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Weaving One's Way to Wellness with Etheric Weavers

by Kay Zega(more info)

listed in angelic healing, originally published in issue 184 - July 2011

I was first introduced to Etheric Weavers in June 2006 at Kevin & Christine Core's Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Update in Yorkshire.

Discussing aspects of the etheric body, and about to conduct treatments to heal etheric body damage, a fellow Angelic Reiki Master Teacher whipped out their Etheric Weaver and proceeded to demonstrate its healing abilities.  More about Etheric Weavers later.

First, perhaps an explanation about the etheric body:


What is the Etheric Body (Etheric Field)?
Kevin Core's understanding of the etheric body (also termed the 'pranic body', 'vital body' and 'etheric field') is that it is critical to good health.  

The etheric body[1] is the conditioning vehicle upon which the physical body is built and is the means whereby lifeforce energy is transmitted from all the higher dimensions to animate the physical body.  It is the inner substantial form upon which the physical body is built or constructed.  It is the inner scaffolding which underlies every part of the whole outer being.  It is the framework which sustains the whole.  It is the inner structure on which the outer form is patterned.  Regulating the chakras, it comprises the network of nadis which constitute the counterpart or the duplicate aspect of the entire nervous system which forms such an important part of the human mechanism.  The etheric body is most definitely, along with the blood stream, the instrument of the lifeforce.  

So, the etheric field[2] is the matrix of the physical, emotional and mental bodies manifested as a unified reality.  It is the divine pulse and matrix that holds everything together.  It is the principle of life.  It is through the etheric field that the past, present and future, mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed.

The soul pours its consciously directed energy into the dense physical body through the medium of the etheric body. This is composed of the following:

  1. Lines of force and of points where these lines of force cross each other; in crossing they form centres of energy.  Where many such lines often cross each other there is a larger centre of energy, and where great streams of energy meet and cross, as they do in the head and up the spine, these are the seven major energy gateways/centres (chakras);
  2. Forty-nine minor centres of force.  These are found scattered all over the body;
  3. Streams of energy, which connect all the centres into two systems - one major and one minor - which radiate out from the centres all over the entire body;
  4. The nadis (infinitesimal small threads of energy or force fibres which radiate out from every part of the network and underlie every part of the triple system).  There are millions of nadis and they produce the sensitive response apparatus through which we work and of which the mechanism of the five senses is one of the externalizations.

A healthy etheric body/field manifests as a group collective consciousness within humanity that embodies the soul.  

How Does the Etheric Body get Damaged?
The opposite manifestation of the etheric body/field is the astral field which separates the physical, emotional and mental bodies and manifests personality with symptoms of suffering, desire, illusion, delusion and glamour.  The astral field draws the physical, emotional and mental bodies down in vitality into disease and density, bringing about a lack of receptivity and veiling the inner light of the etheric body/field.  

Astral qualities such as bad habits, vices, etc violate the physical, emotional and mental bodies.  The etheric body shrivels and the physical, emotional and mental bodies harden and habitual patterns form.  The soul suffers greatly from an inability to live properly within the physical-etheric body.

Worry, fear, doubt and other low vibrational negative energies cause congestion in the etheric body/field's network of fine energy lines which supply you with your lifeforce.

If there is weakness between the etheric body and the outer form, obviously difficulties will result which could take the following form:

  • The physical form in its dense aspect is too loosely connected with the etheric form or counterpart. This leads to a devitalized and debilitated condition which predisposes you to sickness or ill health;
  • The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects.  Through certain focal points or centres the lifeforce cannot flow adequately, with consequential weakness in some parts of the physical body;
  • The connection can be basically so loose and poor that the soul has very little hold upon its vehicle for outer manifestation, and obsession or possession can be established.

Various ways of maintaining good health clear, balance and energise the etheric body.  These include regular stretching practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc.  The 'Buddhic Breath' practice flushes the entire etheric body with pranic energy, boosting wellbeing.

