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Why is Seaweed Considered to be a Superfood?

Such a comprehensive balance of nutrients is found in no other natural food but seaweed.

From the primordial ocean to the vegetation and animals which remain our food today, the continuous line of our chemical and nutritional composition can be traced back beyond the earliest organisms to the very chemistry of life itself, which is the chemistry of the oceans.

In the course of time, life forms and their own different diets became increasingly specialised, excluding the need for this mineral or that protein, where before, even the most toxic of substances might have been tolerated by the organism.

The human body is perhaps the most complex achievement, its intricate design engineered over millenia to maintain the balance of nutrients required to maintain its overall equilibrium.

Seaweed, still absorbing the nutrients of our primordial beginnings still needed by our bodies, especialy all the minerals and trace elements, retains the unique capacity to fill all the gaps in the very different foods we now eat, including land vegetables which have comparatively narrow nutrient profiles.


Seagreens Capsules and Flakes

Seagreens® Food Capsules and Food Granules contain a unique blend of Seagreens® native wild seaweeds providing comprehensive nutritional support for people of all ages

Seaweed responds to the nutrient depletion in modern foods including meat and fish. It assists the body to rid itself of chemical food additives and environmental contaminants.

Foods which upset our nutritional homeostasis (eg. coffee, alcohol) or give rise to intolerances (eg. modified wheat) find their apotheosis in seaweed.


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Click on the picture to explore Seagreens® nutrition research since 2008 - cardiovascular, obesity, thyroid iodine, diabetes, antioxidant capacity, prebiotics and more


In this more settled but complex world, the balance of nutrients still does not return naturally to the soil, or the food we produce in it: it is certainly not helped by our erratic agricultural interventions.

This behoves us to play the role of responsible steward, not just for our own good, but for the planet which is our home. Ocean, earth, soil, food, body - we are still what we eat.

Thus biodynamic and organic composting - the very best forms of husbandry - use seaweed among their most significant inputs.

The nutritional value of our soil and food is in steep decline - the numbers in brackets on the following pages refer to scientific references listed in our 'University' section / Research.


Seagreens Mineral Salt Healthy Living Award - Seagreens

The Mineral Salt - voted 'Best New Product 2011' and 'Best Organic Product' - another health promoting product and a delicious way to cut salt intake by half and boost natural minerals, trace elements and vitamins!


The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Seagreens’ Organic wrack seaweed from its sustainable harvesting among the Scottish Outer Hebrides, and unrefined Certified Cornish Sea Salt.

This 50/50 mix from the top and bottom of the British Isles offers “twice the flavour and half the salt”, with a nutritional profile even the best salt in the world can only dream of!

Click here for nutrition information and the story behind The Mineral Salt jar.

Consumers described The Mineral Salt at the Real Food Show, London and at the Weston Price Foundation Conference in the USA as: “Lovely", "Brilliant” and “Just as good as salt & pepper”.

This is the ideal mineral balanced alternative to table salt. It is simply tastier and healthier!

The product was voted Best New Product (CAM 2011) and Highly Commmended (Free From Food Awards 2011) - please click for details.

In 2012 Seagreens Food Capsules - voted 'Best Vitamin & Mineral Supplement' by consumers and practitioners in CAM Lifestyle magazine - are available from the best natural food stores in 670 and 180 capsule sizes - Seagreens' iconic green jar is shown at top of page.

On the Seagreens website you can 'Search' for your nearest stockists or ask Seagreens Information Service for email or personal telephone help.

Between 2009-10 ground-breaking obesity research was conducted independently at the Centre for Food Innovation in Sheffield, England, in which 100% whole food wild Seagreens positively assisted weight management and weight loss.

Reducing sodium chloride in manufactured foods has been top of Seagreens research agenda since 2007.

Dr Andrew Fairclough, lead researcher at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Food Innovation, announced in 2010 that “Seagreens® Ascophyllum nodosum is a potential replacement for salt as sodium chloride and can be used to achieve salt levels below the recommended limit”.

A study in obesity, the first project sponsored by the Foundation, won the Alpro Foundation Masters Award in 2010. In 2012 Seagreens set up the independent, not-for-profit Seaweed Health Foundation for research, standards and education, at the Natural History Museum in London.

Seagreens' founder, Simon Ranger, unravels the myths and mahem of 'the salt debate' in this Caduceus magazine article published November 2010.

Information Service

Our complete Information Service is to be found at the end of a telephone line in West Sussex!

Whatever your enquiry, it will either be responded to immediately, or referred to someone whose special knowledge is required. We will always do our best to help, and listening carefully to our customers and stakeholders is the best means we have of monitoring and improving Seagreens® products and services.

Telephone01444 400403 or if you are calling from outside the UK +44-1444 400403

Or write to:  Seagreens Ltd, The Warren Estate, Handcross, West Sussex, RH17 6DX.

Manufacturing ingredients

If you are enquiring for the first time about Seagreens® Certified Ingredients for your own manufacturing, we can probably help you best if you would be kind enough to click here and send us your contact details. Thank you.

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