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  1. Alzheimer's Disease - Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment

    by Dr Smita Pandey Bhat PhD

    This article, as the title suggests, is a detailed and very well referenced account of Alzheimer's Disease. It begins by describing the three stages, each of which can last a varyin...

  2. Case Study: Family Experience of Living with Alzheimer's Disease

    by Sheri Williams

    This article describes Alzheimer's Disease and the statistics concerning this illness - there are currently 800,000 people living with dementia, and this figure is on the rise.

  3. Dementia - The Global Pandemic

    by David Mullane

    Dementia - The Global Pandemic

  4. Grandad's Silent Ordeal with Alzheimer's

    by J Robert Hager II

    The author looks beyond his grandfather as a man who suffers from Alzheimer's and instead focuses on the man as he was before the condition struck.

  5. Inflammatory Process in Alzheimer's Disease

    by Manuela Malaguti Boyle

    The author a Naturopath, describes Alzheimer's disease (AD) as a progressive degenerative disorder characterized by memory loss, intellectual decline and definitive cognitive impair...

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