And, in the words of Buddha Maitreya "Use of Etheric Weavers allows you to experience the phenomenon of healing that you think you need to go to others for.  Etheric Weavers align you to your own self, your soul . . . , and give spontaneous healing.  They decrystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind, body and emotions through healing and revitalising the etheric field and aligning the individual to the unified soul of love."

What are Etheric Weavers?
The majority of Etheric Weavers resemble, and move like, (but are not) crystal dowsing pendulums.  Others take the form of beautiful sacred geometrical shapes and are held or worn for healing, protection and transformation.

weaver pendant

Etheric Weavers awaken the soul and heal the personality.  They are a simple to use healing tool that can be used by anyone for deep meditation, self healing and healing treatments for others, including animals.  Etheric Weavers can also be used for distant treatments.

During a treatment, the Etheric Weaver is held over the body and it moves of its own volition, weaving patterns over and into the body which considerably speeds up the healing process.  It moves whenever there is something to treat, and it stops as the energy flows in a balanced way between the body and the Chi.  In nearly every case the person being treated will have an instant response, feeling subtle electrical stimulation throughout the body, especially the head and even more so from the heart centre. Typically individuals enter a very transcendental and meditative state which includes visions, strong impressions, and the releasing of negative influences held in the etheric field.  No thought whatsoever is necessary.  Nor is there any need on the part of the person holding the weaver to try and direct, understand, interpret or diagnose the transcendental integration of the soul in the person being treated.  

Benefits of Etheric Weaver Treatments
I have found Etheric Weavers to be very effective in healing emotional and psychological issues, with lasting effects.  This is because Etheric Weavers help to de-crystallize the negative conscious mind that holds on to patterns, thinking that this is the way it is, this is who I am, I can't change, this is the way it's always been and always will be.

On a physical level, many conditions and ailments benefit noticeably from Weaver treatments and surface wounds heal speedily.  

A number of my clients who have experienced a variety of holistic therapy treatments with me and other multi-therapists, have commented upon the depth of the healing and 're-juvenating' impact of Weaver treatments.

One client had tried medical and complementary approaches to her ME with little lasting effect.  During the treatment she experienced what she described as 'strange sensations wherever the Weaver was working' and 'being very emotional with a feeling of bubbly hopefulness'.  She reported feeling lighter, with more energy during the next week.  After a short series of treatments she reported that she and her family had noticed steady increase in energy and that she was much better able to manage on an everyday basis.

Another client speaks of profound changes to his life on a spiritual level.

One client who had been suffering debilitating lower back pain for many months spoke of intensification of pain during the treatment, followed by relief towards the end of the session.  She reported that it was as if something in her back had shifted, been realigned.  Two months later, she was delighted at the continuing progress.

Another client reported feeling a sensation like electricity passing through his body, shifting/clearing and filling his mind and emotions with calmness.  His anger and resentment dissipated until it had almost gone.  He phoned me a week later to say that he couldn't believe how anger-less he now was and how much better he was coping with the breakdown of his marriage and the need to move on.

A gentleman 'wiped out for 3 weeks by swine flu' as he described it was in a very poorly state when he came for a treatment.  He'd achieved Master Teacher level in Angelic Reiki 18 months previously but had felt too ill to do self healing.  I conducted a full 10 Weaver Etheric and Colour Therapy treatment.  He was vaguely aware of 'something going on' during the treatment but, of particular note, was that 3 days later he reported that 'the virus has gone'.  He was still extremely tired and weak and chose to have another treatment, but the virus had gone!

Another client, distraught over multiple losses and bereavement, experienced profound relief of emotional pain and a lasting sense of complete peace and tranquillity.

There are many other treatment outcomes I could describe, but hopefully those outlined above indicate the diversity of conditions and effects of Etheric Weaver treatments.

