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Hydration and nutrition are vital to achieving high levels of wellbeing. At Water for Health we care passionately about natural approaches to health – especially about hydration, proper body pH balance and the best quality nutrition.


Water for Health: Our Story


We understand the benefits of hydration and quality nutrition can help to bring about, and have selected a range of products from all over the world. We are the exclusive distributors of all our product ranges, for the UK and Europe; we work solely with suppliers sharing our vision to promote optimal health through natural approaches.


Water for Health Ltd starting trading in 2007 with the objective of affecting many lives positively. Since we started trading, we have introduced many innovative products while also partnering with leading suppliers sharing a similar ethos. Today we supply products to thousands of people throughout Europe and across the UK. We not only aspire to supply high-quality products, but also are committed to support this with a caring, client-focused approach.


Grees Food Supplements


Green Food Supplements

In recent times, we have been witness to a green food revolution, with many of us starting to appreciate the significant benefits greens can confer to our health and wellbeing. The growth in green food powders, smoothies and green drinks doesn't come as surprise to us: at Water for Health, we’ve been promoting their benefits for years! 

However, despite an increased awareness, research indicates that the majority of people still don't consume 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, let alone the 10 portions which are associated with the most health benefits.

Super green food supplements provide remarkable nutrient density that count towards your 5-a-day. Our convenient greens powders supply vital trace nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids the body needs.



Detox Supplements



Detox Supplements

Dietary contaminants and environmental pollution expose us to an increasingly large number of potentially hazardous toxic materials. These toxins – expecially heavy metals, neurotoxins and chemical pesticides – accumulate in our bodies over time, disrupting the ability of our body to absorb nutrients properly. These toxins also contribute to:

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Less than optimal cellular health
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus
  • Weakened immune function


This is why we feel it is vital that everyone add some type of natural detoxification supplement to their health and wellness program. Our range of detox supplements is considerably extensive; each is chosen for its ability to enhance the body's ability to discharge contaminants using liquid zeolites, minerals, amino acids and nutrients that can either enhance cellular function or bind to the majority of dietary and environmental contaminants – particularly heavy metals including lead and mercury.


Alkaline Water Products



Alkaline Water Products

Good hydration is essential if we wish to achieve optimum health. At Water for Health we believe that drinking alkaline ionized water is of benefit for everyone.


We offer for sale one of the widest ranges of effective and affordable product options, from the Biocera Alkaline Jug through to undersink alkaline water filter systems as well as personal water ionizers.


Alkaline ionized water was traditionally produced by electrolytic processes; there is still a wide choice of these on the market. Over the past decade, an array of alkaline ionized water products have been developed using natural minerals rather than electricity.


At Water for Health, we are specialists in the use of natural mineral based products. These are much more affordable – this being one of our main reasons to bring the benefits of alkaline ionized water to as many people as possible.


The reaction which occurs between the minerals and the water results in a more alkaline, increased pH along with a change in the oxidation reduction potential (ORP).


Water for Health - a Family Business


Water for Health has remained a family company, managed by Roddy MacDonald and his son Ed. We employ a small team of dedicated staff who are committed to furthering the vision of the business. Based in Perthshire, Central Scotland, we have access to an excellent distribution network.


We dislike seeing people suffer from pain and debility in one form or another due to issues which could be solved with good hydration and quality nutrition. That’s why at Water for Health we remain committed to promoting better living through education.

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