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Benefits Of Aloe Vera In Diet

by Sana Afreen(more info)

listed in aloe vera, originally published in issue 240 - August 2017

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant and the key to improve your cellular health. As essential as a healthy diet can be, aloe is as essential being a part of your diet. Best known for treating skin injuries, it also has too many beneficial effects on health. A healthy diet has strong compatibility with Aloe, and you’ll see why.


Aloe Vera Plant from Issue 20

Aloe Vera Plant
Reprinted from Aloe Vera Myth or Medicine? by Dr Peter Atherton Issue 20 May 2997


Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, seen as a sacred plant can be of immense use for your overall health. It can be consumed as aloe leaves, aloe juice, or even powdered aloe mixed along with other substances. The intake is based on the need because however medicinal it is, a particular method and dosage needs to be followed.

  1. High Nutritional Value
    Aloe Vera is researched to be high in Vitamin A, C and D.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Property
    Aloe contains compounds like salicylic acid, C-glucosyl, Bradykinase which exhibit anti-inflammatory characteristics. While reducing the production of acid in the body, it minimizes the issue of inflammation to a large extent. Researches have shown the effectiveness of Aloe Vera in cases of inflammatory bowel diseases.
  3. Diabetes Prevention
    The reduction of blood glucose by Aloe Vera is what prevents diabetes and helps maintain a balance. Most people with Diabetes 2 suffer with high blood lipids and drinking aloe juice is linked to reducing these fats and even liver diseases. It further extends its benefits in healing wounds faster, which are the after effects of diabetes complications. Lowering of blood sugar, boosting circulation, increasing oxygenation and lowering of cholesterol levels are some of Aloe Veras top most benefits.
  4. Weight Loss & Increased Immunity
    By possessing a few basic benefits, Aloe Vera naturally aids weight loss too. The basic benefits being : acts as a laxative, naturally detoxifies, lowers glucose levels which prevents accumulation of fats etc. So weight loss comes naturally when Aloe Vera juice is your diet. Your immune systems ages only to become weaker over time, so be sure to include Aloe Vera juice in your diet to help fight diseases better.
  5. Relieves Constipation
    Aloe can be taken as a gel, juice or capsule in order to relieve constipation. The anthraquinones present in the latex help in increasing the intestinal water and stimulates the mucus secretion which are contractions in breaking down the food and mixing the chyme. This helps in avoiding constipation.

Aloe Vera - Side Effects and Precautions :

While Aloe Veras benefits overpower the side effects, it is never too late to know and prevent even the smallest of negatives effects it could cause.

  • Aloe Vera can react with oral medicines and reduce the efficiency;
  • It can interfere with blood sugar levels during or after a surgery;
  • Some may face allergic reactions when Aloe Vera is consumed;
  • Aloe Vera can prevent blood from clotting which can be a nuance;
  • Pregnant and Lactating women shouldn’t consume Aloe Vera juice due to its purgative and irritant qualities;
  • Be sure to check the labels before buying Aloe Vera, to make sure the percentage of Aloe Vera that there are no fillers;
  • Overdose of Aloe Vera can cause blood build-up in the pelvis;
  • It is recommended to have the right doses of Aloe Vera in the right from, as excess can cause kidney problems

It looks as though Aloe Vera can find a place in your home now. Recommended dosages of Aloe Vera is safe, whilst researches are yet to find out more about the positive and negative impacts of it in detail.


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