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Complementary Health Professionals CHP 2018 Events and Workshops

This page lets you know at a glance the events and workshops scheduled each month offered by our accredited schools. Click on the links (underlined) to take you to the relevant page for more information and scroll down to take you to each month of 2018.

Natural Therapeutics run by Carole Preen has CHP accredited diploma courses in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy that can be started at any time as well as online CPD courses for therapists to enhance their practices or upgrade to CHP/CNHC standards.

Julie Quinn's school offers accredited blended learning courses in Reflexology that you can start anytime with practical session tailored to suit as well as reflexology masterclasses to upgrade an existing reflexology qualification to CHP and CNHC standards.



27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st August - Neuroskeletal Practicals as part of the diploma at Natural Therapeutics.



1st & 2nd September - Oncology Massage with Susan Findlay in London

4th September - Muscle Energy Technique with the Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

5th September - Aromatherapy Study Day, Carrier Oils with the Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

6th September - Aromatherapy Study Day, Hydrolats, Therapy Training Centre

7th September - Spiral Stabilization Foundation Course

11th September - Balinese Massage, Therapy Training Centre

12th September - Rare & Unusual Essential Oils, Therapy Training Centre

22nd/23rd September - Part 1 of the Crystal Massage Course at Dreamstone Holistics

25th September - Hand reflexology, Therapy Training Centre

26th September - Natural Facelift Massage, Therapy Training Centre

27th September - Hot Stone Massage, Therapy Training Centre

28th September - Lomilomi Massage with Hunaquest (note £120 discount available to CHP members who book early)



2nd-3rd October - Reiki II, Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

9th October - Sports & Deep Tissue Massage for the Neck, Therapy Training Centre

10th October - Sports and Deep Tissue Massage for the Shoulders, Therapy Training Centre

11th October - Sports & Deep Tissue Massage for Lower Back, Therapy Training Centre

20th October - CHP Annual Conference, St. Ethelburga's, London. Click here to book your ticket. Click here to download the speaker's list and agenda.

20th-23rd October- Full practitioner course in Spiral Stabilization with Dr R. Smisek in London

23rd October - Natural Skincare Product Making Workshop, Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

24th October - Ultimate Foot Massage - Therapy Training Centre

25th/26th October - Crystal Healing Diploma starts at Natural Therapeutics

27th-28th October - Crystal Massage Part 2 with Dreamstone Holisitcs

31st October - Thai Foot Massage, Therapy Training Centre



1st November - Taiwanese Reflexology, Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

2nd November - Advanced Reflexology Techniques, Therapy Training Centre

6th November - Positional Release, Therapy Training Centre

20th November - Reflexology and Cancer, Therapy Training Centre

21st November - Aromatherapy and Cancer, Therapy Training Centre

22nd November - Indian Head Massage, Therapy Training Centre

24th November - Spiral Stabilization Foundation Course, London

27th November - Analgesic Essential Oils, Therapy Training Centre

28th November - Aromatherapy and Respiratory Infections, Therapy Training Centre



4th December - Chakra Workshop, Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

5th December - Meditation Workshop, Therapy Training Centre, Scarborough

8th December - Spiral Stabilization Foundation Course

13th & 14th December - Crystal Healing Diploma practicals at Natural Therapeutics

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