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PeaceGifts.Shop – Gifts to Support Peace and Interfaith Harmony

The Abrahamic Reunion, founded in 2004, is a team of peacemakers dedicated to opening hearts to the love and wisdom of spiritual traditions in order to build peace, in the wider world. The organization is non-political and respects all faiths equally. The A.R.E. provides education, inspiration and action to promote inter-religious harmony in our multi-faith society. We are non-political and acknowledge those, such as Humanists who play a vital role in bringing peace.


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PeaceGifts.Shop sells gifts associated with peace and interfaith harmony to raise funds for this vital peace work. see



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“It is inner stillness that will save the world” Eckhart Tolle. He teaches that happiness is dependent on outside circumstances but inner peace is not. Could it be that if we can obtain more inner peace we will not feel the need to over consume the world’s resources?


Apparel to Inspire


The perfect place to purchase incredible gifts for you and your loved ones. Priceless gifts that will bring peace and be treasured for many years. Knowing that with each purchase you are making a real difference by supporting this charity.


All gifts can be personalized with your own special message. e.g.


Happy Birthday Dad or Mum, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, etc.


Mugs with Spiritual Messages


We offer products with one theme: Peace. A continuous reminder of how we can make ourselves more peaceful and some of the benefits of peace in our lives.  Help make a real difference by purchasing gifts from


All profits from the sale of our gifts go towards bringing peace between religious communities.


No wages are taken by the Peace Gifts shop volunteers.

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