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Total Body Modification for the Treatment of Allergies

by Sabina Zielinska(more info)

listed in allergies, originally published in issue 84 - January 2003


Total Body Modification (TBM) provides a unique and extraordinary way to desensitize allergies which commonly gives a 95% improvement in symptoms. American allergist Dr Doris Rapp endorses the use of TBM in allergy treatment after finding that the patients who improved by 85% under her treatment went on to obtain a 95% improvement with TBM.

What is TBM?

TBM is an adjunct to all existing chiropractic techniques, allowing imbalances to be detected and corrected through muscle testing and tapping specific body points (similar to acupuncture points) with the fingers. Much like acupuncture, it is believed that energy channels (meridians) are linked to internal organs. The brain also acts much like a computer, with the nerves connected to the organs and muscles acting like an electrical circuit. The brain is the primary control of both branches of the nervous system. Sensory fibres carry messages to the brain where they are processed, like a computer, and the brain in turn tells the body what to do.

A patient having allergies corrected with Total Body Modification
A patient having allergies corrected with Total Body Modification

Under sufficient stress, the neurones in the brain centres (which control the stressed organ or body part) depolarize. This is comparable to blowing a fuse on an electrical circuit - the message gets to the brain but fails to return. This leaves the organ or body part running out of control, resulting in disease symptoms. Through muscle testing and stimulating specific body points the neurones can be re-polarized and the brain will regain control of the body and guide it back to health.

How Did TBM Originate?

TBM evolved from the minds and insights of three chiropractors and kinesiologists Dr Victor L Frank, Dr Robert Riddler and the late Dr C Harold Havlic around 30 years ago. Dr Robert Riddler began to explore the body's healing potential further, going beyond what Applied Kinesiology (AK) had already successfully demonstrated. In his own research, he found ways of accessing the healing potential of the body. He found ways of accessing the body's bio-computer through the use of touch points discovered in AK, as well as trigger point therapy and acupuncture.

Dr Riddler simplified and expanded the concepts of AK using the above noted points and began to share this information with colleagues. He began teaching in California and Canada and inspired Dr. Frank and Dr. Havlic. These innovative chiropractors found that they truly believed that for every disease there is a cure within nature. They decided they wanted to develop and perfect a method of natural care that was repeatable and teachable to everyone. They wanted to do by intent what chiropractors have always done by accident. They also wanted to prove that the living body functions differently than the cadaver body.

TBM was born out of all this expertise, and experience through the health experiences and challenges of several family members. Many, many students came to visit Dr Frank's and Dr Havlic's clinics to see what they were doing. Drs Roger and Thora Grifka requested Dr Frank to teach his methods to other chiropractors.

At this stage, Dr Frank did not know if the work was teachable, learnable or repeatable but decided that he was compelled to see if it could be taught. It could! It worked! It was exciting to impart a new way of looking at health! It was the beginning of a new phase in chiropractic and complementary healthcare!

Needless to say, the work progressed. Dr Frank listened to the many sources voicing new conditions and new ideas. As the years progressed some points were added, while others were deleted from the basic work - only to be added again later into the more advanced modules.

TBM Philosophy

The body will handle problems as well as it can. If it needs help, it says so with a symptom. This symptom may be totally unrelated to the problems the body is working with. For instance, knee pain is directly related to the gall bladder.

TBM Research

At this point in time TBM is able to test and correct most of the known body functions. Through the efforts of many innovators, a body of knowledge and repeatable technical procedures has emerged to find and correct what is termed 'functional physiology'. Over the years, scientific data has validated much of what began as a theory. The results that have been attained have given the impetus, confidence and desire to find out more about how the body really works. Research is an ongoing activity in TBM and every year brings new discoveries.

What Are Allergies?

According to Dr Frank1 allergies are an electromagnetic disharmony affecting one or more organs or glands and manifesting in symptoms.

Why Do We Have Allergies?

The electromagnetic field around the body can be scientifically measured and also photographed using Kirilian photography. People react many times a day to the electromagnetic fields of other people and things. For example when a person meets someone for the first time, they can have three primary reactions.

1. They greet one another like long lost brothers: their electromagnetic fields harmonize, giving a feeling of love and safety;
2. Neutral: there is no negative or positive reaction, it is just there;
3. Distrust/fear: there is a clash of electromagnetic fields, giving rise to the 'fight or flight' adrenal reaction (allergy).

