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Silica-rich water removes aluminium toxicity

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Silica Waters


Properties of Acilis by Spritzer – Silica-Rich Artesian Water

Acilis by Spritzer is naturally infused with silica as it filters through 400ft of rock and sandstone strata and is drawn from an artesian aquifer deep beneath pristine rainforest in the Maxwell Hills of Malaysia.Safe and non-invasive for people of all ages to drink, it has a silica content of 55 mg/L, a perfectly balanced pH level of 7.1 and sold in safe recyclable PET and BPA-free bottles.


Silica Waters Rock Strata


Product Description

Our water is naturally vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free; free from any sugars, sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, and certified halal. It is safe for people of all ages to drink, and does not interfere with any medications.


Silica Waters Acilis


We worked closely with our friends at Spritzer to develop ACILIS, especially for people in the UK and Europe; a great-tasting, natural silica bottled water, that is bottled at source, free from contaminants, and sold in safe PET  and BPA-free bottles.


We not only want to help people benefit from silica water’s amazing health benefits, but raise awareness of scientific research that is revealing more to us about this incredible mineral – and how it can be used to combat aluminium, a neurotoxic metal in many everyday products.


Toxic Aluminium In Human Brain Tissue


This ground breaking research is led by world-leading aluminium toxicology expert UK Professor Christopher Exley. His research has revealed that consuming a silica water every day removes aluminium from the body.


Silica is also known to help promote softer skin, shinier hair, stronger nails and supple joints.


Supporting  research into the benefits of silica-rich water was inspired to bring the natural benefits of silica-rich water to the UK in the form of Acilis by Spritzer  – the artesian water shown in scientific research to remove neuro-toxic aluminium from the body as a lifestyle precaution. We support research into the benefits of drinking silica-rich water and provide free samples and discount for Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s and MS support groups.


Silica Waters Not for Profit - Certified Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise for Good is a certified not-for-profit social enterprise for good, certified by government approved organisation Social Enterprise UK, it’s all about putting caring for the community above profit. does it by providing free samples of silica-rich mineral water with discounts to hundreds of families impacted by neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and autism, while pledging a portion of profit to further scientific research.


For their unique artesian bottled mineral water called “Acilis by Spritzer”, is scientifically proven to remove immuno-suppressant neurotoxic aluminium from the body, while boosting rejuvenating body collagen. was inspired to make silica-rich mineral water available for the first time here after hearing groundbreaking research by UK scientists about its natural power to remove ubiquitous metal from our body and brain – even though it has to come all the way from the tropical rainforest of Malaysia where it is eco-sustainably sourced.


20% off Acilis Silicawater with coupon code ACILIS20: Celebrating put caring for the community over profit.


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SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH*  shows drinking silica-rich Acilis by Spritzer® bottled artesian water - ethically sourced from an eco-sustainable rainforest - helps remove neurotoxic and immuno-suppressant aluminium safely from the body; while boosting body collagen for softer skin, supple joints and deterring hair loss. Free samples/discounts for those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS , epilepsy and autism at – a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise for Good. From 62p a bottle.


Win free Acilis at weblink or freephone 0800 043 1707; plus 20% off with code ACILIS20. *Science view


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