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Jerome Burne has been a health journalist for twenty years and written for most of the national newspapers and a variety of magazines. Before that he edited a massive tome called Chronicle of the World and before that he was co-editor of Time Out in the mid-1980s. In recent years he has written mainly for the Daily Mail has also contributed regularly to Reader’s Digest and occasionally to the Times Literary Supplement. In 2012 he won the  award in the category Medical Science Explained from the Medical Journalist’s Association and was also runner up in the category Best National Newspaper Feature . Jerome is married, has five children and lives in London, swims regularly and finds his work endlessly fascinating. He may be contacted via https://jeromeburne.com/

Articles by Jerome Burne

  1. Drugs versus Nutritional Medicine for Common Health Complaints

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    The author points out that although we would like to believe that drugs are developed, tested and prescribed on the basis of being the most effective for curing what is wrong with u...

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