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Welcome to Organic Aromatherapy

Welcome to Organic Aromatherapy, your sanctuary for holistic health and high-vibrational wellness. Embark on a journey with us as we embrace the shift from the physical to the ethereal, offering you handcrafted vibrational healing tools designed to elevate your personal energy.

In person or remote sessions available (based in Southampton, UK).

Advanced Chakra specialist /Holistic therapist/healing/aromatherapy /body/new quantum healing experience options (Orynoco WSU V4/5 quantum TSEs and quantum loops, lifewave infra red light/stem cell renewal). 30+ years of experience in personal wellness, shamanic practice, pain relief / body realignment and soul readings.



Chakra Balancing Creams and Meridian Range




Balance your Chakras

The 18 Chakra Balancing and 15 physical support creams are vibrational healing tools that work well individually or as a complete "toolkit for good health".


All the creams have been spiritually channelled, and developed to dissolve energy blockages in our energy systems within minutes, facilitating a natural flow of energy so that balance can be restored and our bodies can get on with the job of healing themselves.


The results are amazing! Apply 2 x day for optimum results.

All the creams are:

  • Hand-made with aromatherapy oils and love.
  • As organic as possible.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Paraben free.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Work within seconds.
  • Recommended by Caroline Myss Ph.D


Organic Aromatherapy


"Before using the Soul Harmony creams, I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks . I can honestly say I feel totally different now. I can drive with confidence and through your treatments and using the creams I now feel a stronger connection with something much greater which gives me real comfort. I can feel the creams working as soon as I put them on and they smell wonderful. I have also been using your base cream on my two little ones and we no longer have the big emotional scenes when I drop them at nursery. The base cream as you suggested makes them much more grounded and secure little souls. I am recommending your creams to everyone!" Laura D. Hants

"I have had a wheat intolerance for over 3 years now and it got really bad within six months where even the slightest bit of wheat would cause my body to cramp and I would be in such pain! I tried everything and tried changing my diet but it's hard when you are in a busy job and are constantly having client lunches and dinners. When I met Sarah I was slightly cynical of the creams as I've never known anything like this to work but the Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Cream is my magic wand! I don't know what I'd do without it. I don't know how it works but it does...! I use the cream day and night and after every big meal and since using it, I haven't had any symptoms - except when it ran out and I was waiting for my new one! I have been recommending it to all - this is amazing! Sarah is amazing!" Suzy Dee Holland, 25 PR Account Director.

"I just wanted to thank you for the Soul Star Chakra Attuning Cream...Its made my life so much easier...not sure how but it seemed to improve the minute I unscrewed the cap and smelt the cream...even before putting any on I felt more relaxed somehow.More able to cope. Genius!" Angela W East Sussex


The chakra man shows the location in the body of the 18 major chakras (energy points) that we use.


2015 Chakra Figure 18 Chakra Points


Find the coloured dot that is closest to your area of pain/concern....this will guide you to a solution. There are hundreds of chakras joined together by nadis (energy connecting lines) and connected to the nervous system at the plexuses. Emotion is directly hot-wired to health at these points. The 18 shown on this site are the most important ones.


Once you have found the chakra(s) that are dis-affecting your wellbeing, you can shop for the associated chakra balancing cream(s). Creams are available in two sizes. You only need a little, which will work within seconds to dissolve any blockages allowing the body to heal itself.


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