Dr Frank explains that when a patient has inhaled, ingested, or had contact with a disharmonious allergen, the body goes into the same 'fight or flight' reaction; however it cannot fight or run away. The body will respond in symptoms classified as allergy symptoms, to inform the patient that they did something wrong. TBM is able to harmonize the antagonistic allergen with the body, thus eliminating the negative response.

The Cause of Allergies

Dr Frank has discovered five basic causes in 80% of allergy patients:

1. All allergy patients have a sugar metabolism problem
2. They are dehydrated;
3. If they have mercury fillings in their teeth, there is a mercury amalgam poisoning problem and they are reactive to mercury poisoning;
4. They are reactive to honey bees and hence all the foods bees pollinate;
5. They are also reactive to bee pollen.

When these five are corrected, allergic reactions are eliminated in 80% of people, thus the first course of action is to correct these five. If the allergy persists after these five causes have been eradicated then the patient will need to be specifically treated for their allergies.

How Allergies are Detected and Corrected

The patient lies fully clothed throughout treatment. The body is first asked to show a 'yes response', which tends to be a strong muscle, and a 'no response', which tends to be a weak muscle in one of the arms or legs. In the first consultation, a series of muscle tests are then performed to discover and correct the internal imbalances or blockages impairing the patient's health. Simple corrections are made that reset the body's bio-computer to restore organ function, balance blood pressure, stabilize sugar metabolism, improve water utilization, normalize hormonal cycles and strengthen immune responses to viruses, bacteria and parasites. This first consultation in effect 'switches the body on' to respond to the more advanced treatments, such as allergy correction, in future sessions.

Allergy test vial kits are available through TBM. These vials are potentized radionically and represent foods, food additives, environmental pollutants, pandemic diseases, flus (including ME), medication, parasites, vaccines, vaccine fillers, hormones and heavy metals. The allergy can be detected and corrected using one of the test vials, or the patient can bring in an example of the offending item.

The vial is then placed on the thymus and a positive result will be a weak muscle response. The body point that neutralizes the weak muscle (makes the muscle strong) will be corrected. The allergy will then be harmonized to the body by using radionically charged Igs vials (IgA, IgC, IgE, IgG, and IgM), again through finding and correcting the corresponding body point. Once the treatment is finished the patient is then asked to 'challenge' the allergy by ingesting or coming into contact with it within 24 hours.

In some allergy cases there may be a situation called 'Buy In' (a person may have an emotional belief that their ailment or allergy will never recover and thus buy in to having this problem). This again can be corrected with the body point for 'Buy In'. Many people on medication can actually be allergic to their drugs. When the medication is treated as an allergen, it tends to allow the positive part of the drug to be used and the negative side effects seem to be reduced. Dr Frank has found that when the drug insulin is corrected as an allergy, the vision of diabetics suffering RPT blindness tends to improve.

During a follow-up consultation the body's energy flow is restored, emotional blocks cleared, learning disabilities treated, thinking, concentration, and memory improved, flu is neutralized (including ME), allergies are corrected and the immune system is strengthened. There is also a specific approach to complex auto-immune deficiency problems and degenerative disease syndrome techniques.

TBM works amazingly well not only with allergies but also in treating the side-effects of all medications. Hiatal hernias can be treated in a couple of minutes. One patient had the hiatal hernia correction but still went for the scheduled endoscopy only to be told by the bewildered doctor that it looked like she had had a hiatal hernia but it had somehow cleared up. Other diseases that have been successfully treated with TBM include chronic fatigue, frequent colds and flus, viruses (e.g. Herpes, Epstein Barr), Lupus, infertility, arthritis, joint and back problems, gallstones, Crohn's disease, diabetes and glaucoma.

The Benefits of Using of Homoeopathy With TBM

Once all the basic work of TBM has been done, it is possible to ask the body through muscle testing whether it requires homoeopathy. Finding a remedy through muscle testing tends to produce excellent results as the body's life force is able to choose the most appropriate remedy, which therefore by-passes the homoeopath's brain. Through the muscle testing it is possible to ask the body to choose the simillimum, the constitutional remedy, or an acute remedy. The exact potency the body requires can be determined, as can the repetition of the dose. Using remedies with TBM tends to eliminate 99% of aggravations (where the condition worsens before it improves) and results are significantly faster and longer lasting.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A female patient presented with multiple chemical sensitivity, and chronic fatigue. The symptoms developed after she moved house, when she first noticed a heightened sense of smell. She claimed that she could find any chemical hidden in the house, even if she were blindfolded. Her initial reaction to the smell of chemicals was tightness of the occipital muscles in the neck, followed by severe headache, extreme fatigue, irritability, anger and rage. She could only use un-fragranced products and subsequently, her whole family also had to, as she could not be near anyone who wore fragranced products. She had not been able to eat in a restaurant for five years as heavily perfumed ladies would always seem to sit near her. Even essential oils were a problem, in fact anything with a smell.

