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How Aloe Vera Has Helped My General Health and Well-being

by Katherine Day(more info)

listed in aloe vera, originally published in issue 183 - June 2011

I was first introduced to the health benefits of the Aloe Vera plant about 5 years ago by my father. He had met a lady selling organic Aloe Vera products who informed him of the natural healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant. Whilst he was trying the products for himself, I was sceptical, to say the least, so I carried out my own research into Aloe Vera. I was so impressed by my findings that I decided to try out the Aloe Vera products for myself and I was soon to be astonished at the results!

Aloe vera plant

True aloe is known as Aloe barbadensis miller. This particular variety, out of some 350 different varieties in the world, is thought to be the most potent with regard to natural therapeutic properties with no known toxicity. The aloe plant may look like a cactus with its thick, green, thorny leaves, but it is in fact a member of the lily family of succulents and is related to garlic and asparagus. A particularly hardy plant, it thrives in hot climates making frost its main nemesis. The active substances of Aloe Vera, found in the inner leaf include polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, yellow sap (known as Aloin) and Barbaloins (a glycoside).

I discovered that Aloe has achieved many nicknames worldwide including: Medicine Plant, Miracle Plant, Silent Healer, Wand of Heaven and Burn Plant. The name Burn Plant probably originated because of its remarkable ability to alleviate pain from burns and assist with rapid healing of the skin. Research has shown that Aloe Vera can actually speed up the body's healing time by approximately a third.

Aloe Vera contains over 75 different ingredients, all of which are beneficial to both human and animals alike. It can assist and maintain a healthy digestive system, balance the immune system, soothe muscles and maintain healthy joints, mobility and flexibility, improve skin condition, fight bad bacteria and yeast infections, as well as provide a range of essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Although Aloe Vera effectively works on body surfaces/membranes and also the immune system, it is imperative to understand that Aloe Vera is not a panacea or cure-all.

I am in my early 30s; since childhood I had suffered with particularly dry and sensitive skin which was diagnosed as eczema/dermatitis. Despite trying all the creams, lotions and potions under the sun over the years, I found that the various array of skincare products on the market aggravated my condition further, and steroid creams only provided temporary relief. I thought my sensitive, dry skin was just one of life's annoyances that I would have to live with, that was until I tried Aloe Vera. I also suffered with a number of niggling health complaints which many of us endure on a regular basis, e.g. cold sores, mouth ulcers etc.

At first I started using Aloe Vera toothpaste, liquid soap, moisturising cream and lip balm, all of which contained pure stabilized Aloe Vera as their largest ingredient, with a few additional ingredients derived from natural sources. I found that within a matter of weeks I was experiencing noticeable positive results. I no longer suffered the pain of mouth ulcers or sensitive teeth after only a couple of weeks using the toothpaste; after continued use I found it reduced the usual build-up of plaque on the surface of my teeth. I subsequently cancelled my annual dental appointment to have my teeth de-scaled and polished and now I rarely go to the dentist, apart from a routine check-up. I was as equally impressed by the Aloe Vera liquid soap for it was gentle enough to use on my entire face (even the delicate area around my eyes) and body. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not cause the usual tightness of skin that all other soaps/cleansing washes had done before. As for the Aloe Vera moisturising cream, it is so nourishing that I am still using it today as my daily moisturiser. In the past I had been known to repeatedly moisturize at least 2 or 3 times a day with a heavy emollient cream because my skin was so dry, but with the Aloe Vera moisturiser applied only once a day, the dry flaky patches of skin became a thing of the past. I believe this is because the Aloe Vera deeply nourished my skin to restore it to its normal condition. I ditched all my steroid creams and chemically-enhanced products from other manufacturers, choosing only to use the natural Aloe Vera instead. Finally, since using the Aloe Vera lip balm I have not suffered one outbreak of my usual troublesome cold sores, which to me is amazing!

After the success with my new Aloe Vera skincare routine, I decided to begin drinking the juice (gel) of the Aloe Vera plant on a daily basis. I experienced further remarkable results with regard to my general health and well-being as a result. My troublesome IBS symptoms dramatically reduced within 3 weeks as my digestive system seemed to work more efficiently, persistent yeast/fungal infections also diminished, both of which I had suffered with for many years. Over the past year, whilst drinking the juice, I have not suffered with the usual colds or flu doing the rounds amongst family and friends, which proves to me, in my experience, that it has helped to balance my immune system.

Overall, I am so elated at the affirmative results I have witnessed with regard to my own health and well-being since discovering Aloe Vera, that I felt inspired to write this article. In addition to this, I have chosen to follow in the footsteps of that wise lady who taught my father about the wonders of Aloe Vera. I too now recommend and supply these same products to others seeking natural alternative health and beauty solutions. I relish the opportunity to share my knowledge and valuable experience of this remarkable plant and to help others learn about the benefits of Aloe Vera.

I would like to add that I am not medically trained and therefore not qualified to make any medical claims with regard to the health of others. The information in this article is purely written from the viewpoint of my own personal experience. It is crucial to understand that Aloe Vera is not a panacea or cure-all or a substitute for a GP's professional advice.

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  1. Roger Bird said..

    Screw the GPs. They are clueless. Thanks for the great testimonial, Katherine Day. MDs in America will say that nothing is of any value except their drugs. But all of their drugs are inherently unhealthy since the pharmaceutical companies can't make any money off of unpatentable things like aloe vera.

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Katherine Day was born in Southampton and moved to Bristol in 2004. She currently resides in a beautiful countryside village on the outskirts of Bristol with her husband Simon. In 2009 she was officially diagnosed with ME/Fibromyalgia and Depression and shortly afterwards ceased working altogether and became housebound. After suffering for years with various ailments and health complaints of varying degrees she grew tired of trying all the products and general medicines available on the market with limited success and then she discovered the ancient complementary medicine alternative - Aloe Vera. The positive results she achieved through using this natural alternative in her diet and daily skincare routine have led to the commencement of her own business recommending and distributing the same organic health and beauty products to others ( With a keen interest in all things natural and spiritual, her main goal for the future is to help others achieve the same levels of health and well-being that she has through sharing her experience and wisdom. Katherine may be contacted via or

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