Etheric weaver sets of 10

Excited over the wide ranging effects of and benefits from using my beautiful set of 10 Etheric Weavers, I have demonstrated them to members of our monthly Healing & Development Group as well as to students.  The effect has been so profound for some that they have chosen to acquire a Weaver to use for self healing as well as for use with family, friends, clients.

Weaving My Own Way to Wellness
In my previous expert column I spoke of the health challenges I'd experienced in recent times.  I know from personal experience how many holistic therapy practitioners give, give, give without achieving proper balance and then pay the price of such neglect.  Furthermore, that often they fail to utilize their own healing abilities/tools when they are unwell.  Writing this article acts as a reminder to me to use my Etheric Weavers for full personal benefit!

Etheric Weavers are exquisitely beautiful, incredibly powerful (and expensive) healing tools which are a delight to own and use.  As mentioned at the start of this column, I first heard about them in 2006 but was not drawn to own one at that time.  Four years later, during one of my frequent trips to Glastonbury, I visited the newly opened Buddha Maitreya Meditation Centre on Glastonbury High Street.  Prior to enjoying a wonderful meditation session using some of the Centre's healing tools, I was drawn, at no small cost, to purchase a Practitioner set of 10 silver Etheric Weavers which incorporate colour therapy.  I have never regretted my decision and, earlier this year, I invested in a stunning aqua Star Radiator healing tool; my husband in an exquisite rainbow Etheric Weaver pendant.   We are both greatly benefiting from wearing these.  

star radiator

One thing to mention, though, if you are drawn to view Etheric Weavers at the Buddha Maitreya Meditation Centre in Glastonbury:  Perhaps it's just a cultural thing, maybe it's just me, but I dislike the sell, sell, sell approach of the American (but not British) Buddhist nuns at the Glastonbury Centre and their practice of trying to 'upsell' via unsolicited phone calls and emails - which to me feels so at odds with the spiritual nature of the centre and its healing tools.  The American nuns spend a certain amount of time at the Glastonbury Centre and then move on.  As I say, perhaps it's a cultural thing.  Certainly I have never felt pressurized by (nor received unsolicited phone calls and emails from) the British nuns at the Glastonbury Centre.  I made my views on this clear after yet another 'upselling' phone call and received a genuine apology and explanation that, as a long-time user of the Etheric Weaver healing tools, the American nun concerned was simply excited about the power of the different Etheric Weavers and was keen to expound these to other practitioners.

Perhaps this article will prompt you to experience for yourself the power of Etheric Weavers.

1. Core K. The Etheric Body and Wellbeing. 2006.
2. HH Buddha Maitreya. Etheric Weavers, Church of Shambhala Vajradhara,  2007.


  1. jill courtenay said..

    I have read your article with great interest. Your comments about the hard sell are quite right, as a friend of mine purchased a set of weavers from them and was bombarded by phone calls to purchase other items. As I am looking to buy a weaver she has suggested I don't go to them, therefore, are you able to advise me as to where I might be able to purchase a weaver in the UK. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.

  2. Arthur said..

    Dear I did an alchemy concious expanding technique accidently suffering from awakening like symptoms i didnt know where to turn this has raised my vibration and caused my ethric bodies and physical bodies to crystalise making me absolutley transparent reaveling my fear desires like and dislikes before I was on my spiritual path learning from my enviroment but know the enviroment learns off me I mean everyone and also has a power over mein relation to my transparency it makes ly its making life difficuclt meanwhile I underwent a decension and this has caused me to get etheric crystals and divinity therse holds my digesticve saystem is messsed up i feel less psychic in every sense with no energy whatsoever and my thymus gland and thyroid feel severley constricted like a a big knot Its been 6 months and conciousness has dropped so much and my body is getting used to this i really badly need help I have no support and being unable to make moey (get a job in this situation Its basically Life threatning atm in the mildest of expressions)

    Please help


  3. yvonne williams said..

    I am learning about Ascension . Ifeel I am on the edge of something amazing and I am into a new train of thinking altogether. Blessings Yvonne

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