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Elena Francesca Barbiero BSc (Hons) ITEC is an experienced complementary therapist who specializes in Emotional Freedom Technique in combination with a variety of techniques/therapies, such as Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Metamorphic Technique, Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy to mention a few.

Elena has worked as a therapist since 2002 in established London clinics and is also a contributor to Positive Health PH Online. She is a member of AAMET International (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). Elena may be contacted via elenafrancescab@gmail.com

Articles by Elena Francesca Barbiero

  1. My Fight Against Eczema: A Reiki Success Story

    Listed in skincare

    In this article the author focuses on Eczema and shares her experience seeking treatment for her four year-old daughter skin condition.

  2. Reflexology in Conception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

    Listed in reflexology

    The author of this feature is a qualified Reflexologist and also a mum, so has a unique approach to the use of Reflexology for mums and mums-to-be. Pregnancy Reflexology is a recogn...

  3. Treating Adenoids in Children - Natural Approaches

    Listed in allergies

    This article focuses on the natural treatment approach to adenoids. The author presents the case of her daughter who was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids by an ENT surgeon and recom...

  4. Skincare: Eliminating Warts, an Integrated Approach.

    Listed in skincare

    Graced with a fairly effective immune system, I personally had never appreciated the difficulty many face when affected by warts: when I happened to be afflicted by such ailment, a...

  5. Understanding Energy: What ‘Energy’ Is, and is Not

    Listed in energy medicine

    It may seem difficult to grasp the concept of an ‘energy’ emanating from us as human beings, and this energy having also ‘healing’ properties, or ‘physical’ attributes, able to aff...

  6. Reflexology: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Effects

    Listed in reflexology

    The idea that Reflexology can be used not only as a tool to address physical ailments, but also spiritual ones, has taken ground in the last few years. Is there some truth in the ab...

  7. Reflexology during Pregnancy and Labour: Labour Trigger Points Explained

    Listed in reflexology

    Reflexology text books and courses are usually somewhat vague on the subject of pregnancy, deeming that only ‘experienced’ Reflexologists should treat pregnant ladies; they stress ...

  8. Forever Young Rejuvenation: can you Program your Body to Stay Young?

    Listed in ageing

    The desire to look youthful and healthy is not wrong in itself, although my impression is that it has become almost compulsive; this of course benefits the finances of the ones who...

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