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Since 1997 the Seagreens® project has established 5 remote harvesting locations, from Arctic Norwegian Lapland to Scotland and the west coast of Ireland, specifically to produce our best seaweeds for human nutrition. Innovative research and production has made Seagreens a leading authority on the composition and health benefits of these native wild species and its seaweed ingredients are used by brands like Viridian Nutrition, Pukka Herbs, and Cytoplan.



Seagreens Range





Seagreens® own unique nutrition products are whole, non-allergenic seaweeds with nothing added or extracted. Only very small amounts are required, but every day, since many of their complete micronutrients including ideally balanced fatty acids (PUFAs) are not made in the body and must come from our diet. This is true, whether restoring mineral and micronutrient sufficiency, working with the gut microbiome, or addressing bacterial or degenerative diseases of the mind and body.


Seagreens® make it easy to include 1g (a quarter of a teaspoon) up to 4g (a heaped teaspoon) in the daily diet, as dried granules, chopped pieces, or in vegetable capsules, on a permanent basis. They can be used in almost any everyday food or drink.


4 to 5 grams daily, as in the traditional Japanese diet, or more, is considered to enter the realm of  therapeutic use, ideally for shorter periods with professional guidance. More than this is generally neither necessary nor desirable, and larger amounts of seaweed, weekly or still less frequently, make no significant contribution to health.


Seaweeds for human nutrition must meet rigorous safety and quality standards and their use from dubious sources is not to be recommended. Their composition must be known and closely monitored, and the nutritional profile must be consistent, without harmful contaminants or allergens.


Only in this way, can nutritional therapists be confident of potential outcomes and consumers know what they are eating.


Seagreens® nutritional profiles are monitored under independent Nutritious Food Seaweed certification by the Biodynamic Association, and published at


Information & Education

Seagreens® Information Service will respond promptly to any enquiry, even if it has to be referred to someone whose special knowledge is required.


We are pleased to send printed copies of 25 Years in Seaweed Nutrition (link below) which you can view with a click.


Visit our Portal for Healthcare Professionals (link below), a module of our information website. Simply scroll down to DIGESTION, THYROID and health conditions supported by our applied research and the peer-reviewed research of others, within the regulatory framework for 'health claims’. This does not extend to all Seagreens® uses, for example in the autistic spectrum, cancer management (eg. Penny Brohn), in children or the elderly, much of which has yet to be studied. But at least it lays a scientific basis for the (daily) therapeutic use of small amounts of seaweed, as well as their remarkable balance of micronutrients.

Please visit our resources for healthcare professionals (link below) at our Information Website which contains many articles and Short Features published over the years in Positive Health.


Nutrition Products

Seagreens® nutrition products are available to order wholesale from Seagreens Trade Direct 01342 888095 or Natural Dispensary 01453 757792. Natural Dispensary also provide a practitioner account which your clients can use to order.

It matters less which Seagreens® products you choose.

More important is how you or your clients want to use them.

All deliver Seagreens® valuable micronutrients and health benefits.

Mix and match them to achieve at least their recommended daily intake.


Food Capsules and Granules



Food Capsules 60 and 180 size jars

Food Capsules


Food Granules 90g (not encapsulated)

Food Granules


Iodine Sufficiency Capsules

Explore our Iodine Sufficiency booklet (link below) and please ask for copies for your clinic.


Iodine Plus Capsules 60

Iodine Lite Plus 90 for children



Culinary Ingredient and Pelvetia Pieces

Culinary Ingredient 90g

Pelvetia Pieces 50g




The Mineral Salt and The Ruby One

The Mineral Salt 75g

The Ruby One 55g



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