Upon examination it was found that there was a blood sugar imbalance, her body was dehydrated and there was a bee, bee pollen and mercury allergy all critical factors in allergic patients. The patient was advised to go on a blood sugar balancing diet for two weeks. On the follow-up consultation her energy had improved by 90%. Her heightened sense of smell was 40% better. She had brought in some cleaning products, and a mixture of perfumes and these were harmonized to her body using the Ig method. On the second follow-up she reported her energy was 100% better, her reaction to smells was 85% better although her sense of smell was still strong, but this was not a problem. She was able to eat in a restaurant for the first time, when she did come into contact with someone heavily perfumed she felt some tightness in her neck but did not develop any other symptoms and was positively delighted. For the next three consultations various other environmental allergens were corrected and the patient continues to experience a 90-95% improvement in her symptoms.

Case Study 2

A male patient aged 25 presented with hay fever in the May, June, July months. His medication consisted of daily anti-histamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops, which only slightly reduced the symptoms. The basic exam was carried out, discovering that his blood sugar was out of balance and the body was dehydrated. Mercury was not a problem, but the patient had no mercury fillings. Bee, bee pollen and ragweed were treated using the Ig allergy correction. On the follow-up the patient stated his symptoms had improved by 70%. He had only needed to use his medication in the first three days and the drugs had for the first time completely removed all his symptoms. He did not feel a need for the use of nasal sprays and eye drops. The medication was also cleared as an allergy. I asked the patient to mentally visualize going through the calendar months and as he did so, a muscle weakness occurred with the months May, June and July. This was corrected. The bee, bee pollen and ragweed were checked for 'Buy In', which was present and this again was cleared. I asked the patient to bring in some dust on a tissue from his house, car, work place and outside his home on the next visit. On the second follow-up, the patient reported a 90% improvement. He no longer had need for any medication but still occasionally, suffered some mild rhinitis, but no itchy eyes. He did not feel his mild symptoms warranted use of medication and he was extremely pleased with the results.


Frank L Victor. Total Body Modification. TBM Seminars inc. 1999.

Further Information

For further information concerning TBM, a list of practitioners, and a schedule of seminars for health professionals please contact:
Dr Victor Frank,
Total Body Modification,
1907 East Foxmoor Circle,
Sandy, Utah 84092 USA.
Tel: 801 571 2411; Fax: 801 576 0806;;


  1. Amanda Garner said..

    Good Afternoon,

    I have read the book "Allergy - Disease in Disguise". I have been sensitive to somethings, but something triggered my health and now I have developed issues very quickly, but the standard MD's at the ER say there's nothing wrong with me. I really need to see an allergist. Do you know of one in Calgary Alberta in Canada?

    I don't know if this helps but here are some of my symptoms:

    Coughing, bronchospasms, itchy throat and ears, runny eyes and stuffy nose, swollen thoat and dificultly breathing, lots of clear mucuos in sinuses and while coughing, get winded really quickly, and I don't ever feel like I get enough air, I get bloated, and mentally disconnected. I can't stand dust, chemicals, pollution, mold or other particals in the air, I'm exhausted all the time, and I'm not sleeping.There are more, I just can't think of them at the moment. Could you please help me?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Amanda Garner


  2. Steve said..

    I'm really happy to find such a good overview of TBM and allergy correction. Can you tell me where I could get training/certification for TBM? Do I have to have a practitioner's license in order to participate in training?

  3. Laura said..

    I'm wondering if TBM is appropriate for infants with milk/ soy protein allergy. My little one is 6 months old.

  4. Karen Stanzani said..


    I find the information on this site absolutely fascinating! It was sent to me by my son who has been told he must have a 2nd surgery to remove a nose FULL of polyps.This condition prevents him sleeping.

    Question: Do you think they can they be eradicated by your treatment? Or do you recommend surgery then maintenance therapy?

    Please tell me how I can locate an experienced, reliable, GOOD, therapist in your field near Clearwater, Florida.


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