties.

    ADHD can have several causes and a scan can discover that, it is an energetic imbalance, I would not recommend hypnosis in that situation, but a qualified therapist may feel differently.

    Every client's situation is different and personal to them, so only very general comments can be made within this subject.

    Peace and Progress to All

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About Barbara Toovey & Sue Hulme

Barbara Toovey Healer Trainer NFSH  is a Dyslexia Assessor and tutor working in Further Education. She has been a healer member of the NFSH for 30 years and is a Healer Trainer for the organisation.

Sue Hulme BSc (Hons) Healer Member NFSH is a Registered nurse (Mental Health) with a lifelong interest in complementary health. She has a BSc (Hons) in Complementary Therapies and is currently studying for a post graduate certificate in the subject. A healer member of the NFSH she has been working in healing and spirit release for the past 8 years.

Barbara may be contacted on Tel: 01785 780111; Sue on Tel: 01889 576360;  

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