The FlexxiCore® Challenger and Passive Exerciser

Advanced technology for staying fit and flexible

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Introducing The FlexxiCore Challenger

The revolutionary approach to staying toned, fit and flexible – without breaking sweat…
give your body an invigorating workout in just 5 to 10 minutes




The FlexxiCore Challenger


The FlexxiCore Challenger combines the sophisticated technology of the specialist Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) equipment used in Health Clubs and Gyms with a new, convenient and amazingly versatile design.


For use at home by fitness enthusiasts and amateurs alike. READ MORE



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Flexxicore Challenger Introductory Video


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Flexxicore Challenger - Getting Started



The Flexxicore Passive Exerciser

Just 5 – 10 minutes on this Revolutionary Passive Exerciser
can transform your back care, energy levels, sleep quality & more


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FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser


The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser is the culmination of decades of therapeutic knowledge and experience. One branch of that knowledge originated in Japan – where ‘Goldfish exercise’, as it is affectionately known by the Japanese, has a long history. The other historical roots lie in the West – more specifically in Canada where “Continuous Passive Motion” [CPM] equipment was invented in the 1970s by a specialist in treating backs.


CPM equipment is used by osteopaths and other back care professionals to ease spinal problems by encouraging the flow of synovial fluid between the discs. This helps to reduce inflammation and ease pain by supplying nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, and helping to expel the toxins that arise from inflammation.


The oscillatory motion utilized by CPM mirrors some of the techniques used in therapies such as Shiatsu [Japan], Trager [USA] and the harmonic hands-on work of Osteopaths themselves. These manual techniques aim at releasing tension and inducing relaxation. Research has shown that the high incidence of back pain can be largely attributed to a chronic inability to relax, physically and/or mentally. Meanwhile a rocking motion is known to help synchronize brain waves and calm the nervous system.






The Japanese have been practicing “Goldfish Exercise” at least since the 1920s, both as an exercise form in traditional martial arts such as Aikido, and in therapies such as Shiatsu. The principle is to create an oscillating movement in the pelvis which simulates the elegant motion of a fish moving through water. The objective behind these techniques is to stimulate the body’s natural energy systems including deeper respiration and improved circulation, as well as facilitating release of stress and realignment of postural problems.


Then in 1990 a simple but ingenious energizing exercise machine was invented in Japan which gently swings your feet, making this invigorating exercise form more accessible for ordinary people to use at home.


The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser combines the invigorating and toning effects of the energizing exercisers invented by the Japanese with the therapeutic back care benefits of specialist CPM equipment – at a fraction of the cost. You just lie down, put your feet up, and let the FlexxiCore’s robust motor do all the work. An elegant and rhythmic wave of oscillating “goldfish” movement travels through your body, releasing tension and stress, while stimulating your body’s energy and circulatory systems.



How can such a simple ‘pulsing’ movement be so effective?

With the FlexxiCore’s smooth and regular rhythm, the brain seems to easily tune in. After a short while it realises exercise is happening, and breathing starts to naturally deepen. The brain and body also realise that it is now completely ‘safe to let go’ - as the body is fully supported while lying down. The tension normally inherent to any active exercise can be released. It is the body’s natural response that is working here.


The muscles relax, and tension that has been held through bad posture, misalignment or stress is released. The nervous system is gently but powerfully stimulated. This results in a boost to circulation of the blood and lymph systems, deeper respiration and lots more fundamental benefits that can often surprise – as the system moves on to a higher level, many longstanding symptoms of imbalance and other health challenges can be relieved …...


The FlexxiCore’s amazing ability to simultaneously stimulate the system and release tension at comfortable speed levels means that it is not only fit and healthy people who can enjoy it. People suffering from a broad range of ailments very often see very substantial benefits – generally falling into one or more of these 4 categories:


1.    poor energy – stimulating the nervous system, deeper breathing, boosting blood and lymph circulation, etc

2.    musculo-skeletal – gentle mobilisation of the hips and back, release of tension, muscle toning, realignment

3.    digestive system – gentle & deeply acting massage of the internal organs

4.    stress – many report a transformation in their mental / emotional state, including better sleep   

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